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unSEXY Conf 2013: Mark Schulze, Clover


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unSEXY Conf 2013: Mark Schulze, Clover

  1. 1. Biz Dev Hacks that No one Tells You: Tricks & Tips for Closing Deals & Makin' It Rain
  2. 2. We are born to do it Ancient Business Meeting
  3. 3. But…meetings got more complex
  4. 4. Could it really be similar today?
  5. 5. And What’s up with this?
  6. 6. Companies are moderns tribes • People size you up quickly – Figure out why you matter to them! – Understand out why your product or service matters – Lead with what matters – Put your ego in a box, it is about them • Connections / your address book is nearly worthless – Are you someone they want to know?
  7. 7. How to reach the right people
  8. 8. Techniques • Do not rely on contacts or friends – You already don’t matter to them! – Going to people you don’t know often works better • Going to the top, doesn’t work (unless it is a small company) • Find Product or Sales – Don’t work with existing functional units, avoid them if you can People who run a process won’t change it.
  9. 9. 3 Core Problems • Once you are ready to approach, customize your approach • Your job is to figure out what those problems are: – Personal – Professional – Corporate – Offering concessions that don’t align won’t work
  10. 10. How to reach the right people • Use it and use the subject line • Don’t use it how they want you to use it • Pay for InMail • Sell you • Don’t forget the logo page, but tailor them • For the buyer, there is great personal risk, think long-term about relationships • Product vs. Sales – where to go • Finding the right person • Change the dynamic, never: “Are you empowered to make this decision?”
  11. 11. Case Studies • Winning Disney • Legal is largely understood • Help them help you • Winning the battle and losing the war • Keep it simple • Focus on execution
  12. 12. Date your partners • Once you are in the door… its like dating. • Easy to mess up a good thing • Remember they are the client, play it cool • If they ignore you for a while, it is very likely it isn’t about you. It is on their timetable
  13. 13. Clover • Third pivot, totally different industry, media to banking • Created a buzz • Get competition rolling • Be known as good people in the industry
  14. 14. Closing • Have passion about what ever you do, even if you are not sure of your direction • Always be selling -- the unexpected lead • Focus on learning, not selling – this changes the conversation • “Offer”, “Share”, “Educate” -- never sell!