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Chad Dickerson, Etsy Presentation @ Lean Startup SXSW


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Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy
Presentation on continuous deployment at the 2012 Lean Startup SXSW in Austin

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Chad Dickerson, Etsy Presentation @ Lean Startup SXSW

  1. Continuous Deployment at Etsy March 10, 2012 SXSW Chad Dickerson, CEO / @chaddickerson
  2. By the numbers1.4B page views per month$525MM sales on Etsy in 201139MM unique visitors / month800K shops / 150 countries100+ engineers
  3. “The Etsy Way”
  4. Our simple definition ofcontinuous deployment:Small, frequent changes to production.
  5. Continuous deployment transformed Etsy
  6. Timeline First 1-button 3,029 10,068 StatsD deploys deploys Etsy deploy; 7 I joined (graphs!) in ‘10 in ‘11launches deploys in ’096/05 9/08 12/09 9/10 12/10 12/11 12/12 10x growth
  7. September 2008
  8. “There are issues to address now and there willmost certainly be bumps on the technology sideas Etsy grows, but I want all of you Etsians toknow that it is an honor and a privilege to beserving the Etsy community as your CTO. If youcan give me some time and understanding herein my early days at Etsy, I hope to make youproud.” - An Honest Beginning for Etsy’s New CTO (company blog)
  9. Problems!
  10. What was missingat Etsy at the time
  11. • Culture of transparency!• Monitoring• Metrics / Graphing• Automated testing• Error log analysis
  12. The present
  13. Timeline First 1-button 3,029 10,068 StatsD deploys deploys Etsy deploy; 7 I joined (graphs!) in ‘10 in ‘11launches deploys in ’096/05 9/08 12/09 9/10 12/10 12/11 12/12 10x growth
  14. Confidence as a Service
  15. FredBoard members deploy!
  16. Dogs deploy!
  17. How we got there
  18. Most important issue? Culture.
  19. Peopleware: “the major problems ofour work are not so much technological as sociological in nature”
  20. Conway’s Law:“Any organization thatdesigns a system (definedbroadly) will produce adesign whose structure is acopy of the organizationscommunication structure.”- Melvin Conway, 1968
  21. Fix people andteam issues first.
  22. Communication
  23. Insist on transparency
  24. Operability reviews
  25. Blameless post-mortems
  26. Key tools at Etsy
  27. Deployinator:One button deploy
  28. StatsD:Graphs, democratized
  29. Code talks.Make graphs!
  30. Yes! No.
  31. Dashboard Driven Development** **60,000 graphs, ~30 of the mostimportant ones on deploy dashboard
  32. Errors**Vertical lines are deploys!
  33. Key business metrics* *Vertical lines are deploys!
  34. Automated Testing
  35. What continuous deployment gives Etsy
  36. Agility:Always Be Shipping
  37. MTTD / MTTR
  38. Stability & predictability
  39. Encouragesexperimentation
  40. Developer happiness
  41. DevOps
  42. Scales trust and risk
  43. “Not being in a state to deploy is a matter of liability. Itslike having the only fire exit blocked. You ignore it ateveryones peril.” — Lacy Rhoades, Etsy Engineer
  44. “an ecosystem where the lazy, excitable and impatient really shine” — Andrew Morrison, Etsy Engineer “The Product Hacking Ecosystem”
  45. ResourcesCode as Craft blog (including these) in the fun