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Culture Kitchen's Demo Day Pitch
Tuesday, August 16th 2011

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  2. Ethnic food is really hard to make facebook/culturekitchen @culturekitchsf
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  14. My daughter and I made ALL the dishes from class at home again. She never was interested in cooking before and now we cook together. -JILL DAVISYou feel like youre in her kitchen, it was like Iinherited a grandmother for the day and she wasteaching me how to cook her dish.-TARIK WARD facebook/culturekitchen @culturekitchsf
  15. I think @culturekitchensf is brilliant. Could we get a branch here in Seattle? -TIM SOERENSWith Culture Kitchen I get to be around people,see on their faces they are really enjoying whatwe are doing, and enjoy my cooking. I feel reallylucky, and I finally felt myself. - Paloma Salazar (Chef) facebook/culturekitchen @culturekitchsf
  16. We are changing the way people approach ethnic cooking facebook/culturekitchen @culturekitchsf
  17. spreading culture through food facebook/culturekitchen @culturekitchsf
  18. the world just gota whole lot smaller facebook/culturekitchen @culturekitchsf
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