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CoderBuddy, ,500 Startups Demo Day

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. Solving the Software Development Capacity Problem Software Development on Tap Next-generation oDesk meets Heroku 500S Demo Day Edition
  2. <ul><li>Developer Shortage
  3. “Know any good developers?”
  4. Unlimited demand for software developers in Silicon Valley? - Reid Hoffman
  5. $50MM & $100MM retention packages at Google
  6. Imagine if software development capacity was available like water from a tap </li></ul>Problem: Software Development
  7. Team <ul>Adrian Scott, CEO <ul><li>Social Networking pioneer, founder of Ryze
  8. Napster, founding investor
  9. Child entrepreneur, selling pumpkins, tadpoles!
  10. Math Ph.D. at age 20, nonlinear optimization </li></ul>Jeremy Elliott, VP Engineering <ul><li>Lead Data Architect, (IPO/Acq)
  11. Tivo, Macrovision, E*Trade
  12. UC Berkeley
  13. Co-authored Assembly Programming Book at age 17 </li></ul></ul>
  14. Luis, Developer <ul><ul><li>MIT-educated mathematician
  15. Math Olympiad </li></ul></ul>Vitor, Developer <ul><ul><li>Coca-Cola Brazil etc., social apps
  16., leading interactive ad agency, Brazil </li></ul></ul>Alberto, Usability/Experience Designer <ul><ul><li>, redesign up'd sales by $3MM
  17. Jakob Nielsen seminar </li></ul></ul>Team
  18. <ul><li>Move software development into the web browser / cloud
  19. Add a social, collaborative layer
  20. Add a marketplace
  21. Disruptive Strategy – start w/ areas of non-consumption </li></ul>Solution
  22. Solution Layers Development Environment Social / Collaboration Marketplace
  23. Private Beta Metrics 50-60% Click-through to signup (App Engine Group post) ~100% who signup create and test projects avg visit time (Google Analytics) A programming workshop used CoderBuddy and: 95% created, tested and published projects 48% created more than one project
  24. Testimonials “ @coderbuddy really came through to me when my server host fell through and I needed to host an app quickly. Very cool project.” - @jrubinovitz Jennifer Rubinovitz, Python Developer &quot; W e're all loving CoderBuddy! Seriously! It just works! Honestly, I didn't realize it could be that easy to hold the workshop via CoderBuddy, until we used it. My students really liked the ability to collaborate together.&quot; - Albert Padin, CEO , SpellDial “ Wow Adrian! Really nice work! I only played with it a bit so far but am really impressed, can't wait to use it more :) … Hey Adrian, the team was pretty excited to see this as well.” - Greg D'Alesandre, Senior Product Manager, Google App Engine, Googl e
  25. Testimonials, part 2 “ I like how CoderBuddy has all of my development tools in one online platform . The team and I can update the code without having to wait, so that we can all preview it at the same time.” - Alexander Agrazal , Python Developer “ I didn't realize how much having an editor in the web browser would make playing with this sort of development more seamless .” - J.F. Burns , Python Developer &quot;I used to help out at App Engine 101 workshops when I was working at Google . It was unbelievable how difficult it was for so many developers to just get 'Hello World' working. I love how with CoderBuddy, it's super simple to get up and running in just a couple of minutes.&quot; - Elizabeth Yin, CEO, Launchbit
  26. Creation, Testing, Publication
  27. Platform & APIs
  28. <ul>“ CoderBuddy is excellent stuff-- I've used it and it's great. We plan to work closely with CoderBuddy as a partner and customer.” - Adam Sah, CEO, Buyer's Best Friend (Former Tech Lead, Google; early team, Inktomi) </ul>Customers / Partners
  29. Next-generation oDesk meets Heroku Investors Real Need Real Team 500 Startups Real Technology Derek Sivers Real Disruption Barney Pell Dave Jeske Joe Gatto Dan Gould [email_address] 415-462-0678