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SocialStork DemoDay Deck


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The final deck for Social Stork on Demo Day at 500Startups with Dave McClure.

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SocialStork DemoDay Deck

  1. 1. Social Stork is Facebook,enhanced for moms & their babies.
  2. 2. Problem:Moms: Uber-proud of baby, but, no tool to capture/controlbaby moments properly.Dads: Wired to help, but, can’t control wives.Babies: Captured more and more in differentmediums, but, can’t control mice or keyboards.
  3. 3. Current Solutions:Other Sites:Facebook - It’s all about “you”. Misses the boat on - It’s all about “parents”. No social plug-in-ability.Other Mediums: Scrap-booking is a comparable offline medium...but takes time. Something most moms don’t have.
  4. 4. Solution:A fun and easy way for moms to capture and share baby events and milestones.
  5. 5. Solution:A fun and easy way for moms to capture and share baby events and milestones. Gamified social actions and distribution.
  6. 6. Solution:A fun and easy way for moms to capture and share baby events and milestones. Constant updates from other moms and babies on the “baby wall”
  7. 7. We don’t suck. Here’s proof:The storkteam has built profitable businesses which have and continue toprint money for investors since 2008. (HitGrab Inc.)Storkteam has created varying products for IBM, Canada Post, HP, andothers large-scale partners. We know how to build under pressure, andquickly.Storkteam’s founders invented in-game virtual consumables on facebookin 2008.The storkteam has already executed licensing agreements to distributecontent into China - the world’s fastest growing internet market.
  8. 8. The Market:The 2011 baby products market is expected to hit $3.1 billion(InfoChimps).There are 13 million US moms on facebook alone (ISG). There are500 million users on facebook (fbStats) - every single one has, orhas had, a mom.The average north-american mom spends $11,000 on their baby inthe first year (InfoChimps).SocialStork aims to be the first social e-tailer for soon-to-be andnew moms.
  9. 9. Scaling up :Beta: Now - http://socialstork.comLaunch: Late April 2011First Monetization: On Launch,Digital photo upgrades.Iterative Changes: Bi-weeklyEarly adopters: Our gamescurrently serve over 50,000 moms.
  10. 10. The Raise: $250,000The Reasoning:Infrastructure: Highly scalable, 50k.Moms-on-Staff: Highly sociable, 100k.Direct Sales, Ad Sales: Highly sellable, 50k.Miscellaneous: Highly probable, 50k.