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[500DISTRO] Measuring on Mobile: Making the Most of the Signup Funnel & Other Analytic Hot Spots


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Aliisa Hodges, Growth Manager, Mixpanel

Published in: Mobile, Internet
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  • Mobile is changing the way that people communicate, work and play, and much of the growing adoption and innovation we're seeing in the industry is driven by mobile apps. There are already more than 600,000 mobile apps on Google Play alone, and we expect to see continued momentum throughout the industry. Mobile is also becoming front and center for marketers and businesses. As more of them understand the value of mobile apps, sophisticated measurement tools are becoming core to how marketers and app developers invest, analyze and market their apps.

    That’s why today we’re announcing a new set of reports in beta called Mobile App Analytics that help marketers and developers better measure their mobile apps. The reports are tailored for mobile app developers and marketers, speaking the language that matters to them. They are designed to measure the entire mobile customer journey - from discovery to download to engagement. This enables the creation of app experiences that are more useful and engaging through data-driven decisions at each stage of the app lifecycle:

    Acquisition and user metrics such as downloads and new users
    Engagement metrics such as retention, crashes and conversions
    Outcome metrics such as app sales and in-app purchases

    Layout of new Mobile App Analytics reports

    Here’s an outline of the new Mobile App Analytics along with screen grabs of selected reports:
    Acquisition and User Analysis Reports - discover your best sources of new users
    New and active users - measure the number of new and active users who launch your app everyday and analyze your most valuable segments.

    Google Play traffic sources - understand which traffic sources are driving new users and in-app conversions through Google Play to fine-tune your marketing initiatives.

    App versions - keep track of the distribution of active users over the older and newer versions of your app so you know what to support.

    Device overview - check out the top mobile devices and OS versions that your app runs on, and optimize the experience for each device.
    Engagement Reports - see how users interact with your app
    User behavior - assess how loyal your users are, how frequently they use the app, and the engagement level of each loyalty group.

    Read more -

    Engagement flow - visually see the screens, actions and paths users take to move throughout your application in order to optimize usage.

    App crashes - see trends in crashes and exceptions that will help you troubleshoot problems on certain devices and operating systems.
    Outcome / Business Impact Reports - identify whether users are accomplishing your goals
    Goal conversions - set up conversion events in your app, like spending 10 minutes in the app, or clicking on ads to gauge success.
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[500DISTRO] Measuring on Mobile: Making the Most of the Signup Funnel & Other Analytic Hot Spots

  1. 1. Measuring on Mobile Making the most of analytics @aliisahodges
  2. 2. •  The sign-up process is front and center •  The invitation flow must be carefully managed •  A/B testing is harder but more vital with smaller real estate •  Retention is a crucial metric Lessons from the Battlefield
  3. 3. The Signup: Your new landing page @aliisahodges •  Your authentication process should happen immediately •  Make the sign-up process very simple •  Say yes to social auth!
  4. 4. Why Social Auth matters @aliisahodges •  Targeting more users •  PIXLR: serve in-app ads based on demographic data •  Sending relevant offers/rewards •  Increasing engagement
  5. 5. @aliisahodges Managing the invitation funnel •  Venmo users who download app through invite are 20% more likely to signup •  Yet conversion decreases as invites per user increases
  6. 6. @aliisahodges A/B Testing Venmo activity feed boosted signups by 20%
  7. 7. @aliisahodges A/B Testing: Duolingo •  With hundreds of A/B tests, Duolingo increased 1-day retention by 2x •  Run ~13 A/B tests concurrently at any time •  “Heart Test” – 4 hearts had the greatest impact on tutorial completion
  8. 8. @aliisahodges A/B Testing: Why not? -We don’t need to -Feedback takes too long -Complicates codebase
  9. 9. @aliisahodges Retention: different on mobile •  2 years ago, Fred Wilson set the bar with 30/10/10 •  But at Mixpanel we’ve found that retention varies tremendously across industries •  Social industries that use Facebook auth have the highest rates of retention
  10. 10. @aliisahodges Retention: different on mobile
  11. 11. @aliisahodges Retention: different on mobile Push notifications can have a huge impact on retention – Firefly found that push notifications had more than a 20% increase on their retention numbers
  12. 12. Retention: different on mobile
  13. 13. @aliisahodges In Summary •  The Signup funnel is the most important part of your app to obsess over •  Test, test, test! •  Keep your eyes on retention as you push new app versions, and compare across your industry benchmark
  14. 14. @aliisahodges [Oh hey, we’re hiring] •  Data scientist •  Operations engineer •  Machine learning engineer •  Data analyst •  Content strategist •  Customer success …