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500 Demo Day Batch 19: Sickweather

  1. | population health forecasting ®
  2. |
  3. | 91% Accurate Street Level 2 Weeks Before CDC
  4. $42k MRR $16k MRR 163% growth 100% inbound 85% margins Jul – Dec 2016 Jan – Jun 2016 | Jul – Dec 2015 $12k MRR
  5. |
  6. | 1 Million Lives Saved Each year
  7. James Sajor COO – co-founder Michael Belt CTO - co-founder Megan Milstein Lead API Engineer John Erck Lead Mobile Developer Bogdan Rau, MPH Lead Data Scientist & Epidemiologist Graham Dodge CEO – co-founder Ebele Mogo, DrPH Epidemiologist & Public Health Policy Kris Kohl Partnership Director |
  8. | “It’s really great if you’re a parent!”
  9. |
  10. | 76 Million People
  11. | $12 Billion Health Data Market
  12. | “Sickweather’s A.I. accurately predicted late flu season outbreak 15 weeks in advance.”
  13. | population health forecasting ®

Editor's Notes

  1. Hi, I’m Graham Dodge, CEO of Sickweather. We do population health forecasting, which means we know where sick people are, and more importantly, where they are going to be.
  2. We make money by licensing our data and forecasts to these Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest names in pharma, consumer products, media and advertising.
  3. Since launching our enterprise solutions last year, we have more than doubled our growth on inbound interest alone, and with margins over 85%.
  4. But as a father of 4, I started Sickweather to be able to answer one simple question… ‘what’s going around.’. Because knowing if either strep, flu or common cold is trending in my area actually helps me as a parent know how to respond and better manage the impact of sickness on my household. And yes, sickness is avoidable.
  5. In fact, according to the CDC, the timely intervention of handwashing alone can save up to 1 million lives each year. And new research shows that flu vaccines can actually lose efficacy if you get them too far ahead of an outbreak.
  6. So I formed a team of public health experts, data scientists and software engineers to build a system that could be smart enough and trusted by large corporations, but also had a heart for parents like me who could benefit from it’s intelligence.
  7. Our first product to use this platform was our own consumer facing app that has become known as a ‘Waze app for sickness’, and is used by parents everywhere for prevention, pre-diagnosis and piece of mind.
  8. And we are now the featured data provider for cold, flu and allergy trackers everywhere. In fact, we have replaced the CDC as the data provider for Weather Channel’s flu map, which is one of the most visited flu maps the world.
  9. Forecasting illness is a crucial next step in healthcare because there are 76 million people that get sick in the U.S. every year…
  10. Forecasting illness is a crucial next step in healthcare because there are 76 million people that get sick in the U.S. every year…
  11. Sickweather is the first to be able to offer illness forecasts up to 15 weeks in advance with 91% accuracy using our patent pending artificial intelligence.
  12. At Sickweather, our mission is to provide the world’s most accurate illness forecasts, to reduce healthcare costs and actually save lives. Come see me to learn more about how we do it, and how you can help. Thank you.