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Our pitch deck for 500 Startups Demo Day S11. is the easy button for awesome music.

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  1. 1. Easy button for awesome music @consolefm
  2. 2. Jake Kuczeruk Community Alex Manelis Developer Josh DeedenAlex Baldwin Developer CEO / Designer
  3. 3. Rocking out is a big pain
  4. 4. EasyAwesomeFresh
  5. 5. Rocking out should be easy
  6. 6. EasyAwesomeFresh
  7. 7. 40,000 listeners10,000 users70% active
  8. 8. Our listeners say it best “Console is fantastic! I listen to it so much.” @karlbright “I hit the bookmark button and music comes out of my browser. Beat that, world” @krainboltgreene "Dont make me think about what song to play. When I want the hottest tracks with no hassle, I jump on Console" @hongdquan
  9. 9. It’s time for music $3.2 billion IPO valuation 86% from advertising
  10. 10. We’re just getting started
  11. 11. Console.fmEasy button for awesome music @consolefm