Mootools 83 Snookca


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Mootools 83 Snookca

  1. 1. Mootools (revision 83) Fxpack.js Json.js Fx.js Dom.js Element.js Array.js Fx.Scroll(el, options) Json Fx.Base Element Element Array options = { down() toString(json o) getElements(selector) intialize(tagname s) forEach(fn, bind o) onStart: fn, up() evaluate(s) getElement(selector) injectBefore(el) each = forEach onComplete: fn, getElementsBySelector(s) injectAfter(el) copy() Fx.Slide(el, options) Tips.js transition: Fx.Transition, injectInside(el) remove(s) options = { Elements duration: (500) ms, Tips(els, options) adopt(el) test(s) mode: (‘vertical’)||’horizontal’ action({event:fn, ...}) unit: (‘px’)||’em’||’%’, remove() extend(a) options = { } wait: (true)||false, clone() associate([ ]) transitionStart: Fx.Transitions, Utility Functions hide() fps: (30) n replaceWith(el) transitionEnd: Fx.Transitions, $S(selector s, s, ...) Utility Functions show() } appendText(s) maxTitleChars: (30) n, $$() = $S $A(a) = Array.copy toggle() hasClass(s) fxDuration: (150) ms, set(to n) $E(selector s, el) addClass(s) maxOpacity: (1) n, custom(from n, to n) #ES(selector s, el) Fx.Color(el, options) Function.js removeClass(s) timeOut: (100) ms, clearTimer() document custom(fromHex s, toHex s) Function .getElementsByClassName(s) toggleClass(s) className: s fromColor(hex s) Fx.Style(el, property, options) pass([args,...], bind o) setStyle(property, value) } toColor(hex s) hide() bind(o) setStyles({prop:value,..}||s) Drag.js goTo(n) bindAsEventListener(o) Fxutils.js setOpacity(n) Window.js Drag.Base(el, xM, yM, options) delay(ms, bind o) getStyle(property) Fx.Styles(el, options) Fx.Height, Fx.Width, Window options = { periodical(ms, bind o) addEvent(event, f) custom({prop:[start, end],...}) Fx.Opacity(el, options) disableImageCache() handle: el, removeEvent(event, f) Utility Functions toggle() getWidth() Element onStart: fn, getPrevious() show() $clear(timer) getHeight() effect() = Fx.Style onComplete: fn, getFirst() $type(o) getScrollHeight() effects() = Fx.Styles onDrag: fn, getNext() Fxtransitions.js getScrollWidth() xMax:n, xMin:n, getLast() Fx.Transitions Chain Fx.Transitions getScrollTop() yMax:n, yMin:n setProperty(prop, value) linear, sineInOut chain(fn) linear, quadIn, quadOut, getScrollLeft() } setProperties({prop:val,...}) callChain() quadInOut, cubicIn, cubicOut, onDomReady(fn) setHTML(html) Ajax.js clearChain() Drag.Move(el, options) cubicInOut, quartIn, quartOut, getProperty(property) options = { Ajax(url, options) quartInOut, quintIn, quinOut, String.js Accordion.js getTag() snap: (true)||false, quintInOut, sineIn, sineOut, options = { getTop() String Fx.Elements(el, options) snapDistance: (8) n, sineInOut, expoIn, expoOut, method: (‘post’)||’get’, getLeft() test(pattern s, params s) custom({ onSnap: fn, expoInOut, circIn, circOut, postBody: s || o || Form el getValue() toInt() xMod: (left) prop, ’0’:{’prop’:[start, end],...}, circInOut, elasticIn, elasticOut, async:(true)||false, yMod: (top) prop, camelCase() ’1’:{’prop’:[start,end],...}, elasticInOut, backIn, backOut, Utility Functions onComplete:fn, container: true||(false) capitalize() ... }) backInOut, bounceIn, $Element(el, method s, args) onStateChange:fn, } trim() bounceOut, bounceInOut $(el|s) update: el, Fx.Accordion(els, clean() Element evalScripts: true||(false) togglers els, options) rgbToHex(returnArray b) makeDraggable(options) Sortables.js } hexToRgb(returnArray b) options = { Moo.js makeResizable(options) Sortables(els, options) request() start: (‘open-first’)||’first-open’, getPosition() Class Number evalScripts() options = { fixedHeight: (false) n, empty() toInt() handles: els, fixedWidth: (false) n, Object create(o) fxDuration: (250) ms, alwaysHide: true||(false), toQueryString() extend(o) fxTransition: Fx.Transitions, wait: true||(false), implement(o) Element maxOpacity: n, onActive: fn, send() onStart: fn, Object (singleton) onBackground: fn, toQueryString() onComplete: fn, height: (true)||false, extend(base o, other o) contain: (true)||false opacity: (true)||false, Native(o) } width: true||(false) } Cookie.js showThisHideOpen(index n) Cookie set(key s, value, days n) get(key s) remove(key s)