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Todd Park & Macon Philips, Lean Startup SXSW


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Todd Park (CTO @ White House) with Macon Phillips (Director of Digital Strategy @ White House) at the 2012 Lean Startup SXSW in Austin

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Todd Park & Macon Philips, Lean Startup SXSW

  2. 2. A tale of 3 lean startups in the U.S. governmentMacon Phillips (@macon44)Todd Park (@todd_park)• Health Data Initiative• White House Digital•
  3. 3. Health Data Initiative: turning HHS into the “NOAA of health data” Weather data • Weather newscasts • Weather websites FUELS • Weather mobile apps • Weather insurance • And moreMade available to the public
  4. 4. Initial focus: March 11, 2010 Community Health Data
  5. 5. 90 days later, “Datapalooza I:”20+ new/improved apps built leveraging our data
  6. 6. The play we discovered we needed to run1. Publish new data for public/external access2. Make existing data machine- readable, downloadable, accessible via APIs3. Energetically market our data to innovators4. Show HHS data owners what innovators are able to produce with the data
  7. 7. Unleashed: a growing river of data liberation… Community Health Data for Provider Care Directories Providers & Quality HHS Data Being Liberated Medical/ “Blue Scientific Button” Knowledge Consumer Product Info
  8. 8. … intertwined with a growing river of innovation powered by open data
  9. 9. “Datapalooza II:” 50 amazing innovations, selected via an “American Idol”-style bakeoff, already serving millions of Americans
  10. 10. The river of open data and innovation is now becoming a flood • More data • More challenges • More startups, products • Health Data Consortium
  11. 11. Emerging: an open, self-propelled ecosystem that uses data to improve health (and create jobs) Rapidly Growing Array of Innovative Products and Services That:Health-Related Data • Help consumers take control of their from health and health care • Help employers promote health and wellness FUELS • Help care providers deliver better care • Help journalists shed light • Help local leaders make better- informed decisions • Data intermediary platforms that support all of the above • And much more
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  15. 15. Stay in touch! - - @Macon44