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Tech Talk June 2012


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Tech Talk June 2012

  1. 1. Tech Talk Newsletter of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers • June 2012 2012-13 Message from the ChairTechnical Coordinators Michael Webb CADRE CHAIR & VICE CHAIR Michael Webb (England) As I write these words, we are very 2013. My personal thanks go to Miri Francis Tusubira (Uganda) near the end of the Rotary year, and I and Christian for organizing the day, wonder: Where did the time go? and to all the speakers and cadre BASIC EDUCATION & LITERACY members who participated. During the past year, The Rotary Sylvia Byers (Australia) Foundation Cadre of Technical However, we must never rest on our Jones Kyazze (Uganda) Advisers has gone from strength to laurels, so I urge you to continue John Thorne (Australia) strength, and our numbers have improving the standard of our work to increased by 21 percent, to 395 ensure that the Foundation’s funds are CHILD & MATERNAL HEALTH advisers. Much of the increase came used wisely for the benefit of the wider Keith Barnard-Jones (England) after recruitment training in Uganda community. Please pass on any Patricia Canning (Australia) and Ghana, but also from suggestions or comments to me or Stanley D. Fike (Canada) recommendations by district Christian. governors now that they are allDISEASE TREATMENT & PREVENTION receiving Tech Talk. Manoj Desai (India) In 2011-12, 104 cadre members Mike Webb Estela Emeric (Argentina) Jos Nolle (Canada) carried out 150 assignments, of which 120 were site visits. For those who The next cadre training will ECONOMIC & COMMUNITY have not had an assignment recently, take place in conjunction DEVELOPMENT let me assure you that when with the 2013 RI Convention in Deniel Banks (USA) allocating cadre members, we take Lisbon, Portugal. Details will Amégnizi Maurice N. Edorh into account not only skills and (Togo) be announced in the coming language, but also geography and Rotary year. Cecilia Reyes (Philippines) travel costs, to ensure the best use of Foundation funds. PEACE & CONFLICT RESOLUTION Caleb E. Lucien (Haiti) Judging from the feedback results, Hugh Munro (Scotland) the vast majority of attendees deemed Mark Zober (Israel) the Bangkok training seminar a great success. The participation by WATER & SANITATION attendees was excellent, and many of Kurt Bay (Switzerland) us learned from the experiences of Brian E. Foley (Australia) others. There were also someVishwas Sahasrabhojanee (India) constructive comments and suggestions that we will take into account for the Lisbon program in The Rotary Foundation •
  2. 2. Tech Talk Newsletter of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical AdvisersIn Our Own WordsWhen Onsite, Attend a Rotary Club MeetingPDG Jean-Noël Hannecart, Rotary Club of Lille, France, District 1670 2. Discussing problems in the development or implementation of Recent Cadre Visits the project helps deepen my knowledge and uncover new aspects of the project. 3. It presents me with the opportunity to explain to club members thePDG Jean-Noël Hannecart (front row, secondfrom left) attends a Rotary club meeting during a mission of a cadre member and thecadre assignment. importance and effectiveness of The Rotary Foundation’s stewardship.Editor’s note: Some identifying details, such A water well in Uganda provided by a 3-Has names of the project location and 4. My presentation is followed by an project is used during Grace Tima’s site visit.sponsors, have been omitted, to ensure informative lecture about TRFconfidentiality. processes and grants which helps the club to better understand TRF.A site visit includes visiting the host A lot of good questions are usuallycommunity and meeting with all asked involved in the project, suchas local Rotarians, cooperating 5. Having a cadre member from aorganizations, beneficiaries, suppliers, foreign country at a club meetingbanks, other organizations, and illustrates the internationality ofparticipants. In addition to this Rotary International and TRF as PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee visits a projectrequired meeting between the auditor well as the attention given to local in India that restored water pumps in 50and all the stakeholders, I feel it is cultures. villages.really useful to meet with localRotarians from the sponsor clubs by 6. Meeting with local Rotarians allowsattending their club meetings. us to share service experiences, and this is really positive and beneficialBefore scheduling the site visit, I for all.inquire about the host club’s meetingtime. Then, working with my local I would also suggest two things auditorscontact I plan my visit so that the last should do a few days before arriving atday I’m on-site is the day the meeting the site:is held.  Confirm their participation in the PDG James Yarmus traveled to Guatemala to club meeting with the club president evaluate a 3-H project that provided communityThis dialogue with local Rotarians and the local contacts. development.and contact Rotarians directlyinvolved in the project has many Area of Focus Policy Statements  Confirm the date, time, and locationbenefits: of the meeting. At their March meeting, the Trustees1. Talking with club members helps approved policy statements for the shed light on the club’s level of Jean-Noël Hannecart areas of focus, effective 1 July 2012. involvement, measures the These statements articulate the project’s impact, and reveals Past District Governor purpose and goals of each area, out- unexpected and additional Rotary Club of Lille, France, D-1670 line specific eligibility criteria, and information about the project. highlight elements of successful projects. Page 2
  3. 3. Tech TalkTech Newsletter of of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers Newsletter The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical AdvisersCadre Members Gather in Bangkok, ThailandContribution from Johnson Agwu, Rotary Club of Owerri, Nigeria, District 9140With 96 attendees, the Bangkok cadre training PDG Mark Doyle delivers a presentation on best Cadre member Anil Shah (left), whois the largest to date. practices for site visits. celebrated his birthday by attending the training, joins Cadre CoordinatorFeedback has been overwhelmingly developed countries are doing to help Christian Pepera.positive from the nearly 100 their counterparts in the developingRotarians who attended the cadre training was the site visit with an in Bangkok before the 2012 evaluation role-playing exercise,RI Convention. Cadre member PDG Mark Doyle’s presentation on best which brought cadre members face-Johnson Agwu, of the Rotary Club practices for a site visit equipped cadre to-face with what they are likely toof Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria members for the job. He emphasized encounter in the field.(District 9140), recaps the that cadre members should not depend For those who were unable toexperience: solely on their hosts, should avoid local attend the event in Bangkok, all politics, and should ensure that their presentations and training materialsThe cadre training was very well report is for the eyes of Rotaryorganized and thought provoking. It are available on the cadre shared Foundation staff and trustees only. site. The Stewardship Departmentstarted on time, and the environmentwas conducive to learning. Sam Okudzeto, trustee vice chair and a would like to extend a very special Future Vision Committee member, took thank-you to all Rotarians whoThe presentations were exciting. participated in the training, us through the Future Vision Plan,Christian Pepera, senior cadre especially to our presenters and which principally aims to simplifycoordinator, set the ball rolling with a those who assisted with the site visit programs and increase a sense of exercise. Thank you also tostatistical overview of the cadre. It ownership at the district and club levels.showed that Africa still tops the list of Rotarians Anil Shah and Tomassocontinents where cadre members are Under the Foundation’s new grant Gasparri for providing thein short supply. model, there are: photographs of the training used in this issue. We thank everyone forThe presentation on stewardship by 1. District grants their interest in the cadre’sRotary Foundation Trustee Chair- 2. Global grants development opportunities.elect Wilf Wilkinson emphasized that 3. Packaged grantsthe major role of cadre members is to Attendee Comments:ensure that Rotary Foundation funds Packaged grants will help Rotariansare judiciously and transparently work with the Foundation’s strategic “The training has providedemployed. Rotarians who carry out partners: Aga Khan University, Mercy valued information thatRotary projects should follow proper Ships, Oikocredit, and UNESCO-IHE will further enhancereporting procedures. competencies of the cadre.” Institute for Water Education.PDG Gulam Vahanvaty, who is also a Cadre Vice Chair Francis Tusubiramember of the Future Vision enumerated the requirements that clubs “This training is veryCommittee, looked at the six areas of and districts must meet to qualify for practical and will helpfocus. The project examples he cited grants, which include proper accounting cadre members when they meet the same challengingwere heartwarming indications of procedures. situations in the field.”what clubs and districts in the The most memorable aspect of the Page 3
  4. 4. Tech Talk Newsletter of of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers Newsletter The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical AdvisersTechnical Coordinators: Goodbye and WelcomeTechnical coordinators are cadre projects within their expertise, complete education materials and teachermembers with extensive experience in complicated or sensitive evaluations, training.their sectors and strong familiarity and assist with the cadre’s recruitmentwith the grant programs of The efforts. Hugh Munro, of the Rotary Club ofRotary Foundation. Three technical Aberdeen, Scotland, District 1010,coordinators for each of seven Six new technical coordinators will peace and conflict prevention/resolution.technical sectors are appointed by the begin their roles on 1 July and will serve Munro, a past club president, hastrustee chair-elect and serve three- through Rotary year 2014-15: over 30 years of experience as ayear terms. Seven technical chartered accountant. During his District Governor Deniel Banks, of professional career, he specialized incoordinators who have assisted the the Rotary Club of Portland, Oregon,cadre since 2009 will end their terms auditing and business advisory work. USA, District 5100, economic and He recently earned a master’s degreeon 30 June: community development. Banks is a certified in Middle East security and aMichael Barrington, District 5160 consultant and trainer who owns a doctorate in international relations(California, USA), peace and conflict management consulting company that from Aberdeen University. Sinceprevention/resolution focuses on organizational, executive, joining the cadre in 2006, he has and leadership development. She is also completed an audit and interimMadhumita Bishnu, District 3291 the founding treasurer and special monitor evaluation of a Health,(India), basic education and literacy events director for the Rotarian Action Hunger and Humanity project in Group for Microcredit and has served Turkey and recently traveled toPast District Governor Camilo Calvo, as a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)District 6890 (Florida, USA), water Denmark for an audit. technical reviewer for the cadre. Banksand sanitation has over 15 years of experience working Past District Governor VishwasRI Treasurer Elio Cerini, District with microcredit programs, models, and Sahasrabhojanee, of the Rotary2040 (Italy), economic and community projects and has reviewed several RLF Club of Nagpur, India, District 3030,development Matching Grant projects since joining water and sanitation. Sahasrabhojanee the cadre in 2003. has a degree in constructionPast District Governor Michael Lirio, technology and a master of businessDistrict 3820 (Philippines), financial Jones Kyazze, of the Rotary Club of administration from Nagpurauditing Nateete-Kampala, Uganda, District University and has over 40 years of 9200, basic education and literacy. Kyazze, a construction managementPast District Governor Joel Nagel, past club president, earned a doctorate experience. He is a licensed surveyorDistrict 7300 (Pennsylvania, USA), in international education and with professional expertise inpeace and conflict prevention/resolution development from the University of residential construction, low-cost Sussex, England. Now retired, Kyazze shelters, and water and sanitationJosephine Wong, District 3480 worked in the education sector of(Taiwan), disease treatment and prevention management. Since joining the cadre UNESCO for over 30 years, specializing in 2006, he has completed oneCadre Chair Mike Webb and the in project preparation, management, and technical review and five site visitsStewardship Department have evaluation. During his professional for Health, Hunger and Humanityworked to expand and redefine the career he lived and worked in France, and Matching Grant water androle of the technical coordinator to Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and sanitation projects in India, Thailand,help meet the challenges of finally the United States as a UNESCO and Nepal.supporting both the Humanitarian representative to the United Nations.Grants Program and Future Vision. Kyazze joined the cadre in 2010 after Vikram Sanghani, of the RotaryTechnical coordinators will be asked attending the recruitment training Club of Rajkot Midtown, India,to provide guidance to the technical seminar in Kampala. He has completed District 3060, financial auditing.advisers within their sectors, consult a technical review of a global grant andwith Foundation staff as needed on traveled to Zambia for an advanced site Continued on page 5 visit of a Matching Grant that provided Page 4
  5. 5. Tech Talk Newsletter of of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers Newsletter The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical AdvisersTechnicalCoordinators P E PConti nued from page 4 Project Enhancem ent ProcessSanghani, a past club president, is a In April, The Rotary Foundation unique opportunity for participantscofounder and managing director of a Trustees approved a one year pilot of to access financial and technicalsoftware exporting company. He the Project Enhancement Process resources for enhanced projectearned his master of business (PEP) to begin on 1 July 2012. The planning and sustained projectadministration from the University of purpose of PEP is to strategically utilize results. In addition, utilization ofMumbai and has extensive finance and Rotary’s volunteer and staff resources these resources is expected toauditing experience. Since joining the to: decrease the amount ofcadre in 2003, he has completed nine  sharpen Rotary’s focus; communication with TRF necessaryaudits, including two Health, Hunger  enhance the technical quality of prior to global grant approval,and Humanity and seven Matching projects; thereby creating a more efficientGrant projects located throughout  support sound project design; application process. The Water andIndia. The March 2011 edition of Tech Sanitation Rotarian Action Group  make effective grants, andTalk featured an interview with (WASRAG) has been identified as aSanghani covering his auditing and site  measure impact in the areas of key ally in piloting the PEP concept.visit techniques. focus. For more information on the PEPMark Zober, of the Rotary Club of The pilot will concentrate on achieving concept and pilot, please contactJerusalem, Israel, District 2490, peace these objectives within the water and Krista Batey atand conflict prevention/resolution. Zober, a sanitation area of focus. As part of the Frequentlypast club president, currently works as pilot, The Foundation has identified the Asked Questions are also available.a charitable investment adviser. He following Future Vision pilot districts toearned a doctorate in social welfare serve as PEP “host districts”:from the Heller School for Social  D-2430  D-3810  D-4915Policy and Management at Brandeis  D-3140  D-4250  D-9200 Stewardship StaffUniversity in Massachusetts, USA, andalso holds a master of public and  D-3360  D-4651  D-9600international affairs from the Rotarians in these districts and their Open PositionUniversity of Pittsburgh in global grant co-sponsors will have the ManagerPennsylvania. Zober’s career in opportunity to utilize unique PEPprogram management in the human resources during the 2012-13 Rotary Sarah Christensenservices field has spanned over 30 years Year. Examples of these resources District Support Specialistand has included posts as the country include: sarah.christensen@rotary.orgdirector of Mongolia for the United 1. technical guides on water andStates Peace Corps and as a senior sanitation project activities and Christian Peperaadviser for the United Nations technologies; Senior Coordinator, CadreDevelopment Program. Since joining 2. assistance in setting up district teams christian.pepera@rotary.orgthe cadre in 2002, Zober has to focus on overall water andcompleted three site visits in India as sanitation efforts; and Tannia Dubonwell as four technical reviews. 3. TRF funding to assist project Auditing and Monitoring Specialist sponsors in conducting needs tannia.dubon@rotary.orgWe would like to thank the outgoing assessments and creating projecttechnical coordinators for their three plans for large (US$100,00 or more) global grant requests. Rajesh Anandyears of service and give a warmwelcome to the new team. We look Senior Stewardship Coordinator,forward to utilizing their expertise and While utilization of these and other South Asia Office, Indiaguidance! For a full list of technical resources will not be required of host rajesh.anand@rotary.orgcoordinators, see page 1. districts, the PEP pilot presents a Page 5