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Ohalo: 500 Demo Day Batch 22


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Ohalo, Blockchain based solution for automating data compliance

Published in: Technology
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Ohalo: 500 Demo Day Batch 22

  1. 1. Why are banks so bad at building things?
  2. 2. Banks suck at managing data Biggest regulatory change in 20 years Billions at risk
  3. 3. Today’s solutions are incomplete
  4. 4. Data aware of its regulations
  5. 5. Data Protection Router
  6. 6. $125K in POC revenue $3.2M pipeline value
  7. 7. Background in building data tools for financial institutions Kyle DuPont CEO Victor Cook CTO Alistair Jones Engineering Lead Andreas Olofsson Distributed Ledger Lead Rhomaios Ram COO/Advisor David Galbraith Advisor Greg Dowling Technical Advisor