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  • This slide and graphic show the interaction and connections of values, vision, mission and goals. It is important that each of these are in harmony with the others. Stress the operational aspect of goals to help keep the business on track with its mission, and move it ever closer to its longer term vision.
  • Let’s break down step three into additional steps, the development of a vision, mission, and goals. Briefly describe vision as a dream of what you want your future to be. A story of what your life and business will look like, in Five years, 10 years, etc. Describe a basic definition of Mission – The core of your business – why it exists – what it should be best at. Discuss the importance of setting goals that are aimed and reconcile with our vision and Mission. These need to be written down as part of the plan, to improve the commitment to follow through and accomplish.
  • Values … are core beliefs or desires that guide or motivate our attitudes and actions
  • Quotes to help inspire vision
  • This would be a good place for individuals from the same businesses to spend a few minutes working through and talking about their vision for the business. A person can come at this from several different approaches. Some of the suggestions above include an outline, description, a story, or a map.
  • Re define mission -
  • It can be difficult for some to get to the core of why their business exists. If they have a passion for the mission that they have developed based on their own values, the business will be managed in a more focused and directed manner, helping to increase the chance of success.
  • While this is an example of a lengthy mission statement, this farm business felt that it met its needs.
  • Examples of mission statements of well known companies. Have they been successful in their mission’s
  • This slide lets us take an even broader view of all the issues that may need to be addressed as we move forward in the planning process, and implies strong connections from one aspect of business with the many others. It would be good to ask participants about their experience with some of the items and how planning and research may have been helpful.
  • Chapter no 3 bpp by A.A Mugheri

    1. 1. 1. What is important to you?  Identifying your values and needs1. What have you got?  Review history and inventory your situation3. Where do you Want to Go?  Draft Vision / Mission / Goals3. How to Get There?  Research, Develop and Evaluate Strategies3. Implement plan and monitor
    2. 2. 1. What is important to you? Identifying your values and needs1. What have you got? Review history and inventory your situation3. Where do you Want to Go  Draft Vision / Mission / Goals3. How To Get There Research, Develop and Evaluate Strategies3. Implement plan and monitor
    3. 3.  Values lead to the Creation of Vision & Mission Vision and Mission are Operationalized by Goals Goals are directed at what you Value VALUES
    4. 4.  Dream a Vision for the Future  Develop a Mission  Set and Prioritize Goals Write the Vision/Mission/Goals part of the Plan
    5. 5.  Values … are core beliefs or desires that guide or motivate our attitudes and actions
    6. 6.  Definition of a Vision  A Vision is defined as An Image of the future we seek to create. It is a dream. MISSION A Mission is defined as Purpose, reason for being. Defined simply "Who we are and what we do". It is the vehicle which leads to the vision.
    7. 7.  The definition for Vision Statements is a sentence or short paragraph providing a broad, inspirational image of the future. Vision Statements therefore contain details of the universitys future - its vision ( the future plans with aims and objectives )These types of Statements focus on tomorrow. A good definition for a Mission Statement is a sentence or short paragraph which is written by the organization which reflects its core purpose, identity, values and principle business aims.  Mission Statements therefore contain important information about a company in a nutshell. This should include the University missione.g(what the PU does, its products, its services and its customers).
    8. 8.  How long are Vision Statements?  A good statement is a sentence or short paragraph consisting of two to four sentences.
    9. 9.  “You’ve got to think about big things, so that all the small things go in the right direction” - Alvin Toffler “The very essence of leadership is that you have a vision that you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.” - Theodore Hesburgh. “To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.”- Seneca
    10. 10.  Dream a Vision for the Future for your family and business › What you want it to be in 1, 5, or 10 yrs.  Outline  Description  Story  Map
    11. 11. A Mission is the definition of the special assignment being undertaken by the business WHY you’re making the journey. “Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.” – Henry David Thoreau
    12. 12. Develop a Mission Statement › Who are we?  What should the business to be known for? › What do we want to accomplish? › Why we do what we do? Core Purpose! › Internal and External Purpose  Internal to help business stay on task!  External to communicate and promote!  May be the same
    13. 13. Sample Mission Statement “The mission of this farm is to produce organic food that: is sold to local customers at a fair price; provides us with enough income;improves the soil, air and water quality on our farm; is a vehicle to raise community awareness of sustainability and environmental issues.”
    14. 14. Wal-Mart To give ordinary folk the chance to buy the same thing as rich people.McDonald’s To be the worlds best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service cleanliness and value so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile.Microsoft At Microsoft, we work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.
    15. 15. Production Marketing Human ResourcesEnvironment FamilyCustomers Personal Time Suppliers Public Relations Regulations Taxes Finance