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  1. 1. Sonam Chauhan 07Ankit Dalvi 08Seeta Gupta 15Harish Kamble 19Akshaya Karkera 20Shweta Panwalkar 38Akshit Poojari 42Snehal Sakpal 46Pravin Singh 54 Your logo here
  2. 2. Your logo here
  3. 3. UNDERWEAR…. Your logo here
  4. 4. CAR TIRE
  5. 5. APPLE IPHONE 5
  6. 6. has separate websitefor the following countries. Canada United Kingdom France Germany Spain Austria Italy Japan China
  7. 7. ….But it Ship it’s product all overthe world.
  8. 8. MARKETING STRATEGY Your logo here
  9. 9. VISION To be Earth’s biggest selection and to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Your logo here
  10. 10. SUCCESS SECRET Work to earn repeat purchases by providing :  Easy-to-use functionality.  Fast and reliable fulfillment.  Timely customer service.  Feature rich content.  A trusted transaction environment. Your logo here
  11. 11. SEGMENTS OF ONE Creating a more personalized user experience for your target audience. Leverage the information you can gather from your prospects and customers in order to create fine-grained segments. The pages viewed and emails received by the customers are unique to them. Offer suggestions for various products based on personal purchase history and shopping pattern. Your logo here
  12. 12. RECOMMENDATIONS Your logo here
  13. 13. CREATING TONS OF CONTENT Amazon has 248,000,000 pages stored in Googles index. The more pages you have on your website, the more pages your site can be indexed for in search engines. More pages also means more opportunities for your prospects to find you in search engines. Your logo here
  14. 14. DISCOUNTS…. Your logo here
  15. 15. Adapting to the trend of Market Your logo here
  16. 16. Kindle The best selling Ebook reader. Over 10 million Ebooks for sale. Over 1 million Ebooks at price of 0.99 $. In last year the number of Ebooks sold were higher than the number of hardcover books sold. Against every 100 hardcover book sold, 180 Ebooks were sold. Your logo here
  17. 17. DIGITAL CONTENT Music Movies Series Softwares Ebooks Apps All the above content can be bought and recieved instantaneously. Your logo here
  18. 18. SWOT ANALYSIS Your logo here
  19. 19. STRENGTH A pioneer corporation in online retailing business Customer hold of over 70 million from all over the world. A wide category of products to chose from. Multinational business. Strong customer relationship management. (CRM) Strong information technology department. Your logo here
  20. 20. WEAKNESS adding new categories to a particular business can confuse the costumers. Strategy of offering free shipping can cost amazon around 500 million $, which can be an expensive affair. Your logo here
  21. 21. OPPORTUNITY The company is now selling is expertise to other major store groups, which will increase their profit. E.g. Kindle. Taking over other online retailing giants from other countries. E.g, China. Your logo here
  22. 22. THREAT Differentiating the brands from its competitors. The price competition can become perilous for Amazon. With expansion Amazon is likely to face more competition in U.S and abroad. Joint Ventures, Mergers & acquisitions could cause Amazon losing its top position in market. Your logo here
  23. 23. CONCLUSION Your logo here