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Bronze Winner Digital Vietnam Young Spike 2015


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Bike in your pocket.

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Bronze Winner Digital Vietnam Young Spike 2015

  1. 1. CHALLENGE TARGET AUDIENCE Male, ABC, 22 – 28, office workers in Ho Chi Minh city. Consumer’s story Mr. Toan, 25, Accountant executive, Saigonese. After graduation a few months, Toan got his first bike himself. It’s his very first property which indicates that he’s a grown up and he can makes his own choice. He can go anywhere anytime with this reliable “friend”. Even if his bike is broken, he rides his bicycle for his freedom! Office days sometimes seem tedious. His escape is to dive into the online world to entertain himself with trends and buzz of his town. Vietnamese don’t want to wait for Xe Ôm when they can hop on their own bikes at anytimes. That habit is the barrier for GrabBike to become the game changer. 1 2
  2. 2. CREATIVE APPROACH We are NOT modern Xe Ôm. We are your new means of transportation in this digital age. With GrabBike, you actually own and ride a bike in a much more convenient, safe and time-saving way. 3
  3. 3. BIKE IN YOUR POCKET GrabBike is YOUR bike which shows up at the moment you need and “leaves” when you arrive safe and sound. It automatically “gets” back to your pocket waiting for its next ride. IDEA4
  4. 4. Phase 1 – Invite 1. We launch three teasers which announced by a Digital Driving Experience Expert about a life-changing driving ex- perience: “WITH JUST A MICROCHIP, YOU CAN PUT YOUR BIKE INTO YOUR POCKET!” They are all housed on “Bike in your pocket” Youtube channel and then spread to our other account on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and Vines. EXECUTION - The journey of making GrabBike cool and relevant.5
  5. 5. Teaser 1 “Yay! Now my childhood dream has come true! With this genius microchip, any kinds of bike can be put in the pocket when you don’t need them anymore. Stay tuned!” Coming soon 01/08/2015 Teaser 2 “It’s been months of sleepless experiments… [yawning] for this innovative project. We believe that it will change the way people drive their bikes forever. Save the day!” Teaser 3 “OMG! It really fits my pocket! I did it! I have to call my mom!” Coming soon 01/08/2015 EXECUTION5 Coming soon 01/08/2015
  6. 6. Phase 2 – Engage After it becomes the buzz of town, we offi- cially launch a 2-minute promote video. The hi-tech scientific yet tongue-n-cheek film features all the superior benefits when we inject the microchip in the bike. AND, this awesome invention will be released to everyone only when this video hits 300,000 interactions (like, comments, link sharing, tag, reblog…) along with the #BikeInYourPocket. Convenient. Ride it to anywhere. . No more hassles of parking. Safe. Already verified and registered. Easy to put back in your pocket. Run on Wifi and 3G . No more maintenance EXECUTION5
  7. 7. To keep up the heat of campaign, we coordinate with some celebrities who challenge the Internet citizens: WANT A RIDE WITH ME? TELL ME IN 10 SECONDS WHY YOU SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO TRY “BIKE IN YOUR POCKET”? Winners of the most liked or shared videos on Instagram, Facebook or Vines will get a ride with their favorite stars EXECUTION5 #BikeInYourPocket
  8. 8. Phase 3 – Amplify When it reaches the number, we will announce the “Bike In Your Pocket” event. The whole event will be live-broadcasted on Youtube. In the climax moment of the event, we unveil the secret. The microchip is true, every detail of benefits is still 100% correct, it’s just now converted into a GrabBike application for wider access. From now, with GrabBike, you always have a bike in your pocket. EXECUTION5 LIVE “Bike In Your Pocket” event
  9. 9. EXECUTION5 People can install the app and enjoy the free “Bike in Your Pocket” ride with GrabBikers right on spot. For Youtube viewers, we send the app download link directly to their phones. The winners of the celebrity challenge also get their prizes which is a free ride with their star. After the event, we will regularly update new testimonial videos on Youtube channel and our other social accounts. LIVE “Bike In Your Pocket” eventLIVE “Bike In Your Pocket” event LIVE “Bike In Your Pocket” event
  10. 10. “Bike in my pocket, is it a joke or something? My colleagues need to see this!” “Wow, is it really true! Cool! I’ll tag some of my mates now!” “Hah hah, these Grab- Bike guys are crazy! OK, I’ll give it a try, nothing to lose!” Hook audience with a cool microchip that will change their ways of driving. SUMMARY - Conversation flow6 Introduce the microchip which perfectly meets their needs of better driving ex- perience. Encourage people to make this accessible to anyone just by shar- ing the video. Unveil the secret, drive downloads and give them cool GrabBike experience right on spot. PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3