[#500Distro] Brand Building with Twitter: Generating Leads, Mastering Metrics & Tracking Engagement


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[#500Distro] Brand Building with Twitter: Generating Leads, Mastering Metrics & Tracking Engagement

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  • Guaranteed there are budgets being spent right now that are confusing View & Click conversions
  • Commerce <headlines>
    Moving your cheese <headlines from tw api changes>
    And the statuses of all of these products change month-to-month: that means inefficiencies for marketers to exploit
    No level playing field, no efficient market
  • [#500Distro] Brand Building with Twitter: Generating Leads, Mastering Metrics & Tracking Engagement

    1. 1. Twitter! Ads! Market Inefficiencies in the Twitter Advertising Platform @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    2. 2. Mathew@500.co @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    3. 3. TWTR: $1B+ Revenue @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    4. 4. Ad Platforms get Exciting, then Stale @matjohnson, mathew@500.co 2005 2009 2014
    5. 5. Compelling Tweets • Twitter is an IMMEDIATE medium: – Noteworthy offer, Limited-time: @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    6. 6. The Skeleton of Twitter Ads • Promoted Trends, Accounts, TWEETS • Promoted trends are like #SUPERBOWL & promoted accounts are like @CAPTAINMORGAN • Central tension in Twitter's ad-business model is BRAND vs. DIRECT-RESPONSE. Twitter is actively more brand-centric. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    7. 7. The Creative • Dark Tweets - don't show up in your account's organic timeline, optionally exclude organic followers. You can be more Sales-y @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    8. 8. Audience Targeting • Earlier in 2014, in addition to targeting lists of handles and followers of handles: • Custom CRM audiences  The catch is you can't just upload your own list, you need an agency partner to hash your email list and send it to Twitter  • Retargeting pixels available , but you have to get it through a partner agency  @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    9. 9. Non-obvious: Lead-gen Cards • Lead-gen cards - the smoothest PII capture on mobile: • Tap to get an email address! • Works for inside sales model. • If you are a business that can value a newly acquired email, lead-gen cards are for you. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    10. 10. Example: iframe Lead-Gen Card • iframe lead-form (same as Vines/music players - but for leads) • Was in test earlier in 2014 - I believe that is still in test - and they may kill it before it gets GA @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    11. 11. Example: Conversion Pixel • Conversion pixel: GA in Q1 2014. View- through vs. click-through conversions. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    12. 12. Success Metrics Complexity • Twitter is more explicit reporting view- through vs. click-through conversions than FB • Startup marketers: don't care about 'engagements' - that is some made-up obfuscation to sell to big brand marketers. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    13. 13. Attribution Complexity • Multi-touch attribution: First?/Last?/Linear? • Overlap between platforms – FB & TW no observed overlap/cookie-jacking @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    14. 14. Twitter Ads are a Changing • Features & ad products available in 3 stages: private beta, through agency partners, g.a: @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    15. 15. The Battle Plan • Manage paid social like organic social • A/B test, but not too strictly: when you find a message that resonates, let it ride - but keep pumping new tweets in multiple times per week. • Have a well-defined POV on conversion definition & revenue attribution @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    16. 16. THE FUTURE! • What’s next? Changes & Commerce @matjohnson, mathew@500.co
    17. 17. @matjohnson, mathew@500.co Questions??