Culture Kitchen -GOAP Hawaii Presentation


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Presentation by: Abby Sturges

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Culture Kitchen -GOAP Hawaii Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Making it easy for anyoneto cook & share authentic ethnic cuisines
  3. 3. The ProblemCooking ethnic food at home is really di!cult to be meant This is Thai... FAIL! Pad
  4. 4. The Problem Where to find trusted ethnic recipes?AND the ingredients I need to make these recipes?
  5. 5. The Solution GO TO THE SOURCE Immigrants who have mastered cooking their ownethnic cuisines at home & love to share their culture with the world
  6. 6. The Solution:The Culture Kitchen Kit • Each kit features a different cook & cuisine • Shipped directly to your door • 3 recipes • Feeds 4-6 people • Ingredients pre portioned for each recipe
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  10. 10. It’s about the story behind the food
  11. 11. Customer submitted photos Buellton, CA (pop. 4,863)
  12. 12. SAN FRANCISCO, CAPopulation 812,826
  13. 13. FAIRBANKS, AKPopulation 32,036
  14. 14. How people are using kits
  15. 15. Bowerbird Photography
  16. 16. Bowerbird Photography
  17. 17. Appendix
  18. 18. TestimonialsI liked most, getting out of my comfort zone. Reallysurprised I was making fish [Braka’s Iraqi Kit]... It’sinteresting to realize you have these assumptions aboutother places and you don’t even realize it.-JanaeMy family and I really look forward to our CK Box everymonth. It always comes and we open it all excited,everything is packaged so nicely, and you think, ohIndian or Vietnamese, that’s kinda weird and then youmake it and it exceeds your widest dreams.-Jude
  19. 19. TestimonialsThat was the best Chicken Tikka I’ve ever had and I made it!It’s the first time I’ve ever made Chicken Tikka and it’s waybetter than I’ve had at any restaurant :-)-Jason My friends seem to really like all the cultural tid bits like it’s the youngest person’s job to dip the wrapper in the water [in Linh’s Vietnamese Box] and look forward to learning about the different cultures every month. -Katie
  20. 20. Press-to-date
  21. 21. Culture Kitchen Kit Unit Economics REVENUE, $35 COGS, $16 $5 Ingredient Costs $7 Packaging Costs $4 Labor 55% GROSS MARGIN
  22. 22. Progress Began hosting Held over 50 Shipped 1st Shippedcooking classes for cooking classes, monthly Shipping to over market research teaching over 400 kits 42 States 650 kits students June Dec Jan Mar Aug 2011 2011 2012 2012 2012
  23. 23. Customers65% 35%
  24. 24. The Market $19B $26.5B Wedding gift Ethnic Restaurantregistry market market
  25. 25. Customers Social PersonalCooking Gifting Development 42%
  26. 26. In the US alone there are... 120.6 Mfoodies consuming food media & specifically interested in ethnic cuisines
  27. 27. Today’s Niche Market x = 100M 3 300M homes watching average people engagingThe Food Network household size in food media
  28. 28. Today’s Niche Market[ 300M Foodies watching peopleThe Food Network x .67 67% of ] Americans cook at home = / .60 60% of self proclaimed foodies are ethnic inspired 120.6 M active foodies consuming food media & are interested in ethnic cuisines