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Orchard: 500 Demo Day Batch 23

Orchard leverages smartphone warranty to help enterprises improve security in personal smartphones used for work.

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Orchard: 500 Demo Day Batch 23

  1. 1. $48B 75% of smartphones are uninsured HUGE OPPORTUNITY
  2. 2. Our phones have gotten smarter, but our insurance hasn’t No used devices No software Same for 25 years
  3. 3. Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) 60% of enterprises Used phones Phones are security risks
  4. 4. Smartphone insurance powered by software Covers used smartphones Manages smartphone security
  5. 5. Sophisticated diagnostics 35+ functions tested Cracked screen detection (IP) 3 minutes to complete
  6. 6. Manages device security No personal data: Full privacy Touch ID OS Updates Cloud Backup Remote Wipe Face ID
  7. 7. First 2 months Funnel representing 5,800 policies OTTER CONSULTING COMMERCIAL TERMS 1,300 Policies ACTIVE FUNNEL 5,800 Policies CLOSED 65 Policies
  8. 8. $15/month $5/month SquareTrade & the other guys 3X The best unit economics in the market Insurance & security
  9. 9. To scale, we’re partnering with Arch Insurance A+ Global insurance provider
  10. 10. Team with domain expertise Used phone marketplace powered by our smartphone diagnostics $2M in annual sales 60,000+ phones diagnosed Bruno Wong CEO Alex Sebastian COO/CFO Hamza Javed CTO
  11. 11. Introduce us to more companies People with BYOD phones that have no security software installed