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Doot: 500 Kobe Demo Day 2018


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Doot rewards locals for offering tourists local food experiences, giving locals a chance to earn a small income and practice English.

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Doot: 500 Kobe Demo Day 2018

  1. 1. Bubu Buna CEO
  2. 2. South Africa
  3. 3. Problem Couldn’t find the place 1 Can’t read the menu 2 Didn’t have anyone to go with 3
  4. 4. Choose a cuisine Get a match Grab a meal
  5. 5. Beta Launch 5 Meetups 180+ Sign-ups 25% Commission
  6. 6. Market Size $7 Billion $180 Billion Traveller Spend on food in Japan Global travel activities
  7. 7. Team Bubu Buna CEO Steve McAdam CTO Brandon Josi COO Travelled to 20+ countries Speak 6 different languages
  8. 8. Bubu Buna CEO