[500DISTRO] Mobile-izing the Masses: App Acquisition Strategy, Attribution & Performance Optimization


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Micah Adler, Founder & CEO, Fiksu

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[500DISTRO] Mobile-izing the Masses: App Acquisition Strategy, Attribution & Performance Optimization

  1. 1. Mobile-izing the Masses: App Acquisition Strategy, Attribution & Performance Optimization Micah Adler Founder and CEO
  2. 2. 800CLIENTS 2500APPS 40 of 502013 TOP GROSSING APPS World’s leading mobile marketing platform About Fiksu Nearly 3 BillionDOWNLOADS GENERATED Boston Northampton San Francisco London Helsinki Singapore Tokyo Seoul Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  3. 3. The Opportunities
  4. 4. $100B Mobile App Economy Digital media consumption: 51% from mobile apps 9% from other mobile 40% from desktop Consumers now spend more time on mobile than on TV $700 billion in revenue will be generated by mobile apps in 2017Apple and Google Play app store downloads topped 102 billion in 2013 Mobile: over 50% of transactions on Amazon, Gilt, Groupon, and more; 75% of Facebook and Twitter usage 2B smartphones expected to ship in 2014 – vs. 300M PCs 2013 mobile app revenue Fiksu estimate: $38 B Gartner – Dec 2013ABI Research, March 2013 Various GARTNER – Sept 2013 Digi-Capital Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  5. 5. Mobile Apps – Strategic Advantages Multi-event marketing Pre-download •  Impression, click, App Store landing page >>> download Post-download •  Persistent device presence •  Immersive in-app experience & engagement •  Ongoing push notifications Overall •  Undervalued •  Consumer-preferred •  Growing Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  6. 6. The Challenges
  7. 7. Mobile is different from the desktop §  And it isn’t the size of the screen! §  Mobile is an operating system - This is why apps dominate - Data is handled very differently in mobile •  Desktop-like cookies don’t exist •  IDs galore •  Attribution is challenging §  Desktop: client side data; Mobile: server side data - Desktop players haven’t made transition to mobile - Requires rewriting entire technology stack
  8. 8. Complicated Mobile Ecosystem Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  9. 9. Specific Challenges •  Attribution •  Data •  Media access •  Programmatic media access •  Performance optimization •  Analytics Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  10. 10. Getting loyal users is more expensive than ever before. Increasing Costs Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  11. 11. The Strategies
  12. 12. Plan First The big question: “How to succeed?” •  Tracking – not as easy as desktop •  Metrics matter – measure loyalty (i.e. registrations, purchases), not just downloads •  Success comes from using a wide range of channels •  It isn’t just about cost: tradeoff between cost and volume •  Your rank has an impact •  Newer channels like Facebook and Twitter are playing a large role Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  13. 13. Start with Measurement Use an SDK that supports all forms of attribution in one turnkey, easy-to-use solution. § Starting point for any performance based campaign § Provides measurement and tracking every step of the way across the entire ecosystem - Click to install to retention to monetization § Identifies which strategies are most effective to drive optimization Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  14. 14. Expand Reach Across All Mobile Media Channels Traditional/DisplaySocial Video RTB Exchanges Rewards Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  15. 15. React to Changing Media Landscape Change is Rapid §  Share can change virtually overnight Need to be nimble §  Able to shift media spend rapidly to find the best traffic sources for your app Change Continues §  Need to respond quickly, test new sources (i.e. Twitter MAP) Fiksu’s media allocation since inception Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  16. 16. Top Channel: Facebook •  Audience size (1.3B+ users on mobile) •  Dedicated ad unit for apps - UA, retargeting and re-engagement - Vast array of segmentation opportunities •  Programmatic access and measurement •  And now, off Facebook as well Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  17. 17. Newest Channel: Twitter •  75% of users on mobile •  Newly introduced, dedicated ad unit for apps •  Targeting based on real time interests •  Tailored audiences •  Programmatic access and measurement Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  18. 18. Optimize performance on LTV Metrics Optimize on key long-term value metrics for lower- cost, higher-quality users that take actions tied to your ROI. This depends on your business but can include: § Registrations § Purchases § Repeat visits Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  19. 19. Programmatically Optimize in Real Time Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  20. 20. §  Revive lapsed users §  Segment existing users to drive specific behaviors §  Deep link direct to action point in app §  Cross-channel promotion §  Lower costs compared to new user acquisition §  Key: use your data! Re-engage & Retarget Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  21. 21. Mobile event data infrastructure §  350 billion marketing events per month §  Both pre- and post-install §  Fiksu receives 5% of iOS launches worldwide Fiksu Data Store §  450 million unique iOS device profiles - 65% of all iOS devices ever sold §  400 million unique Android device profiles - 40% of all active Android devices Partner to Gain Expertise, Programmatic Access & Data Monthly Marketing Events Captured Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  22. 22. Case Studies
  23. 23. CASE STUDY: Quick Service Restaurant Chain §  Sustained program to establish a mobile presence for its brand supporting 10,000 locations worldwide §  Overall Rank: from 120 to 18 §  Downloads: from 3k/day to 30k/day §  6.7M app engagements §  Cost per download: $.33 §  Cost per loyal user: $.82 §  Cost per app engagement: $0.07 750M pre-download impressions Plus: benefit of pervasive on-device presence Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  24. 24. •  Partnered with Fiksu for launch •  Needed critical mass of users to support viral effects •  Used video, banner, RTB, and more •  5.5M users within 1 month of launch •  CPIs around $1 “Our marketing partnership with Fiksu gave us the promotional boost we needed to not only succeed but to dominate the games app category.” — Neal Ostrov, CMO, Plain Vanilla Games CASE STUDY: Quiz Up Micah Adler @MicahAdler
  25. 25. •  Started Facebook campaigns in-house, challenged by scaling and maintaining •  Fiksu doubled volume while reducing CPIs 20% •  Able to take advantage of seasonality with increased spend “In the five months we’ve worked with Fiksu, our business has increased by 70%.” — Alex Oliveira, StoryTree CASE STUDY: SimplePrints by StoryTree Micah Adler @MicahAdler
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