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everbill - 500 Startups Demo Day


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SAP for Startups and SMBs

    Wear Vegas Sunglasses and take a look at the world: there is someone who needs you!
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everbill - 500 Startups Demo Day

  1. Harald Trautsch for Startups and SMBs
  2. Harald Trautsch
  3. Harald Trautsch Invoices Inventory Payments Statistics Company Suppliers Customers Accountant
  4. Harald Trautsch 3,500 trial users 650 paying users $120,000 annual revenue
  5. Harald Trautsch 3x 34% 12% Oct Nov Dec Competitors everbill
  6. Harald Trautsch we started... 280,000 invoices$300,000,000 billed
  7. Harald Trautsch Strategy Resellers
  8. Harald Trautsch Michael Robert Gerald CEO COO CTO CMO $500,000 SaaS, enterprise software,B2B partnerships with banks and telcos