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4Ward Company Presentation

  1. 1. Privileged/Confidential Information may be contained in this presentation. You may disclose the Confidential Informationonly to such of your directors, employees or third parties as may need to gain access to the Confidential Information forthe Purpose of the Project. If you are not the addressee indicated you may not copy or deliver this presentation to anyone.In such case, you should destroy this presentation and kindly notify the author(s).
  2. 2. ID card
  3. 3. Info • Founded: October 2005 • Founders: Ariton Zanev and Andrija Gramatikovski • Current number of employees: 15 • Divisions: • Software Engineering • Graphic Design & Media • Areas of expertise: • Web based application development • Graphic design for web and DTP • Corporate identity development
  4. 4. Organization structure
  5. 5. Our Philosophy: “Divide and Conquer”We divide projects into tasks and conquer tasks byexperts in the corresponding field. We do not hire one-man-shows.
  6. 6. Our Motto:“Think the way the end-user thinks”This way of thinking has led us to developing applications with a sophisticated and technologically superior programming code but yet easy-to-use and intuitive.
  7. 7. Standards • W3C (www.w3c.org) • Internal .NET coding standards book • References: MSDN Library (http://msdn.microsoft.com); IDesign C# Coding Standard v2.2; NetObjectives Code Quallities and Practices; Scott Bellware C# Code Style Guide v1.2; Philips Medical Systems C# coding St; Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries (Microsoft .NET Development Series) – Krzysztof Cwalina, Brad Abrams • ISO 9001:2000 Quality of management (in process of implementation)
  8. 8. Memberships • Registered member of the Microsoft | Partner Program
  9. 9. Services
  10. 10. User research Samples from user personas developed for www.simplydeliciousm.com The result of our research are series of user personas (which depict “archetype” users) and scenarios focused on the goals and behaviors of your users.
  11. 11. Business process modeling Sample from a business process diagram This process enables us to better understand our clients internal procedures and allow us to translate this knowledge into automated tools for BPM.
  12. 12. Information architecture (IA) Site diagram developed for www.menerga.si IA diagram developed for www.derma.ch Key to successful application design is the organization, navigation and accessibility of information. Done well, good IA enables the user to easily find and manage information.
  13. 13. Interaction design Interaction map developed for www.menerga.si Here our main focus is on making the user’s experience (UX) as simple and intuitive as possible. We analyze simple and complex workflows and develop appropriate interaction schemas.
  14. 14. Prototyping Static lo-fi prototype developed for www.menerga.si Active hi-fi prototype developed for Dermokrates (e-learning platform) Based on our client needs and available budget we develop lo-fi or hi-fi prototypes which are used for accurate understanding of our client’s needs and for performing usability tests.
  15. 15. Visual design Mood board for www.watchpoint.com.mk Chupa-Chups brand site frontend Icon set for www.ihne.mk The visual design process focuses on creating a cohesive look and feel that enhances usability and supports the company brand.
  16. 16. Visual mockups Visual mockup with actual content developed for www.malioglasi.mk Visual mockup with actual content developed for www.ihne.mk Visual mockups capture the potential final look, presenting the brand image use. Mocks show color, type, button styles, links and imagery in context with real content.
  17. 17. Content strategy We believe that a well-designed site should have relevant and meaningful content. We provide project planning and oversight of the content development process.
  18. 18. Frontend development Application interface developed for the advertising facility of www.mnogoo.mk We develop websites and web application following the latest web technologies and making sure that our products meet every standard for proper functioning across platform and browsers.
  19. 19. Programming • Frameworks • Technologies • .NET 2.0/3.5/4.0 • ASP.NET • jQuery • Adobe Flash • Flex • Windows Communication • Languages Foundation • LINQ • C# • AS3 • Databases • FBML • Microsoft SQL • JavaScript 2000/2005/2008 • Transact-SQL • MongoDB • PHP • MySQL • XML • Microsoft Access 2007 • (X)HTML
  20. 20. Third party services integration • YouTube API • Vimeo API • Amazon S3 • Google API • DiscountASP API • Facebook API • Twitter API • Wather.com API • Pantheon
  21. 21. Project management • Internal procedures • Experience with waterfall PM • Experience with agile PM (SCRUM)
  22. 22. Case presentations
  23. 23. Products
  24. 24. Eazyio • Eazyio is a .NET wCMS (Web Content Management System) • Eazyio stands for “easy input/output” • Eazyio fully supports SEO for content Products
  25. 25. Eazyio ID card Current version: 3.5 (details provided below) Previous versions (official releases): 1.0 (ASP.NET 2.0; MSSQL 2005) ; 1.1 (ASP.NET 2.0; AJAX; MSSQL 2005); 2.1 (ASP.NET 3.5; AJAX; MSSQL2008) IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Programming platform: ASP.NET 4.0 (Visual C#), AJAX, LINQ Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Database options: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2000; MySQL Year of first release: 2006 Modules: 35 Connectivity/integration: Payment gateways, remote databases Supported platforms: PC, MAC, mobile devices Graphic design: Adobe CS5 (Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, GUI development: Dreamweaver) Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Implementations: More than 100
  26. 26. Eazyio architecture
  27. 27. Eazyio GUI (screenshot)
  28. 28. Web Sites
  29. 29. Industrial design department on FMSwww.design.mf.edu.mk Challenge • Allow students from three universities (Skopje, Maribor and Aachen) to showcase practical works during the course of their studies. • Allow potential employers to review students’ portfolios and initiate contact trough the website. • Enable teaching staff to communicate with students, upload course materials and schedule classes. Special features • Social networking utilities for connecting teaching staff, students and potential employers. Technology • .NET 3.5; MSSQL 2008
  30. 30. Menerga Sloveniawww.menerga.si Challenge • Redesign the existing Menerga website following the guidelines provided in the corporate graphic standards book • Replace the TYPO3 wCMS with Eazyio for easier content update and maintenance by non-technical staff. Technology • .NET 3.5; MSSQL 2008
  31. 31. Quasar Filmwww.quasarfilm.mk Challenge • Design a multimedia heavy interface without using Flash. Technology • .NET 4.0; MSSQL 2008; JavaScript
  32. 32. Chupa ChupsSite hosting discontinued Challenge • Develop a website which will be deployed trough a central deployment portal and maintained by local distributors of the brand. • Allow local administrators limited permissions and monitor/track their activity. • Design a frontend which will follow the brand image and be appealing to a younger audience Special features • Facility for easy site skin changing. Technology • .NET 3.5; MSSQL 2008; Flash
  33. 33. Agency for Foreign Investments of RMwww.investinmacedonia.org Challenge • Develop a primary communication interface between the Agency and any potential investor. Technology • .NET 2.0; MSSQL 2005; Flash Notes • Site theme was redesigned by third party. All functionalities provided by Eazyio remain accessible.
  34. 34. Web applications
  35. 35. Computer voucher for every grad studentProtected web application – no link available Challenge • Secure the distribution and usage of computer vouchers granted by the government to aid computer purchase for grad students. Solution • Web application for matching voucher numbers and owner personal data and reporting facilities for authorities supervision. • SSL encrypted data transfer between interface points and central database. Technology • .NET 3.5; MSSQL 2008 Development duration • Approx. 1 month
  36. 36. mnogoo.mkwww.mnogoo.mk Challenge • Develop a complex system for maintaining an online media. The system should support content publishing with complex workflow management, user database building system, advertising server for serving ads. Solution • See Infographic on next slide. Technology • .NET 4.0; WCF; MSSQL 2008; JavaScript, MongoDB, Third party services integration Development duration • Initial development approx. 9 months / upgrades still ongoing
  37. 37. mnogoo.mk - backend screenshot 1No direct link available
  38. 38. mnogoo.mk - backend screenshot 2No direct link available
  39. 39. Perfetti Van Melle local brand sites systemSystem hosting discontinued Challenge • Deploy a network of 24 local brand sites for Mentos and Chupa Chups in the CEE region. Solution • Deployment portal for easy deployment (by non-technical staff) of local brand sites with CMS for Chupa Chups and Mentos in the CEE region. Technology • .NET 3.5; MSSQL 2008; Flash Development duration • Initial development approx. 6 month
  40. 40. KIRM – Chamber of executors of RM Challenge • Develop a system for collecting enforcement bills information from executors’ office software throughout Macedonia. • Identify duplicate entries in collected data. Constraint • Rare or no data normalization in the existing local software. Solution • Desktop application for interfacing the local software and central database over VPN connection. • Central web based application for intelligent data processing and duplicates matching. • Reporting facilities for authorities. Technology • .NET 3.5; MSSQL 2008; Development duration • Initial development approx. 2 month
  41. 41. Thank you