unSEXY Conf 2013: Darian Shirazi, Radius


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unSEXY Conf 2013: Darian Shirazi, Radius

  1. 1. Cust omers, Cul t ure and Cash @ranj i t hkumaran
  2. 2. Rai se your hand How many of your empl oyees t al k t o cust omers every day? a. 0- 5% b. 5%- 20% c. 20%- 50% d. 50- 100% How many shoul d?
  3. 3. Two compani es, di f f erent approaches 2004-2010 (current board member) 2011-present
  4. 4. A f ami l i ar model Pre- f undi ng f ounders f i el ded al l cust omer i nbounds. Transi t i oned t o t radi t i onal support model post f undi ng. Invest ed i n cust omer f eedback, success, and ot her programs. Measured usi ng NPS.
  5. 5. A recent emai l f rom a wel l - known st art up “Thanks for writing in. You're right in reporting this, so thanks so much for doing so. I have let the bugs team know about this. The bugs team is responsible for responding to bugs/inconsistencies on the product. In future, please feel free to e-mail bugs@-----.com.” YOU SUCK!
  6. 6. A di f f erent approach ( WIP) Pre- f undi ng, pre- revenue al l empl oyees f i el ded cust omer i nbounds. Post f undi ng: same. Though we have dozens of ent erpri se cust omers and 2. 5M+ end- users we have yet t o hi re a si ngl e cust omer
  7. 7. Support part i es! Al ways t he same part i ci pant s: t he ( current and f ut ure) busi ness l eaders.
  8. 8. Obvi ous l earni ngs Product - market f i t accel erat i on ( nuf f sai d) . Market s change f ast . Not everyone l i ves i n Si l i con Val l ey.
  9. 9. More subt l e, however Cust omers ( and part ners) hat e your compet i t ors. You’ l l shi p f ast er when const ant l y i nt errupt ed by cust omers. Aut hent i ci t y t ransl at es t o LTV* .
  10. 10. Cash money Your sal es process st art s bef ore you know i t . Forgi ng cust omer rel at i onshi ps earl y short cut s sal es cycl es dramat i cal l y. Upsel l , ret ent i on, and di spl acement of compet i t ors come nat ural l y.
  11. 11. How t o St art earl y and set t he precedent . Put t he t ool s i n pl ace, t hey’ re cheap: • l i ve chat • emai l ( di rect ) • phone Wal k t he t al k.
  12. 12. @ranj i t hkumaran