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Scriptaculous Fx1


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Scriptaculous Fx1

  1. 1. scriptaculous a eld guide to Combination Effects the basic syntax effects require just a DOM ID you can use options for customizing Effect.EffectName('dom_id') options are optional! with options Effect.EffectName('dom_id', {option:value, option:value}) optional, if you don't want yellow fade to white highlight syntax new Effect.Highlight('dom_id', {startcolor:'hex', endcolor:'hex'}) this bit's critical default options delay: seconds, in decimals delay before starting effect Default options are available for all fx. from: 0.0 to 1.0 to: 0.0 to 1.0 Some fx have custom options (not stages of the effect, 0 being no effect; shown except for Highlight) a Fade set to to:.5 would fade half-way duration: seconds, in decimals transition: transition method controls ease in & out, can be used for special fx how long the effect will last queue: 'parallel' || 'front' || 'end' in & out effects whether the effects run simultaneously or in order Appear / Fade BlindUp / BlindDown toggling SlideUp / SlideDown Grow / Shrink toggle() will show an item that's hidden, or hide an item that's shown—using the in or out out effects effect, respectively, from one of the in & out DropOut effects families shown to the left. Fold Puff the basic idea: Squish SwitchOff Effect.toggle('dom_id', 'fx_family') attention effects toggle accepts these fx families: appear Highlight Without an fx family name, Pulsate blind toggle() defaults to appear. Shake slide cheatsheet © amy hoy ( more on scriptaculous: