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Frg 19 jun 1


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Frg 19 jun 1

  1. 1. 561st, 84TH Engineer BattalionFRG MEETING 16 APR 2012 561st EN Company – “Warriors” 1
  2. 2. Agenda• Upcoming Events• FRG Initiatives• Volunteer positions• FRG Contact Information• Closing Remarks 561st EN Company – “Warriors” 2
  3. 3. Upcoming EventsJUN: 2nd PLT- NTC Rotation BDE change of responsibility (CSM Ward) 20 JUN Car Wash (22 JUN) @ FT Shafter Block leave begins (23 JUN) Car Wash (25 JUN) @ Schofield Barracks PTA Equipment Push (26-30) @ Big IslandJUL: 2nd PLT (Return from NTC O/A 1 JUL) Begin Block Leave 1st / 3rd / Maint / HQ- Prep for PTA Rotation (AUG / SEP) ENGINEER WEEK / ENGINEER BALL JUL 27th (detailed timeline to follow)AUG: PTA Operations 561st EN Company – “Warriors” 3
  4. 4. Upcoming EventsFRG carwash / EN Ball fundraisers 22JUN (FT Shafter) 25 JUN (SB)Engineer Week- 23-27 JUL- Multiple sports days and FRG events (FRG is selling drinks and cotton candy)Engineer Ball- 27 JUL @ Hilton Hawaiian village.KOA Ohana Day (14 JUL) 561st EN Company – “Warriors” 4
  5. 5. Unit: 84th EN BN Mission: 84th EN BN Koa Ohana Day DTG: 14July12 Location: Schofield Barracks APFT Mission: 84th EN BN Risk Level: H M L conducts a Koa Ohana spouse day vic Timeline: N Schofield Barracks IOT 0800 Opening Equipment Trial provide the spouses of Ceremony/Safety Brief 84th EN BN Soldiers 0815-0845 Break into with an opportunity to Groups A/B and begin and friendships within APFT (3 min PU, 3 min the BN. SU, Shuttle Run) 0845-1000: Group A: CDRs Intent: to Walk to and conduct provide the 84th EN BN Electrical/ Carpentry spouses with a fun and Demo in Motorpool/ safe environment for equipment Trial Group B: them to enjoy Drive to and execute M16/ themselves while M249 Range. learning some of the 1000-1115: Group A: tasks their spouses Walk to and execute train on and creating an LRC, walk to Leader’s opportunity for fun an Field. Group B: Continue camaraderie. to conduct M16/ M9 Key Tasks: M249/M9 Range. Drive to - weapons safety Leader’s Field. -safe operation all 1115-1135: Water/ Fruit vehicles break. Change Teams. - safe obstacle 1145-1300: Group B: execution Walk to and conduct Endstate: 84th EN BN Electrical/ Carpentry Soldiers and Families Demo in Motorpool/ StaticEquipment: Resources: have thoroughly equipment display. GroupLMTVs Class I: Snacks/ Fruit/ Water/ BBQ enjoyed themselves at A: Drive to and execute2 HMMWVs (Medic) Class V: A059 (M16), A062 (M249), A363 (M9) a informative, safe, and M16/ M249/ M9 Range.Weapons M16, M249, M9 Leader’s Field, SR LRC, CTR Z/Q fun Koa Ohana 1300-1415: Group B:ACHs Weapon Cleaning Detail Walk to and executeIBAs Project Leadership LRC, walk to Leader’s FRSA: Field. Group A: ContinueSpecified Tasks: OIC: to conduct M16/ M249523rd: Equipment Trial Range OIC: TBD Range. Drive to Leader’s561st: Leader’s Reaction Course Range NCOIC: TBD Field.643rd: M16/ M249/ M9 Range OIC/ Construction Station RSO: TBD 1415-UTC: Closing 561 EN Company – “Warriors”HHC: Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Modified APFT, Bounce House, Radio Station Set Up, MEDIC SptFSC:, Snacks, BBQ, LMTV Transportation, Generator st Ceremony, Awards and BBQ. 5
  6. 6. FRG Committee NAME PositionCPT Victor Gronenthal Company Commander1SG Robert McEntire Company 1SGMrs. Erika Gronenthal FRG LeaderMrs. Amanda Martin TreasurerMrs. Tiara Williams SecretaryMrs. Paige Nieves Alt Treasurer / Key CallerMrs. Courtney Carter Key CallerMrs. Anrica Cruz Key CallerMrs. Liz Duncan Key CallerMrs. Liz Graves Key CallerMrs. Wendy Robles Key CallerMrs. Josie Patterson Key Caller 561st EN Company – “Warriors” 6
  7. 7. Contact Info• Phone – CPT Gronenthal: 808-373-6584 – Mrs. Erika Gronenthal: 907 388 4948• Email – – Facebook: 561st FRG 561st EN Company – “Warriors” 7
  8. 8. Next Meeting Monday, 16 JUL 6 p.m.84th Engineer Battalion Classroom 561st EN Company – “Warriors” 8