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Spirituality export article

  1. 1. SUMMER 2000 CANADEXPORT ARTICLE FROM "ABORIGINAL EXPORT SUCCESS" SPIRITUALITY DRIVES FOUR WORLDS INTERNATIONAL “Starting from within, working in a circle, in a sacred manner, we heal ourselves, our relationships and our world.” So begins the international trade with Indigenous peoples around The Department of Foreign agreement signed by Canadian the world, including Bolivia, Affairs and International Trade Aboriginal organizations and and Papua New Guinea. Four (DFAIT) has supported the work leaders o the Otomi Nation Directions International was of Four Worlds for the past year, during a trade mission to created in 1995 to fund the particularly in Mexico, where Mexico in May 1999. Not the organization's non-profit officials continue to help rhetoric, the words summarize humanitarian work. facilitate the implementation of the guiding principles, and the trade agreement. underpin the profound vision The trade agreement in DFAIT's Senior Advisor and and success, of the Canadian Mexico with the Otomi, Circumpolar Affairs Division, Aboriginal organization that representing more than 100,000 Laurent Charette, says, Four facilitated the signing - Four indigenous peoples, points to Worlds had already done most Worlds International Institute potential investment and profit- of the leg work. "This trade for Human and Community making opportunities for mission was the right timing for Development - and it's economic Canadian Aboriginal businesses Four Worlds; it gave them high arm FOUR DIRECTIONS and communities. The include visibility in Mexico. But they INTERNATIONAL. the production and export of had been meeting and consulting organic coffee and herbal with potential partners there for Four Worlds' success stems medicines for re-export, the the past seven years." from its unique focus on the distribution of environmental The mission, sponsored by the importance of culture and and information technologies, Assembly of First Nations, spirituality in all dimensions of and the provision of technical Contigo of Canada, was the human and community assistance in sustainable forestry first-ever Canadian Aboriginal development. practices. Four Directions trade mission to Mexico. already has a North American- An internationally recognized wide distribution system in Charette feels that while Four leader in human and community place through its partnership Worlds has all the elements of a transformation, Four Worlds with U.S.-based Lotus Light modern trade organization, it's International has roots going Inc., a joint venture with integration with the native back 30 years, when it's founder Canadian information spiritual tradition is "one of the Phil lane Jr. (who serves as Four technology company Syntec, keys to developing long-lasting Worlds' International and a distribution agreement relationships with Indigenous Coordinator and Four with the U.S, environmental peoples around the world." Directions' President) began technology firm PolleyTech working at the grass-roots level Corporation. WWW.FWII.NET Thaayrohyadi Serafin Bermudez de la Cruz, General Co-ordinator of the Otomi Council, and Phil Lane Jr., sign the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle: Social Development and Trade Unity Pact. Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade