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Plum: 500 Demo Day Batch 22


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Plum, Plum automates your money so you can effortlessly save, invest and avoid rip-off bills

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Plum: 500 Demo Day Batch 22

  1. 1. 2 Broke guys Victor Trokoudes, Co-founder & CEO • #5 TransferWise: Head of International • Harvard (BSc), INSEAD (MBA) Alex Michael, Co-founder & CTO • Engineer #5 , Tictail Payments leads • Imperial College London (MEng)
  2. 2. Power of Nudge: Enabling people to make decisions that make them better off. Richard Thaler Nobel Economics winner, 2017
  3. 3. Meet Plum A Chatbot that uses AI to manage peoples money the way they should…
  4. 4. 100m < 3 months in savings $120b n Overspent on bills 97% savings earn < inflation In Europe
  5. 5. Saving AutomationDon’t get ripped off 4% Return Connect bank account
  6. 6. 50% MoM in Savings 20% MoM user growth
  7. 7. Acquire users Month 1 Revenue Switching Recurring Revenue Investing
  8. 8. “I will spend my prize money as irrationally as possible.” - Thaler $1.8m Raised to date