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  • The idea here is that we should set our businesses up so that we are learning about our customers ALL the time.\n\n
  • People get hung up on the tools.\nBut it's not about the tools.\nThese tools just help you get data.\nThey don't tell you what to test.\nThe tools aren't as important and figuring out what to actually test.\n
  • The second half this workshop is going to focus on conversion optimization and increasing revenue.\n
  • What you can do with these tools is baseline your metrics.\n
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  • Don’t guess or make assumptions. Find out which parts of your business are underperforming and why.\n
  • You can also run A/B tests with these tools.\n
  • And measure the results.\n
  • People get hung up on the tools.\nBut it's not about the tools.\nThese tools just help you get data.\nThey don't tell you what to test.\nThe tools aren't as important and figuring out what to actually test.\n
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  • But when designing for results what you really trying to do is\nImprove your user experience to meet your business goals.\n
  • You need great ideas.\n
  • Copying what others have done without testing will lead to suboptimal results.\nGet inspired by others and than try things for yourself.\nBased on several posts by 37signals and their successful tests, every web app uses\n“See Plans and Pricing”\n
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  • Many ways to learn, phone interviews, in-person, landing pages, MVPs, etc...\n
  • Instead, you should learn what works best for your customers!\n
  • its really hard to predict what works and what doesn’t -- don’t even try to guess, just run the tests and collect evidence to support your ideas.\n
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  • Why are your visitors not converting?\n
  • What are their objections?\n
  • Survey question created by Avinash Kaushik\n
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  • 4 core types of online businesses\nEach have different reasons people come back and various way to monetize\n\n
  • Media, ads historically...\n
  • Transaction... sales historically\n
  • Subscription, newer model but growing fast...\n
  • Social, all kinds of monetization\n
  • Media = page views\nTransaction = revenue\nSubscription = lifetime value\nSocial = retention\n
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  • Hiten Shah, KISSmetrics - Warm Gun conference

    1. 1. Performance AnxietyWhat “Designing for Conversion” Actually Means Hiten Shah • KISSmetrics Warm Gun • Friday • December 2nd, 2011
    2. 2. Data makes you stop debating and start learning
    3. 3. Metrics help youidentify improvement opportunities
    4. 4. Conversion optimization
    5. 5. Baseline your metrics
    6. 6. Funnels help you focus
    7. 7. Find the leakshttp://kiss.ly/1-2punch
    8. 8. Test
    9. 9. Measure your results (conversions)
    10. 10. It’s not about the tools!
    11. 11. It’s all about the user experience
    12. 12. Designing for results is theprocess of improving theuser experience to meetyour business goals.
    13. 13. You need great ideas...
    14. 14. Don’t just copy what others do“What works for us may not work for you. Please do your own testing. Your conversion rates may suffer if you copy us.”
    15. 15. Test your calls to action
    16. 16. Changing the color of a button won’t move the needle
    17. 17. Discover what works for you
    18. 18. Test success is hard to predict
    19. 19. The more “at bats” you get, the more hits you’ll have
    20. 20. You need tounderstandyour people
    21. 21. Get qualitative data
    22. 22. Remote user researchAsk your visitors to help youimprove your websiteWhat you’ll learn★ What visitors think you do★ What visitors remember
    23. 23. Usability testing Watch videos of people using your website and listen to their problems What you’ll learn ★ Why visitors leave ★ Things that confuse visitorsUse coupon code warmgun2011 for a free test!
    24. 24. On-site task completion survey
    25. 25. Pricing page confusion
    26. 26. Cancelation Survey
    27. 27. Measure your results byaligning your business goalswith your metrics and tests.
    28. 28. Media How do Transactionyou make Subscription money? Social
    29. 29. Media = Content Consumption
    30. 30. Transaction = Purchases
    31. 31. Subscription = Continuous Value
    32. 32. Social = Communication
    33. 33. You need to align your metrics with that... Media = Page views Drive traffic to increase advertising revenueTransaction = Revenue Increase conversion rate and number of transactionsSubscription = Lifetime Value Reduce churn and increase lifetime value Social = Retention Increase % of users who come back regularly
    34. 34. Freemium - Macro Conversions of Test Groups
    35. 35. Subscription - Retention of Test Groups
    36. 36. Subscription - Lifetime Value of Test Groups
    37. 37. Questions?hshah@kissmetrics.com