50 Interviews presents: 50 Athletes over 50 by Don McGrath


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A slideshow highlighting the 50 athletes over 50 featured in the upcoming book by Don McGrath. For more info, visit: www.50athletesover50.com and www.50interviews.com

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  • Let me show you a couple of the first people I interviewed. Terry was one of my forst interviews, and wow, what a guy. He called himself the Unigeezer because his sport is Mountain Unicycling or Muni. Mountain biking on one wheel. You need to see his videos on geezerjock.com to believe it. He picked up Muni at age 49, and now is one of the sports biggest promoters. Amazing guy.
  • 50 Interviews presents: 50 Athletes over 50 by Don McGrath

    1. 1. Terry Peterson, 53 Redondo Beach, CA Mountain Unicyclist “Not too old or Two Tired.”
    2. 2. Gerard Moreno, 52 Los Angeles, CA “It’s the journey, not the destination.”
    3. 3. “I just wish everyone were as fortunate as I am. I feel very blessed to be a paralympian, and I find joy in other people and in being on this earth.” Gerard Moreno, 52 Los Angeles, CA
    4. 4. George Hurley, 74 Wonalancet, NH “I’m inspired by the fun of climbing, the fun of adventure, the fun of exploring, and by something new to climb.”
    5. 5. Gale Bernhardt, 50 Loveland, CO “I’m training for life, because it requires tremendous endurance.”
    6. 6. Ed Shaw, 67 Fort Collins, CO “One thing I’ve found is the old guys don’t get faster, but the fast guys do get older.”
    7. 7. Bob Rodacy, 54 Boulder, CO “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”
    8. 8. “Life is very much like mountain unicycling. Its not about avoiding the obstacles, but meeting them head on ming them.” Terry Peterson, 53 Redondo Beach, CA
    9. 9. Carl Bamforth, 54 Victoria, BC “Taking the lead is heaven. Holding it is hell. Welcome to hell!”
    10. 10. Cheryl Ragsdale, 57 Boston, MA “Being the only woman in the boxing gym unexpectedly lifted my gentleness.”
    11. 11. Chris Scotto Divetta, 52 Novi, MI “Prepare for everything, fear nothing.”
    12. 12. Gerard Moreno, 52 Los Angeles, CA “The person who can adapt most easily and continue to fight, is the one who will prevail.”
    13. 13. Dave “Lucky” Dyc, 71 Santa Cruz, CA “There’s only one captain in the oat, and if your not him, shut
    14. 14. Don Ardell, 71 St. Petersburg, FL “Plato told us that to know great fulfillment, we must know suffering. We athletes know this well.”
    15. 15. “Victory belongs to an antagonist who knows how to suffer one quarter hour longer” Sandy Scott, 69 Seminole, FL
    16. 16. Don Sherrill, 65 Stone Mt., GA “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen, philosophers and divines.”
    17. 17. Ed Shaw, 67 Fort Collins, CO “I may not be able to climb Mount Evans as fast as Lance Armstrong can, but I can climb with the same effort and get ling. Isn’t that
    18. 18. Loretta Claiborne, 56 York, PA “If I can win, let me win; if I cannot win, then let me be brave in the attempt.”
    19. 19. Gene GeBauer, 74 Denver, CO “If the journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes 14 days and you quit on the 13th day, you will never see the moon rise over the capitol – Never give up!”
    20. 20. Ward Smith, 61 Aptos, CA Surfer “Surf NOW!”
    21. 21. Russ Clune, 50 New Paltz, NY “It’s always later than you think. When you die and you have money on the table and in the bank, you’ve run out of the most e. Don’t waste it.”
    22. 22. George Hurley, 74 Wonalancet, NH “Don’t think your sport is important, it’s fun!”
    23. 23. Jim Broun, 57 Sarasota, FL “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in a pretty, well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of dust, thoroughly used up, ly worn out, and
    24. 24. Jerry Smartt, 78 Warsaw, MO “From the time I was a young boy, I’ve always loved a footrace.”
    25. 25. Katy Okuyama, 53 Honalulu, HI “My older brother used to surf, and when he left for college, I
    26. 26. Kim Williams, 54 Portland, ME “The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.”
    27. 27. Linda Quirk, 56 Jacksonville, FL “If you can see it, you can do it, if you believe it, it will happen, so
    28. 28. Loretta Claiborne, 56 York, PA “Running is part of my transportation. Some people hop in their cars; I hop on my feet.”
    29. 29. Robbi Young, 51 Erie, CO A friend gave me great advice when they looked at me and asked, “Why CAN’T you do this?”
    30. 30. Myrna Hagg, 51 Tampa, FL “Enthusiasm is huge! It’s bigger than intelligence, it’s bigger than wealth…behind all great achievements is tremendous enthusiasm.”
    31. 31. Merrill Schwartz, 67 San Francisco, CA “Be committed and follow through.”
    32. 32. Rich Davis, 54 Fort Collins, CO “I don’t workout…I play.”
    33. 33. Russ Clune, 50 New Paltz, NY “My ultimate achievement is that I get to travel the world and climb in great places with great people.”
    34. 34. Sid Howard, 70 Plainfield, NJ “My father told me that if you never hold your head too high in victory, you ill never have to hang it in defeat.”
    35. 35. Stephen Black, 57 Lafayette, CO “It can be difficult to make the transition from podium to lifestyle. Triathlons helped me make that transition. I liked the way I felt and the way I looked in the mirror, so I decided that I would perpetuate that as long
    36. 36. Suzy Devers, 57 Erie, CO “Taking skating up again as an adult has reconnected me with the times when I was young and would skate with my father and sisters. Such a wonderful time in my life.”
    37. 37. Sandy Scott, 69 Seminole, FL Cyclist “Growing older can be a fantastic experience if you lift weights, eat right, get aerobic exercise, have good relationships, have goals, exercise your mind and body, have a positive outlook, and get regular medical check- ups.”
    38. 38. “The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun.” Ward Smith, 61 Aptos, CA Surfer
    39. 39. Carol Jean Vosburgh, 63 Treasure Island, FL Cyclist/Triathlete “Live life passionately, with no regrets.”
    40. 40. Maria Riquet, 57 Saint Petersburg, FL Bodybuilder “Never give up!”
    41. 41. Cheryl Ragsdale, 57 Boston, MA Boxer, Martial Arts “The first time I boxed, I lit up. It brings out the warrior in me”