GOAP LatAm 2013 > 7x7 Presentation: Boletia


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GOAP LatAm 2013 > 7x7 Presentation: Boletia

  1. 1. Making ticket sales succesful facebook.com/boletia www.boletia.com @boletia
  2. 2. Ticket sales = Ticketmaster & Superboletos Owners of massive events market (you know...huge concerts, 1st leg soccer matches)
  3. 3. Tickets for medium-sized and small-sized events: That’s another story
  4. 4. Market size: 2.5 billion dollars Ticket sales for symposiums, workshops, food & wine events and social. Every year. Only in Mexico.
  5. 5. How event organizers sell their tickets, then? HTML Forms, Bank Deposit. If you use Paypal you’re modern and cool.(Seriously, Paypal)
  6. 6. What event organizers want in those segments?
  7. 7. An affordable solution They can’t pay “activation” fees. They don’t want to build proprietary systems. The don’t want to rent ticket platforms.
  8. 8. Customizable sales process - Create tailor-made ticket sales strategies - Use discounts, coupons to build expectation - Be able to ask any extra info from their attendees
  9. 9. Receive payments through multiple channels Payment flexibility is crucial to receive pre- event sales
  10. 10. We created Boletia to fill the gap First, it was an MVP for making ticket sales easy for the medium and small-sized events.
  11. 11. Our numbers to date + 350 sold events + 300k US$ in ticket sales 10,000 tickets sold (+ 10,000 free ones)
  12. 12. What did we learn?
  13. 13. There’s a huge amount of events happening. Everywhere, everyday
  14. 14. It’s not the # of events you have, it’s the % of tickets you sell for each event Solutions: Make easier selling the day of the event P2P sales
  15. 15. Events need help getting audience Solutions: Online directory, user profiles
  16. 16. You need a strong technical team We brought to the team 2 technical co- founders of other 500 Startups companies. Best decision so far
  17. 17. New features should mean happier clients & new ones as well Gather needs from potential clients and obtain feedback from current ones. Structure how you collect it. Make this knowledge drive your efforts.
  18. 18. Communicate what goals pursue the work being done in each area People want to have a sense of direction and achievement. Don’t overestimate their trust.
  19. 19. Thanks! Lets keep in touch! Joshua Francia Torres - CEO Twitter: @joshuafrancia Email: jfrancia@boletia.com