[500DISTRO] Converting with Facebook: How to Optimize Ads, Target Audiences & Boost Your ROI


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Matthew Berman, Distribution Hacker-In Residence, 500 Startups

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[500DISTRO] Converting with Facebook: How to Optimize Ads, Target Audiences & Boost Your ROI

  1. 1. Matthew Berman | @matthewberman FACEBOOK ADS For External Conversions MATTHEW BERMAN August 2014 @matthewberman | mberman84@gmail.com
  2. 2. WHO AM I? (Matt) MATTHEW BERMAN Distribution Hacker in Residence Distribution for media companies Affiliate marketing (shhh) Distribution for startups PREVIOUSLY: Spent lots of $$$ on Facebook Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM CONCLUSION Based on many blog posts by reputable sources, most would think facebook isn’t a good channel to market on….FALSE! FRAUDULENT CLICKS NO CONVERSIONS Click farms, low quality clicks etc Facebook users never buy anything! Facebook Sucks!!!…NOT. Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  4. 4. FACEBOOK ADS TACTICS What your ad looks like Who sees your ad General tips and tricks Creative Targeting Best Practices Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  5. 5. CREATIVE What Your Ads Look Like Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  6. 6. BANNER BLINDNESS Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  7. 7. Matthew Berman | @matthewberman REDUCING BANNER BLINDNESS keep your ad images & copy fresh (specifics to come) blend your ads into the organic content (don’t be misleading) (exception) you have an extremely well known brand name/logo (exception) you have a beautiful, physical product to show off
  8. 8. VSnewsfeed sidebar Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  9. 9. more inventory, less expensive not available on mobile SIDEBAR ADS lower CTR and conversion performance around for many years Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  10. 10. less inventory, more expensive available on mobile & desktop NEWSFEED ADS higher CTR and conversion performance much newer than sidebar ads newsfeed has had better performance for me in most cases Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  11. 11. IMAGE BEST PRACTICES Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  12. 12. OBVIOUS IMAGES Easy to understand Example A Example B Matthew Berman | @matthewberman what do they sell? children’s books? food?
  13. 13. OBVIOUS IMAGES Easy to understand Example A (Bad) Example B (Good) Matthew Berman | @matthewberman online classes!? food!
  14. 14. 5 FOOT TEST stand 5 feet back from your computer, can you clearly see and understand the image? Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  15. 15. FACES…ON FACEBOOK don’t use woman eating a salad laughing!! use real photos, not photoshopped Faces blend into organic content Matthew Berman | @matthewberman * ask your customers for images or take them yourself
  16. 16. COPY What your ads should say general structure of your copy should include: 1 or 2 value propositions price and/or discount call to action (more than just the button) Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  17. 17. TARGETING Who Sees Your Ads Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  18. 18. PASSIVE VS INTENT ADVERTISING VS Intent Based Advertising - More expensive, higher conversion rates, target people at their intent to do something Passive Advertising - Less expensive, lower conversion rates, target people who may be your customer Passive Advertising Intent Advertising I love my dog! Buy Dog Food Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  19. 19. SEGMENTS TO ALWAYS USE COUNTRY Different countries respond differently to creative and products and the prices are different in each country GENDER Males and females respond differently to creative and products AGE Segment ages into ranges: 25-35, 36-45 etc. If you have a mobile experience, separate desktop and mobile DEVICE Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  20. 20. Matthew Berman | @matthewberman AFTER THAT…IT’S UP TO YOU school city/state/zip 3rd party data (acxiom) language relationship status life events employer interest keywords education level behaviors
  21. 21. LOOK ALIKE MODELS WOW!! current customers potential customers magic Matthew Berman | @matthewberman segment “current customers” by engagement level (paying customers vs. others)
  22. 22. BEST PRACTICES General Tips & Tricks Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  23. 23. CAMPAIGN STRUCTURE Campaign Ad Sets Ad Ad campaigns for completely different tests ads within an ad set compete against each other (only test text + images) ad sets for everything else Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  24. 24. SPLIT TESTING Isolate Everything US 18-24 25-30 Male Female Male Female Img1 Img2 Img1 Img2 Img1 Img2 Img1 Img2 Country Age Gender Creative isolate each variable test the most impactful segmentations first rigorous testing Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  25. 25. LAST QUICK TIPS use oCPM bidding - optimize for conversions to website refresh your ads frequently - keep frequency under 2 focus on CTR - facebook rewards you with lower prices Matthew Berman | @matthewberman sweet spot audience size is around 500k-1.5m
  26. 26. RECAP Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  27. 27. RECAP reduce banner blindness prioritize using newsfeed ads use clear, concise images blend ads into organic content when possible target country, age, gender, and device first use look alike models when possible test all variables separately Matthew Berman | @matthewberman
  28. 28. Matthew Berman | @matthewberman THANK YOU MATTHEW BERMAN @matthewberman | mberman84@gmail.com