Acs september si ms 2012 newsletter


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Acs september si ms 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. AFAPThe next AFAP Conference will be 29 October-2 November 2012. Please submit issues online at: Contact Heather Miles at (808) 655-0705 or Family Action Plan (AFA) is one of the Army’s most effective tools in managing change andimproving the well being of all who work for and support the U.S. Army. AFAP is for the entire ArmyFamily: Soldiers, Family Members, DA Civilians, Retirees, National Guard, Reservists and Survivors.AFAP Success Stories: Established minimum standards for Army childcare; Established MilitaryThrift Savings Plan (TSP); Mandates state charge no more than in-state tuition rates for militarypersonnel and their dependents; MWR Kennels at Halawa Valley on the island of Oahu . These arejust a few issues that have been resolved for our Army Family through the AFAP process.AFTBAFTB Level I: September 18, 0800-1530. NCO Academy located on Higgins RoadAFTB Level II: September 19- 20, 25- 26, 1700-2100; ACS Training Center, Bldg 647ACS Instructor Training (ITC): September 12-14, 0830-1500; Bldg 647Contact Ferne Conroy at (808) 655-0671 or and ReferralNewcomers Orientation Ho’ike: September 6th, 13th, 20th, & 28th; 0900-1200, Nehelani SchofieldBarracksNewcomers Orientation: September 12th; 0900-1130 , Fort Shafter, 1Lt Brostrom CommunityCenterACS Island Tour: September 8th & 22nd;0730 – 1600, Schofield Barracks, ACSSponsorship Training: September 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th; 1000-1100 & 1400-1500. HelpingSponsors understand that good sponsorship can make a difference in helping Soldiers and Familiesmake a smooth transition to Hawaii. ACS on Schofield Barracks & Fort ShafterFinancial ReadinessFirst Term Financial Training: September 10th, 17th, 20th, & 24th, 0830-1630, Schofield Barracks,ACS This workshop focuses on basic financial skills to help develop self-reliance and personalresponsibility. The goal is to encourage these Soldiers and Families to understand their personalfinances and learn tools for financial success. This is a mandatory program of instruction for FirstTerm Soldiers offered every Monday (except Federal Holidays). Soldiers must bring an EOM LES.A certificate is awarded to each participant who completes the 8 hours of instruction.Money Management: September 5th, 1000-1130, Schofield Barracks, ACS. Learn basic tools forfinancial success through developing a spending plan, reducing expenses and making yourpaycheck work for youBasics of Budgeting: September 12th, 1000-1130, Schofield Barracks, ACSSick of living paycheck to paycheck? This class will help you develop a budget, track expenses, andcreate a system to save and pay your bills on time. Please bring a copy of your LES and a list ofbills.
  2. 2. Your Credit Report & Score: September 19th, 1000-1130, Schofield Barracks, ACSNo credit or bad credit, this class will help you increase your credit score and understand howlenders see you. Know where you stand before making a large purchase. Bring one copy of yourcredit report from: www.annualcreditreport.comBasic Investing & TSP: September 26th, 1000-1130, Schofield Barracks, ACS. The best time tostart investing is NOW! Learn the basics of the Thrift Savings Plan and other investment optionsincluding stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. www.tsp.govEmployment ReadinessEmployment Orientation: September 7th, 14th and 28th, 0900-1030, Schofield Barracks, ACSCivilian Resume Writing: September 27th, 0900-1030, Schofield Barracks, ACSLearn how to tailor your resume for a civilian sector job, gain helpful tips on job searching in thecivilian sector as well as how to prepare for an interview.Ten Steps to a Federal Job: September 20th & 21st, 0900-1100 , Fort Shafter, ACS This is a 2-day seminar that will give the Ten Steps to Success in the Federal Resume ProcessFamily Advocacy ProgramExpectant Parents Class: September 6th, 13th, & 20th, 1400-1530, ACS Training Center, Bldg 647.This is a series of 6 workshops will teach you what to expect when you bring baby home. Call Ginnyat 655-0669 or with questions.Anger Awareness: September 20th, 1500-1630; SB ACS. This workshop provides informationabout the basic mechanisms of anger and how to manage it. Call Ginny at 655-0669 with questions.Respect in Conflict: September 12th, 1500-1700; AMR Teen Center. This workshop will showteens how to incorporate new techniques for showing respect during conflict. Call Ginny at 655-0669or with questions.Scream Free Parenting: September 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th; HMR Community Center. We will showyou how to stay calm and connected with your child. This is a 4 part series. You do not have toattend all 4 classes, but it is recommended. Call Ginny at 655-0669 or virginia.c.wescott.ctr@mail.milwith questions.Scream Free Parenting: September 25th, Fort Shafter. We will show you how to stay calm andconnected with your child. This is a 4 part series. You do not have to attend all 4 classes, but it isrecommended. Call Ginny at 655-0669 or with questions.Starts with two, Ends with two: September 17th, 1700-1830, ACS Training Center, Bldg 647Schofield. This workshop will teach you how to reconnect with your spouse, get to know yourselfonce your kids move out and forge your new identity as their part-time parent.Compassion Fatigue: September 20th, 1300-1430, ACS Training Center, Bldg 647 SchofieldBarracks. Affects many caregivers. We could also experience this with our jobs. Join us for astimulating workshop as we explore this topic and find the right tools for success in dealing withcompassion fatigue.Boot Camp for New Dads: September 8th, 0900-1230, ACS Training Center, Bldg 647 SchofieldBarracks. A unique Father-to-Father workshop that has been recognized worldwide as thepremiere program for new dads.EFMP Communication & Coping Workshop: September 5th, 1000-1130, Schofield Barracks ACS.Mobilization and DeploymentFRG Esstentials(FRG 101, Key Callers, Fundraising, VMIS): September 8th, 0900-1345;September 26th & 27th, 1800-2015. Schofield Barracks ACS.
  3. 3. Master Resiliency Training for FRG Volunteers & FRSAs): September 18th, 1200-1400