501 Mission Place Mobile Giving Webinar


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These are the slides from Jana Taylor of Benevity's great webinar on where mobile giving is now, where it's headed and how your nonprofit can start reaping the benefits now!

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501 Mission Place Mobile Giving Webinar

  1. 1. What’s New in Mobile Giving 501 Mission Place Webinar March 24, 2011 Jana Taylor, VP Marketing, Benevity
  2. 2. Where Are We Going with This?
  3. 3. 1. What’s New: The Broader Context
  4. 4. What’s New: The Broader Context
  5. 5. What’s New: The Broader Context
  6. 6. 2. What’s New: Trends in Mobile Giving
  7. 7. Mobile Giving Trends: Text donations▸  Haiti Earthquake put mobile giving on the map!▸  Dramatic growth in text-to-donate as a mode of giving!▸  Mobile giving more prevalent in younger demographics!
  8. 8. Mobile Giving Trends: Text Donations of mobile donors said if they donated once through a text23% ! message, they’re more likely to donate again! Source: 2010 Cone Text-to-Give Tracker! of mobile donors would be more likely to text a 27% ! donation if a company matched their gift! Source: 2010 Cone Text-to-Give Tracker
  9. 9. Mobile Giving Trends: Text Donations of mobile donors said they would consider making larger80% ! donations (larger than the maximum gift size of $10) using another method! Source: CCS/MGive, December 2010! almost half of mobile donors would like the option to give 50% ! a $25 donation (75% said $25 was max gift via text donation; 15% said $50 and 9% said $100 or more)! Source: CCS/MGive, December 2010!
  10. 10. Mobile Giving Trends: QR Codes▸  Makes it easier for people to give to charities from their mobile devices!▸  Extends existing partnerships/cause marketing into the mobile space!▸  Bridges offline and online; drives need for mobile web sites !
  11. 11. Mobile Giving Trends: Geo-Location▸  Geo-location and causes: in its infancy!▸  Current focus is on “check-ins for charity”; evolution to more meaningful models poised for take-off!▸  Contactless pay: coming soon to a smartphone near you…!▸  Huge potential for cause marketing/fundraising!
  12. 12. Mobile Giving Trends: Convergence▸  Convergence of geo-location, mobile commerce, loyalty programs & cause marketing !▸  Current mobile commerce with cause initiatives limited!▸  Potential for innovation and impact is HUGE!!
  13. 13. 3. Benevity Overview
  14. 14. Benevity: Doing Well by Doing Good Benevity is a software company ! that helps businesses realize a ! greater return on their ! increasing investments in social ! responsibility, including! community relations, cause! marketing and employee giving ! and volunteering.!
  15. 15. Benevity: What We DoBenevity’s micro-donation platform, a highly customizable givingengine, lets companies integrate user-directed, tax receiptabledonations and corporate matching programs into their existingtransaction environments, using their own brands and systems. !
  16. 16. The Benevity Solution: How It’s Used"   Applications of Benevity’s web services platform:! ▸  E-Commerce! ▸  Charitable Gift Cards! ▸  Mobile Giving! ▸  Loyalty/Reward Redemption! ▸  Donation Management (Financial Services/ Bill Payment Interfaces)! ▸  Workplace Giving/Volunteering! ▸  Employee Gift Cards!
  17. 17. 4. Benevity: Mobile Giving Solutions
  18. 18. Obopay-Benevity Text-to-Donate Service▸  A new mobile giving solution introduced in October 2010!▸  Available to any registered charity in the US!▸  Donations can be to a single charity or a “cause portfolio” (fund of charities represented by one keyword)!▸  Can support corporate matching of donations by businesses!
  19. 19. Obopay-Benevity Text-to-Donate Service"   Why the Obopay-Benevity Text-to-Donate Service is Unique:! ▸  Facilitates faster funds transfer to charities and greater transparency! Will match donations ! 100% up to $500K!Children’s Miracle Children’s Miracle ▸  Available for all registered charities (regardless of size) without formal on-Network: To donateto CMN now go tohttp://bit.ly.btJTFkp Reply STOP to boarding! cancel ▸  Enables donations of any amount! ▸  Enables corporate matching programs! ▸  Can be used as part of a mobile cause marketing/loyalty campaign!
  20. 20. Obopay-Benevity Text-to-Donate: Help Japan
  21. 21. The Givatron: Charity of Choice Giving App ▸  The first charity-of-choice application for Android-based mobile devices! ▸  Free app launched in December 2010! ▸  Easily and conveniently donate any amount to any registered charity in the US and Canada! ▸  Receive a real-time tax receipt! ▸  Can create funds (groups of charities) and support corporate matching offers!
  22. 22. The Givatron: Charity of Choice Giving App
  23. 23. The Givatron: Charity of Choice Giving App Benevity Givatron – ! Featured Funds and Matching! Using the Benevity platform, featured funds (groups of charities) can be highlighted on the Givatron app! Matching offers can be funded by organizations (companies, foundations, charities)!
  24. 24. Spark! Workplace GivingSpark! by Benevity is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workplacegiving solution that helpscompanies easily and cost-effectively implement automatedemployee giving, matching andvolunteering programs.!Spark! can be accessed viamobile web. A mobile-focusedversion will be availableSeptember 2011.!
  25. 25. 5. Wrap Up
  26. 26. Key Learnings▸  1. Mobile is now – how people (especially Millennials) live and give!▸  2. Mobile giving takes many forms (more than text-to-donate)!▸  3. Convergence is key (causes are part of the everyday mobile life)!▸  4. Collaboration is key (partnerships with businesses and other charities) !▸  5. Think mobile – think big picture – think now!!
  27. 27. Summary
  28. 28. ContactsJana Taylor jana@benevity.orgVP Marketing 403.237.7875, ext. 210