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VR Motion: 500 Demo Day Batch 21


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VR Motion: 500 Demo Day Batch 21

Published in: Technology
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VR Motion: 500 Demo Day Batch 21

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Driving accidents are responsible for NEARLY HALF of all military/law enforcement deaths ALL OTHER CAUSES AUTO ACCIDENTS
  3. 3. $4 billion spent annually on driver training, yet drivers are still dying! $2K PER DRIVER 2M DRIVERS $4B ANNUALLY
  4. 4. Current training methods cost far more and don’t work
  5. 5.
  6. 6. DOMINIC DOBSON Cofounder, COO Former Indy 500 driver AR patents sold to KEITH MAHER Cofounder, CEO 22-year Intel R&D engineer Developer of VR sims STEPHEN NAUMAN Lead developer AR/VR/MR. Miami University Art & Design
  7. 7. $0 $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July $266K revenue IN 12 MONTHS 2,500 TEST DRIVES $4M IN PIPELINE
  8. 8. In discussion Demo complete RFQ/contract FE Warren AFB Malstrom AFB
  9. 9.