GroupMe, SMASH summit Presentation


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Steve Cheney, GroupMe, SMASH summit Presentation

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GroupMe, SMASH summit Presentation

  1. Customer Acquisition via Group Mechanics<br />Steve Cheney<br />
  2. Private Groups & GroupMe: <br /><ul><li>Single Player Mode vs Groups
  3. Privacy & Reverse Network Effects
  4. “Unregistered” Unlogged in User?
  5. Incredible Retention & Engagement
  6. Downstream User Effects from Brands </li></ul> <br />
  7. Real Life Groups of Friends<br />Lollapalooza<br />Friends<br />NYC<br />Pals<br />Ex-<br />Coworkers<br />College<br />Buddies<br />
  8. Private Group Conversations<br />GroupMe facilitates immediate & real-time conversations across technological & geographic boundaries<br />Group Invitee SMS<br />Katy: On my way! Btw, love her app – listening to all her songs!<br />Sally: Hey girls! Check out this Taylor app! And we can all chat using this group.<br />From: (720) 399-5413<br />You've been added to a group named Taylor Swift with Sally. Reply to chat!<br />Jackie: Yes! So pretty! Katy, wanna come over to my place to watch? I just got home. <br />From: (720) 399-5413<br />You've been added <br />Jess: Amazing! Are you watching her at the VMA’s right now?<br />
  9. Public Network Virality!<br />
  10. PrivateNetwork Virality?<br /><ul><li>Privacy (and relevancy) affects sharing and your viral coefficient
  11. Small private groups have higher relevancy, more authenticity, but less external sharing
  12. You can still build a sustainable business with a viral coefficient of less than 1 if you have high retention.</li></li></ul><li>Retention and Engagement<br />Fred Wilson: 30/10/10 <br />
  13. Humans Get Together in Small Groups… Online… and Offline<br />5<br />8<br /><10<br />
  14. We’re Heavily Influenced by the People Around Us<br />
  15. Influence in Groups<br />Die-hard fans and evangelists bring their friends into a conversation<br />Outer Circle: Casual NFL Fans<br />Inner Circle: Die-Hard NFL Fans & GameAttendees<br />Fans on GroupMe<br />
  16. Friends Extend Trust to Brands<br />GroupMe Model<br />YourBrand<br />
  17. GroupMe Engagement Loop<br />Brand Engagement in Small Groups Works!<br />Brand generated messages<br />Broadcasted message<br />User generated messages<br />Receive message<br />Action<br />Send Message<br />User generated message<br />
  18. Don’t Conflate Retention w/ Engagement<br />% Groups Active*<br />Over 25% groups active during show broadcast<br />
  19. Humans are Social<br /><ul><li>Think about group “engagement modes” on your service
  20. Cater to, not against, social conformity and group psychology
  21. Groups can be used to positively impact your viral cycle times, engagement and retention</li></ul>Your App<br />
  22. Thank You<br />