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Mediation Online: 500 Demo Day Batch 22


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MOL- Mediation Online, Online dispute resolution platform

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Mediation Online: 500 Demo Day Batch 22

  1. 1. Solve your case without going to court
  2. 2. 115million cases in the Justice System Brazil is the biggest litigation market in the world
  3. 3. A new lawsuit 05seconds every
  4. 4. every year they spend over of the cases are related to Companies 83% on judicial expenses $40B
  5. 5. The Brazilian government passed a new law that makes mediation mandatory for civil and labor cases. 2016
  6. 6. to a final resolution 10YEARS AVERAGE
  7. 7. The process of mediation OFFLINE Start Counterparty notification Booking Mediation DAY 1 30 DAY 60 DAY 90 DAY
  8. 8. 1st online mediation platform in Brazil
  9. 9. We processed in the last 6 months 8,000 cases MAY 1000 cases JULY 2000 cases OCTOBER 5000 cases launch
  10. 10. The process of mediation ONLINE cut costs 50% settlement rate 2x from 90 to 30 days
  11. 11. Biggest Public Bank in Latin America Biggest Private Bank in Latin America Onboarding now
  12. 12. Pipeline Value 12 months Telecom Insurers Construction Retail Education $5M
  13. 13. Melissa Gava Founder and CEO Camilla Lopes Founder and COO Founders Team