Crate training your dog


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Crate training your dog

  1. 1.  Where dogs originally were used to sleeping Pros of crate training your dog Possible disadvantages to crate training your dog What not to do when crate training your dog How to crate train your dog Example of a crate trained dog
  2. 2.  In the wild, dogs sleep in dens, and your dog may seek out a sheltered place in your home, a crate could be that place. Dogs need a place to go to get away from the everyday human life The every day human life can cause stress on your dog (“Wells, Virginia”)
  3. 3.  You can feel at ease while you are away from the home, knowing your dog is safe in a crate.
  4. 4.  Instead of coming home to … The carpet chewed up Garbage everywhere Accidents inside your home Any of the worries you would normally have when leaving your dog out to roam while you are away (Kovary, and Giella)
  5. 5.  The crate can be a place to ease your mind while you are away. While knowing what your pet is doing you don’t have to worry about these things happening in your home.
  6. 6. :Cruel because they are confined to a small space.:They are not getting enough exercise while you are away.:They whine when you first start putting them in there.
  7. 7.  Do not use the crate as a place to go when you are punishing your dog. Never hit the crate while they are inside or around ,they may become fear full of the crate. Do not leave your dog in the crate for too long of a period. (depending on your dogs age could range from 3 to 6hours) Do not put your dog in a crate that is too small or to big of a size for your dog.
  8. 8.  1 Introduce your dog to the crate 2 Feed you dog meals in or by the crate 3 Lengthen crating periods 4 Start to crate you dog when you leave.(gradually build up time) 5 Crate your dog at night, ( not everyone crates there dogs at night) ("human society of the United States")
  9. 9.  I am going to Show you how easy it is once you have your dog crate trained.
  10. 10.  Hope fully you have found this information useful and helpful Crate training my dog was the best decision I have made with my dog. Hopefully it can help ease your mind while you are away from your home.
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