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[WMD 2016] Advisor to Pocket, Airbnb, Darby Smart; Former Growth Lead at Pinterest & GrubHub >> Casey Winters "A lesson in retaining users"


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Casey Winters (Growth Advisor)

Published in: Investor Relations

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[WMD 2016] Advisor to Pocket, Airbnb, Darby Smart; Former Growth Lead at Pinterest & GrubHub >> Casey Winters "A lesson in retaining users"

  1. 1. Constant Rejection: A Lesson in Retaining Users Casey Winters Growth Advisor Former Growth Lead @ Pinterest First Marketer @ Grubhub Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  2. 2. Retention is like teenage sex Everyone says they are doing it Nobody really is doing it (well) Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  3. 3. You may think you’re doing retention well “I’m sending emails…” Fuck your emails Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  4. 4. What happens if you don’t work on retention? Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  5. 5. So how do you improve retention? Learn what causes rejection Learn to love rejection (AKA feedback) Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  6. 6. So how do you improve retention? 1. Product Improvements 2. Onboarding & Education 3. Emails 4. Notifications 5. Customer Service 6. New Products 7. Promotions (but be careful!) 8. Loyalty/Engagement Programs Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  7. 7. 1. Product Improvements Retention is driven by a maniacal focus on improving the core product That is more likely to mean reducing friction in the product than adding features to it Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  8. 8. Product Case Study #1: Grubhub • Increased Restaurant variety • Lowered minimums and delivery fees • Buried guest ordering Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  9. 9. Product Case Study #2: Pinterest • Localizing recommendations • Localizing key actions • Connecting men to topics instead of friends (who were likely women) Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  10. 10. 2. Onboarding & Education • Get people to the core value your product provides as fast as possible (but not faster) • Don’t be afraid to educate (contextually) Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  11. 11. 3. Emails • Test manually, then automate and personalize • Stop fucking sending email like a marketer. Send email like a personal assistant –Right content –Right time –Right amount • Subject lines and calls to action matter; design doesn't as much Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  12. 12. 4. Notifications & Badging • Start with transactional, and take baby steps to test other types of messages • Notifications are hard to unsubscribe from, so people will just delete your app • Copy matters, as does landing experience • Badging is severely under-utilized, especially on Android • Pinterest built a completely new experience to leverage badging and notification landing pages Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  13. 13. 5. Customer Service • Studies show that people who have a bad experience that is made up for by the company are more loyal than people who never had a bad experience • Go out of your way to make sure you repair any negative experience • Train your team to spot them and solicit for them • At Grubhub, we trained every customer service rep to use Twitter and Facebook Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  14. 14. 6. New Platforms • Going multi-platform –Not only web to mobile, but mobile to web • Every company I’ve seen sees LTV at least double when the user goes multi- platform –You can incentivize this like we did at Grubhub –You can optimize this like we did at Pinterest Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  15. 15. 6. New Products • Understand core product limits to engagement before investing in new products –Snapchat hit a limit with core product, so they created Stories to get an even bigger market to engage, then Discover for even broader appeal. Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  16. 16. 7. Promotions DON’T DO IT (unless…) Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  17. 17. 8. Loyalty/Engagement Programs • These programs should be profit drivers not cost centers, unless building a moat Casey Winters | @onecaseman |
  18. 18. Find your bucket to focus on • was definitely infrequent, non-loyal • For Grubhub, we had to figure out biggest opportunity • Yummy Rummy Casey Winters | @onecaseman |