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  1. 1. XHTML Cheat Sheet v. 1.03 BLOCK ELEMENTS deprecated %attrs elements %coreattrs address information on author %attrs applet %i18n center blockquote long quotation %attrs, cite %events dir div generic container (block) %attrs, align* menu %coreattrs basefont id dl definition list %attrs, compact* font class fieldset form control group %attrs isindex style s title form interactive form %attrs, action, method, enctype, accept, strike name*, onsubmit, onreset, accept-charset, u %i18n target* xml:lang h1-h6 six levels of headings %attrs, align* entities lang quot; &quot; dir hr horizontal rule %attrs, align*, size*, width*, noshade* & &amp; < &lt; noframes* alternate content for non %attrs %ev ents > &gt; frame-based rendering onclick ' &apos; ondblclick noscript content when scripts disabled %attrs onmousedown (space) &nbsp; onmouseup ol ordered list %attrs, type*, start*, compact* ¡ &iexcl; onmouseover p paragraph %attrs, align* ¢ &cent; onmousemove £ &pound; onmouseout pre preformatted text %attrs, width* ¤ &curren; onkeypress ul unordered list %attrs, type*, compact* ¥ &yen; onkeydown ¦ &brvbar; onkeyup INLINE ELEMENTS § &sect; ¨ &uml; a anchor (or link) %attrs, charset, type, name, rel, rev, href, %focus © &copy; hreflang, target*, shape, coords, %focus accesskey ª &ordf; tabindex abbr abbreviation %attrs « &laquo; onfocus ¬ &not; onblur acronym acronym (UNO, NATO,...) %attrs - (cond.) &shy; b bold text %attrs ® &reg; input types ¯ &macr; text bdo I18N BiDi over-ride %coreattrs, %events, xml:lang, lang, dir ° &deg; password big large font %attrs ± &plusmn; checkbox ¹ &sup1; radio br forced line break %coreattrs, clear* ² &sup2; submit button push button %attrs, name, value, type, disabled, %focus ³ &sup3; image ´ &acute; reset cite citation or reference %attrs µ &micro; button ¶ &para; code computer code %attrs hidden · &middot; file dfn definition %attrs ¸ &cedil; º &ordm; link types em emphasis %attrs » &raquo; (rel, rev ) i italic text %attrs ¼ &frac14; alternate ½ &frac12; stylesheet iframe* inline subwindow %coreattrs, londesc, name, src, frameborder, ¾ &frac34; start marginwidth, marginheight, scrolling, align*, ¿ &iquest; next height, width À &Agrave; prev img embedded image %attrs, src, alt, longdesc, name, height, Á &Aacute; contents width, usemap, ismap, align*, border*, Â &Acirc; index hspace*, vspace* Ã &Atilde; glossary Ä &Auml; copyright input form control %attrs, type, name, value, checked, disabled, Å &Aring; chapter readonly, size, maxlength, src, alt, ismap, Æ &AElig; section usemap, onselect, onchange, accept, %focus, Ç &C cedil; subsection align* È &Egrave; appendix É &Eacute; kbd text to be entered by the user %attrs help Ê &Ecirc; bookmark label form field label text %attrs, for, accesskey, onfocus, onblur Ë &Euml; Ì &Igrave; media descriptors map client-side image map %i18n, %events, id, class, style, title, name Í &Iacute; screen object generic embedded object %attrs, declare, classid, codebase, data, type, Î &Icirc; tty codetype, archive, standby, height, width, Ï &Iuml; tv usemap, name, tabindex, align*, border*, Ð &ETH; projection hspace*, vspace* Ñ &Ntilde; handheld Ò &Ograve; print q short inline quotation %attrs, cite Ó &Oacute; braille samp sample output from scripts %attrs Ô &Ocirc; aural Õ &Otilde; all select option selector %attrs, name, size, multiple, disabled, Ö &Ouml; tabindex, onfocus, onblur, onchange
  2. 2. small small font %attrs &times; × &sube; ⊆ &Oslash; Ø &supe; ⊇ span generic container (inline) %attrs &Ugrave; Ù &oplus; ⊕ &Uacute; Ú &otimes; strong indicates stronger emphasis %attrs ⊗ &Ucirc; Û &perp; ⊥ sub subscript %attrs &Uuml; Ü &sdot; ⋅ &Yacute; Ý ◊ &loz; sup superscript %attrs &THORN; Þ textarea multi-line text field %attrs, name, rows, cols, disabled, readonly, &szlig; ß &lceil; ⌈ onselect, onchange, %focus &agrave; à &rceil; ⌉ &aacute; á &lfloor; ⌊ tt teletype or monospaced text %attrs &acirc; â &rfloor; ⌋ var instance of a variable or %attrs &atilde; ã &lang; 〈 program argument &auml; ä &rang; 〉 &aring; å TABLE ELEMENTS &aelig; æ &larr; ← &ccedil; ç caption table caption %attrs, align* &uarr; ↑ &egrave; è &rarr; → col table column %attrs, span, width, valign, align, char, charoff &eacute; é &darr; ↓ &ecirc; ê &harr; ↔ colgroup table column group %attrs, span, width, valign, align, char, charoff &euml; ë &crarr; ↵ table table element (block) %attrs, summary, width, border, frame, rules, &igrave; ì &lArr; ⇐ cellspacing, cellpadding, align*, bgcolor* &iacute; í &uArr;  &icirc; î &rArr; ⇒ tbody table body %attrs, align, char, charoff, valign &iuml; ï &dArr;  td table data cell %attrs, abbr, axis, headers, scope, rowspan, &eth; ð &hArr; ⇔ colspan, align, char, charoff, valign, bgcolor*, &ntilde; ñ nowrap*, width*, height* &ograve; ò • &bull; &oacute; ó ′ &prime; tfoot table footer %attrs, align, char, charoff, valign &ocirc; ô ‾ &oline; &otilde; õ th table header cell %attrs, abbr, axis, headers, scope, rowspan, ⁄ &frasl; &ouml; ö colspan, align, char, charoff, valign, bgcolor*, ℘ &weierp; &divide; ÷ nowrap*, width*, height* ℑ &image; &oslash; ø ℜ &real; thead table header %attrs, align, char, charoff, valign &ugrave; ù ™ &trade; &uacute; ú tr table row %attrs, align, char, charoff, valign, bgcolor* € &euro; &ucirc; û ℵ &alefsym; OTHER ELEMENTS &uuml; ü ♠ &spades; &yacute; ý ♣ &clubs; area image map area %attrs, shape, coords, href, nohref, alt, &thorn; þ ♥ &hearts; target*, %focus &yuml; ÿ ♦ &diams; base document base URI href, id, target* &forall; ∀ &ensp; body document body %attrs, onload, onunload, background*, &part; ∂ &emsp; bgcolor*, text*, link*, vlink*, alink* &exist; ∃ &thinsp; &empty; ∅ dd definition description %attrs &zwnj; &nabla; ∇ &zwj; del deleted text %attrs, cite, datetime &isin; ∈ &lrm; &notin; ∉ dt definition term %attrs &rlm; &ni; ∋ – &ndash; frame subwindow %coreattrs, longdesc, name, src, frameborder, &prod; ∏ — &mdash; marginwidth, marginheight, noresize, scrolling &sum; ∑ ‘ &lsquo; &minus; − ’ &rsquo; frameset window subdivision %coreattrs, rows, cols, onload, onunload &lowast; ∗ ‚ &sbquo; head document head %i18n, id, profile &radic; √ “ &ldquo; &prop; ∝ ” &rdquo; html root element xmlns=quot;;, id, &infin; ∞ „ &bdquo; %i18n, version* &ang; ∡ † &dagger; &and; ∧ ins inserted text %attrs, cite, datetime ‡ &Dagger; &or; ∨ … &hellip; legend fieldset legend %attrs, accesskey, align* &cap; ∩ ‰ &permil; &cup; ∪ li list item %attrs, type*, value* ‹ &lsaquo; &int; ∫ › &rsaquo; link media-independent link %attrs, charset, href, hreflang, type, rel, rev, &there4; .˙. media, target* &sim; ~ &cong; ≅ meta generic metainformation %i18n, id, http-equiv, name, content, scheme &asymp; ≈ * deprec ated or optgroup option group %attrs, disabled, label not allowed in &ne; ≠ Stric t DT D if &equiv; ≡ option selectable choice %attrs, selected, disabled, label, value allowed in &le; ≤ T rans itional DT D param named property value id, name, value, valuetype, type &ge; ≥ &sub; ⊂ script script statements id, charset, type, src, defer, language* fixed value &sup; ⊃ style style info %i18n, id, type, media, title &nsub; ⊄ attribute required title document title %i18n, id boolean attribute or empty element © Florian Schmitz 2005 (comments to