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  • My name is Chris Bennett and I am one of the co-founders of Central.ly. I’m going to tell you how we are turning retailers fan pages into stores.\n\n------------\nHi my name is Chris Bennett and I am one of the co-founders of Central.ly and I am going to tell you about what we are building today.\n- My name\n- What we do\n\n
  • We’ve spent a lot of time talking to retailers to understand them. \nWe’ve walked the streets of San Francisco and we’ve talked to retailers all over the US and globally and one thing that is common amongst them all is that they are flocking to Facebook.\n \n------\n1. number of retailers\n2. growing at x amount of retailers\n
  • They are flocking to Facebook to sell their products but they are selling them in a hacked way. \nWe’ve found that 36% of retailers are forcing their products into Facebook\n\nBut they are having to do it in a hacked up way. They are using their albums to post their products and they are using their wall to post their products because they can get engagement there. \n\n- They have to hack Facebook to get the sales\n- They are using albums and wall to post products because they get engagement there\n\n\n\n
  • - They are using their comments to sell products\n- Customers ask questions about sizing, about prices, and the merchant has to interact with the customer to close the transaction.\n- This is really inefficient and merchants are losing lots of sales because of this.\n- And there are 150,000 retailers doing this.\n\n\n- And Ten’s of thousands of retailers are doing this today on Facebook.\n- And as you can imagine, this is a huge pain in the ass. \n- They have to manage their inventory, manage customers, and collect payments which is very time intensive.\n\nBut they are having to go through their comments to sell their products. \nTens Thousands of Retailers are doing this today, globally on Facebook. \nWhich is a huge pain in the ass. They have to manage their inventory, manage customers, and collect payments. In a time intensive way.\nThat’s why we are building Central.ly.\n\n
  • Thats why we are building Central.ly\nWith Central.ly, retailers can post products to Facebook easily.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOn top of that, merchants can add products to their Fan Page like they add photos.\n\n- Can add products to Facebook easily\n- Add products like adding photos\n
  • - they can post products like they are posting photos and they can include the price and inventory management\n
  • -Lastly, they can collect payments all within their Facebook Fan Page\n\n\n\n\nMerchants can manage inventory and collect payments with Facebook.\n\nThat’s where we come in. With Central.ly we allows merchants to manage their inventory and collect payments through Facebook. \n\n to continue the workflow that is successful for them but it allows them to manage their payments, manage their inventory, and communication with customers. And now, their customers can purchase these items within Facebook instead of having to purchase within the comments.\n\n\n
  • \n
  • - As you can there has been significant growth of retailers on the Facebook Platform. \n- There are competitors in our space but they market is huge. We’ve looked at samples of our customers and our competitors are active on about 10% of the pages we look at, which is a small percentage of the retailers in the market.\n- In 2011, there were about 400,000 retailers on the platform and based on the trends we’ve seen, we can expect those numbers to see quadruple that number in the next 4 years.\n
  • - We’ve been in beta for 3 weeks.\n- We’ve found that we can acquire customers very cheaply at $5 based and we can make our cost per signup back by getting them to sell an item for $100\n- And we’ve just brought on Apricot Lane, a large retail franchisor to sell products on Central.ly\n\n\n\na user and make $500 off of them\n- We have experieence acquiring local retailers from the experience we’ve garned in our last business, a website builder for local businesses and have cooked up a secret sauce to get customers cheaply.\n- Our business model is baked into our product and we get paid by each transaction\n- We have 120 retailers on Central.ly today and we signed a deal with Apricot Lane\n- one of the largest retail franchises in teh country to get all of their stores on Central.ly.\n\n---------------------\n\nWe’ve been in a closed beta for 3 weeks and we’ve learned a lot. We can acquire customers really cheaply and we can make a lot of money off of them afterwards. Primarily, we know how to do this because of our last product that’s in the market today. Through that experience we’ve learned a lot about acquiring customers and we’ve got it down to a small amount. \n\nNot only that, only after 3 weeks, we have 20 retailers using Central.ly and they are allowing us to test and add the features to make the perfect product for these customers. \n\nThe largest franchise retailer in the country has \n------\n\nWe’ve seen lots of success due to this. We’ve been in private beta for 3 weeks now and we’ve cooked up some secret sauce to acquire customer cheaper and make a shit ton off of them going forward. We’ve been in the local space for about a year now becuase we have a profitable product in the market in the local business space that taught us a lot about customer acquistion.\n\nWe are happy to prove out that we can acquire retailers cheaply and we now focusing our energy incorporating the feedback we are receiving from users to better the product before pushing it out to more merchants. \n\nWith that said, we’ve been able to sign a big deal with Apricot Lane, the largest retail franchise boutique in the nation. They’ve decided to put their 65 stores on the Central.ly platform, which is exciting being that we are so early.\n
  • - We all code, we all hustle, and we all design, but we focus on our strengths.\n- Like everyone here, we went to great schools and can talk to you about that in detail afterwards.\n\n\n\nI graduated from Wharton\n- Edward has a MS in Comp Sci from the University of Lancaster\n- Arrel graduated from Grinnell and in the past started his own $2/mil a year in revenue design firm\n\nI’m a Wharton grad, Ed has MS in Computer Science and is new to the Valley via the UK, and Arrel started his own $2/million design firm.\n\n
  • - We have great investors in Tom and Christian\n- We’ve raised 105K from them and we are raising 300K\n\n
  • - We are turning your Fan Page into a store\n- You can reach us at founders@central.ly\n\n\n
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