Carrie Whitehead, Designing for Retail, WarmGun 2013


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  • Carrie Whitehead, Designing for Retail, WarmGun 2013

    1. 1. Designing for Retail: Eliminating UI for Mobile Optimization Carrie Whitehead @Whitehead, @ZapposLabs
    2. 2. Zappos Labs: Inspiring the Future of Zappos Experimenting with new ways for customers to shop, engage and connect online.
    3. 3. Zappos Glance Stylist pick the best items based around trends and events. Users discover through stylist picks or through what others are liking. Glance is the friend you go shopping with.
    4. 4. Solve a Real Customer Problem Get out of the office and go interact with your customers.
    5. 5. Solve a Real Customer Problem Get out and interact with customers in the real world. Identify and understand your audience – understand their needs. Experience their behavior first hand. Validate what you think you should do, and keep doing that as you build your product. Image credit:
    6. 6. Zappos Glance Launched a landing page to gauge interest. Collected email addresses. Did quick and dirty concept testing to help validate the idea.
    7. 7. Keep it Simple …and delightful, engaging, and useful.
    8. 8. Keep it Simple Most of your initial audience will be casual users – you have to design for them. They’ll arrive ready to back out – you have to get them to stop and take notice. Tell them / show them what it’s all about – get them to convert. Make it accessible and easy to use in the context of their use.
    9. 9. Keeping it Simple Initially launched with only must-have features. We always asked, “What can we take away?” Adding a new feature can be useful, but it can also clutter up an interface.
    10. 10. Optimize for Mobile Knew customers would be accessing from desktop, tablet, and mobile. We designed the site to respond gracefully in all of these scenarios. Our design and development teams collaborated closely from the beginning. The team had a shared vision leading to quicker decisions.
    11. 11. Measure, Learn and Iterate Quickly seek feedback and improve constantly.
    12. 12. Measure, Learn and Iterate Just get it out there! Quickly capture user behavior and feedback. There are many methods of measuring (usability, feedback surveys, A/B testing, surveys, web analytics). Measuring too many things can be paralyzing. Stick to your core metrics and make decisions. Listen to your data, but don’t forget to observe your customers.
    13. 13. Measure, Learn and Iterate Our approach to refreshing the design was iterative to better understand insights. We regularly look at health reports, initiate A/B tests, and seek user feedback. LAUNCH TODAY
    14. 14. Learn From Wins and Losses Glance Social Buzz Performing well 50/50 A/B Test Higher average order value 2% of people in test group clicked on tab Good engagement Those 2% performed well! BUT, just having the tab there brought the entire group down
    15. 15. Lessons We Continue to Learn Solve a real customer problem Keep it simple and accessible Measure, learn, and iterate
    16. 16. Thank you! Carrie Whitehead @Whitehead, @ZapposLabs