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Lorraine Akemann


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Lorraine Akemann

  1. 1. App Store Optimization
  2. 2. How Can Customers Find Your Appin a Crowded Marketplace?Most conversations about this topic include words like: title,icons, screenshots, search & ranking algorithms, price,updates, category, descriptions, and keywords.
  3. 3. Three Factors to ConsiderTrustworthy StorefrontPromote with a PurposeRoom to Experiment
  4. 4. Context & AssumptionsPerspective from Moms With Apps○ Independent Developers○ Kids Apps○ Mainly iTunes (but changing rapidly)Speculation Abounds!○ Unless we work at the App Store, discussion ofoptimization is highly speculative. The hope is tovalidate our speculation by cross-referencingexperiences with other developers.What are you in this for?○ Sustainability? Profitability? Personal Learning?Your choices on how to tackle visibility relates toyour own needs and definition of "success".
  5. 5. Lets Search the App StoreRandom search for "spelling games for kids".Note: Did you do some analysis on your keywords?
  6. 6. Which apps are coming up?Is "spelling" a popular or niche keyword? (# of ratings)What other keywords support the goal to do better in class?Think about your own app and keywords. Your app is theanswer to what question/s?● What are competitors saying in their app descriptions?● Are your keywords in your app description?● Are the search results the same on different platforms, orversions of iOS, or your mac vs your phone?● Did you analyze your keywords with tools like○ Google Keyword Tool, AppStoreHQ, SearchmanCredits: Apps Kids Love & Thinkamingo
  7. 7. Graphics QualityDo icons stand out? Are screenshots informative?
  8. 8. Developer InformationWhat I notice: last updated, IAP, other apps, privacy policy(missing here), ratings & reviews (do you have at least five?),and "app support" which directs to developer website.
  9. 9. Developer WebsiteDoes the company look trustworthy?Does the average consumer care?What about a reviewer?
  10. 10. Is the app visible? Yes & NoYes (quantitative): For search rankings underkeywords, seems like it○ From website, looks like pre-existing customers ineducation space○ FREE to download○ Focused on SEONo (qualitative): For review sites or app storeeditorial features, maybe not○ Other apps do a better job of presentation○ Other apps have better ratings/reviews○ Other apps cover privacy○ Other apps tell me more about the developer
  11. 11. So which types of apps get featured?Featured > Apps for School > Literacy > Spelling: Here I see more apps Iknow, and if they have ratings, the ratings are favorable. Much more "trust" isevident in this view (more privacy policies too!)
  12. 12. Next Factor: PromotionScenario: You have a great app, but eventuallythe app store feature runs out. How do youtrigger some download momentum if your appisnt showing up on the charts?Reference: / App: Montessori Numbers
  13. 13. Promote with a Purpose● Not randomly, like this ==>● App updates● PR & social media● Blogger outreach● Reviews● Price promotions● Giveaways● Cross-market throughout your community● Coordinate ALL of the above
  14. 14. Consider the RisksApp Updates =======>PR & Social Media ==>Blog Reviews ======>Price=============>Your Community ====>Resets reviewsTime consumingValue more intestimonial than saleFree does not equalsales, just downloadsNo risk, all upside
  15. 15. App FridayWeekly promotion in the kids app community, cross-marketed by developers and a wide set of kids app reviewers.We use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, G+, Pinterest, andCommunity (i.e., Download Parties)...
  16. 16. Immediate Effect? Spike in Downloads (not sales)● The Blue Jackal: $2.99 to FREE for Friday & Saturday● App Friday, App Advice, Outreach, Community● Reached #4 by end of day in Top Free iPad Books● 10,000 downloads Friday● 4,000 downloads Saturday● Sunday, back to paid, app goes back to regular sales.● Another example: Swedish Word Wizard (below)
  17. 17. What we hope for over an increase in downloads, which 1) might trigger the appstore to notice you, 2) widens reach through word of mouth,and 3) raises exposure of developers other apps throughcross-marketing in the promoted app. These are math appsfrom PKCLsoft, who experienced a post-promotion lift forabout three months.Reference: / Apps: Sales of Tap Times Tables & Math Plus Minus,January through April 2013
  18. 18. Final Point: Give yourself ROOMto experiment in an environmentof constant, rapid changeYesterdays conversation○ Lite version?○ HD or universal?○ App Gratis on the store :)Todays conversation○ Free + IAP?○ How to comply with COPPA?○ App Gratis NOT on the store!What will be tomorrows conversation?○ Depends on Terms & Conditions, characteristics ofthe marketplace, regulations, devices, etc.
  19. 19. Artgig Apps: Case StudyFirst app, Shake-A-Phrase, May 2011. Latestapp, Mystery Math Town, BIG feature by Apple.They keep improving over time.
  20. 20. How do they measure up?Is their storefront trustworthy?○ Privacy Policy - YES○ Accessible - YES○ Graphics - GREAT○ Ratings - Positive!Do they promote with a purpose?○ Regular cross-promotions - YES○ PR & social media - YES○ Blogger outreach - YESHave they given themselves ROOM toexperiment?○ Did they take a long term approach? YES○ Are they visible? YES!
  21. 21. Questions, Credits, & ResourcesCharts & Graphs & Case Study○○○○ thebluejackal.comPromotional Resources○, #appfriday on twitter○ Digital Storytimes list of favorite app review sites("Google" it.)○ (blog sidebar - "industryresources")○ The Jellybean Tunes App Report