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A list of companies

  1. 1. Partners for Cleaner EnergyALTERNATIVE ENERGY OPPORTUNITIES IN SWEDEN September 2008
  2. 2. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenToday we are releasing the list of Swedish alternative energy companies for thefourth time. Now the list has 52 companies, in the categories broken out in theindex on page 2.Sweden is filled with entrepreneurs who have great ideas for alternative energy butwho lack the capital to turn the ideas into a successful business. The purpose ofthe list is to identify the best of those entrepreneurs to U.S. cleantech investors. Michael M. Wood US Ambassador Stockholm September 24, 2008
  3. 3. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in Sweden IndexAlternative vehicle fuels:AGERATEC, page 3; CHEMATUR, page 7; CHEMREC, page 8; CONSAT, page 54;ECOIL, page 16; REAC FUEL, page 38; SEKAB, page 43; SWEDISH BIOFUELS,page 47.Boiler Technologies:CATATOR, page 6; CHEMREC, page 8; COMPOWER, page 12; CORTUS, page 13;HOTAB, page 22; NIBE, page 29; SVENSK RÖKGASENERGI, page 45.Efficient Building:COMFORT WINDOW SYSTEMS, page 11; CHROMOGENICS, page 9; DIANASOLUTIONS, page 14; EXERGY, page 20; NEOVA, page 28; NORDIQ, page 31;PARANS, page 34; REHACT, page 39; TD LIGHT, page 49.Electricity Production:HEXAFORMER, page 21; SEEC, page 42.Engine Technologies:EFFPOWER, page 18; ELECTRIC LINE, page 19;NILAR, page 30; NORSTEL, page 32; PICOTERM, page 35; OPCON, page 33;STRIDBERG POWERTRAIN, page 36; TRANSIC, page 50.Fuel Cells:OPCON, page 33; MORPHIC, page 27.Solar Technologies:CLIMATEWELL, page 10; EARTHSUN, page 15; KOCKUMS, page 24;MIDSUMMER, page 26; PARANS, page 34.Transportation Systems:SKYCAB, page 44.Waste to Energy:BEAKON TECHNOLOGIES AB, page 4; BIOPROCESS CONTROL, page 5; ECONOVA,page 17; KARLSKOGA BIOFUELS, page 23; LÄCKEBY WATER, page 25; OPCON, page33; RANOTOR, page 37; SCANDINAVIAN BIOGAS, page 40; SWEBO, page 46;SWEDISH BIOGAS INTL, page 48; XYLOPHANE, page 52; ÄFAB, page 53.Wave power:SEABASED, page 41.Wind power:SWEDISH VERTICAL WIND, page 51; TRANSIC, page 50.The information in this report has been supplied to the United States Government bycommercial sources in Sweden and is intended for professional use only. You are requestedto honor the trust of these sources by not making secondary distribution of the data. Whileevery effort is made to supply current and accurate information, the U.S. governmentassumes no responsibility or liability for any decisions based on the content of the report. 2
  4. 4. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenAgeratec ABHerrebro605 92 NorrkopingSwedenTel. 46 11 335270Fax. 46 11 170555http://www.ageratec.comContact: David Frykerås, Managing Director david.frykeras@ageratec.comProduct: Biodiesel processorsTurnover: USD 16 MillionEmployees: 38Ownership: David Frykerås 56%, Alfa-Laval 44%Sales Area: The European Economic Community, Australia, North America, South America, South Korea, Africa, Ukraine and BelarusReferences: Bioworks Australia Pty Ltd, Tolefors gård (Sweden)Looking for: “Business opportunities; Partners that might be of interest for co-operation and/or business purposes; Help with promotion and marketing;Financing help for customers (notification of grants available for customers toapply for from Local Governments/US Government and others); Legal advice.”Product Description:Ageratec focuses on providing alternative companies, with demand ranging fromsolutions for energy, renewable energy that reliable and easy to operate turnkeyis economically and environmentally friendly. processors to entire production systems,The main focus is to offer complete solutions including the seed pressing equipment, pre-for the production of biodiesel for own use or treatment equipment, quality testing, projectfor sale: management and engineering.• Unique, turnkey, modular, skid- Ageratec processor consumes very little mounted biodiesel reactor units energy per gallon biodiesel produced,• Multi-feed pre-treatment system compared to its competitors, and the allowing waste cooking oil, animal fats, production process is very clean. The only palm oil and other FTEs as feedstock by-product in the production is glycerol that• Target markets: small fleet owners and can be used or sold. cities/towns Ageratec manufactures Biodiesel ProcessorsAgeratec has customers within various that produce from 180.000 to 75.000.000 USsectors such as agriculture, municipalities, gallons of biodiesel per year and all modelsfuel/oil companies, transportation and plants can easily grow in size. 3
  5. 5. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenBeakon Technologies ABCarlsgatan 54211 20 MalmöSwedenTel. 46 40 12 19 30http://www.beakontech.comContact: Nicklas Larsson, CEO nl@beakontech.comProduct: Thermoelectric chipTurnover: VC funded company, first revenues planned for 2010Employees: 4Ownership: Magnus Hivert, Erik Ryding, Pontus Kristiansson, Nicklas Larsson, NorthZone Ventures, TeknoSeed ABSales Area: No current sales, though international interest in the technologyReferences: Electrolux, BMW, Volvo, Honda and Aixtron.Looking for: “Venture Capital, industrial contacts, both suppliers and customers”Product Description:Beakon’s innovation is a cooling and The core technology addresses theenergy chip. The chip can with high greatest problem of today’s thermoelectricefficiency convert waste heat into useful elements (Peltier element): low efficiency.electric energy. Another application is as a Beakon Technologies’ element contains asolar cell where the chip can convert the nano-scale “phonon trap” to stop phononsheat from the sun into useful electrical from creating the competing flow. Theenergy (in comparison with today’s element has the potential of delivering 10-solutions that convert the light from the 15 times higher energy efficiency than thesun to electricity). Peltier elements of today, and 30% higher efficiency than today’s compressors.The thermoelectric chip has the efficiencyequivalent to today’s compressors, but Beakon is a member of Sweden Cleantechwith advantages such as form factor, Incubator and have consequently passedreliability, environmental friendliness and their screening process for Ceantechsimplicity to stabilize temperatures. companies. 4
  6. 6. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenBioprocess Control Sweden ABScheelevägen 22223 63 LundSwedenTel. 46 46 16 39 50http://www.bioprocesscontrol.comContact: Kristofer Cook, Managing Director kc@bioprocesscontrol.comProduct: Biogas OptimizerTMTurnover: N/AEmployees: 8Ownership: Founders Anlo Holding AB C-E Hansson Förvaltning AB LUAB (Lund University Development AB)Sales Area: SwedenReferences: E.ON Gas Sverige, Svensk Biogas AB, Swedish Biogas International AB, Kalmar Biogas ABLooking for: “Venture capital companies, interested in participating in the fourth& fifth round of financing during 2009 and 2010 (approx. USD 2.5 Million).”Product Description:Bioprocess Controls prizewinning process sludge/wastewater; stillage from ethanoloptimization application addresses the production; and the co-digestion oftwo main problems facing commercial various organic waste products.biogas producers today; namely, poorprocess efficiency and process instability. Biogas OptimizerTM can be used as an add-on module or integrated with aBiogas OptimizerTM provides commercial leading control system. It providesbiogas producers with an on-line commercial biogas producers with themonitoring system and intelligent following advantages:supervisory control of biogasdigesters. The system has the ability to - An accelerated production processprotect a process from overload and - Higher productivity and outputdisturbances, while allowing the - Stable and reliable productionmaximum utilization of digester capacity. - Protection against disturbancesBiogas OptimizerTM is simple to install, - Faster start-up of bioreactorscan be utilized in both new and existingbiogas production plants, and is suitablefor most substrate materials, such as 5
  7. 7. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenCatator ABScheelevägen 19F223 70 LundSwedenTel. 46 46 286 22 91Fax. 46 46 286 22 99http://www.catator.seContact: Fredrik A. Silversand, Chairman fredrik.silversand@catator.seProduct: Catalytic cleantechTurnover: USD 2 MillionEmployees: 8Ownership: Dr. Fredrik A. Silversand, Dr. Tihamer Hargitai, Dr. Jan BrandinSales Area: Global sales, US, Europe, JapanReferences: SWEP International AB (Sweden), Haldor Topsøe a/s, (Norway)Looking for: “External financing for expansion to grasp increased marketingactivities and investment in additional production facilities.”Product Description:Catator’s products are found in the area Moreover, Catator has developed burners“catalytic cleantech”. Their proprietary for renewable fuels like biogas, ethanolcatalyst technology comes with a number and bio-diesel, and the catalyst is alsoof advantages over conventional catalyst well suited for small-scale hydrogenwith respect to effectiveness, geometrical production.advantages, flexibility, low pressure dropand thermo-mechanical durability. Catator already sells a lot of wire-meshCatator specializes in catalytic burners, catalysts for VOC-treatment andVOC-abatement and fuel processing deodorization. This market segment is(hydrogen production). expected to expand together with the increasingly stringent environmentalCatalytic combustion gives an efficient legislation. Catator catalyst givesand clean combustion in an extremely excellent conversion degrees of thesecompact burner design. Catator’s harmful components in a compact designcatalytic burner can be combined with a (less cost for construction materials).plate-type heat exchanger to give a“catalytic heat exchanger”. This product Catator technology stands for:has raised a great interest among the - Efficiencyboiler manufactures all over the world - Clean conversion(market potential, > 5 million units a - Possibility to use renewable fuelsyear). - Compact and innovative design - Low pressure drop - High thermo-mechanical durability 6
  8. 8. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenChematur Engineering ABBox 430691 27 KarlskogaSwedenTel. 46 586 641 00Fax. 46 586 641 25http://www.chematur.seContact: Per Simonsson, CEO p.simonsson@chematur.seProduct: Bioethanol production technologyTurnover: USD 200 MillionEmployees: 200Ownership: Privately ownedSales Area: WorldwideReferences: PLP, BIOPAL, and KORFIL, Czech Recpublic, Cangzhou Dahua and China National Bluestar Group, China; Dyno Nobel and Orica, Australia; Cambrex, Sweden; Maquiltech, Colombia; Jfe, Japan.Looking for: “Biofuel projects in the U.S.”Product Description:Chematur Engineering sells a bioethanol nutrients. A sugar based Biosti®2000technology with continuous fermentation plant produces as little as 1.1 liter stillageand a zero liquid effluent solution. The per liter of ethanol. With starch, theprocess is state of the art where the Biostil®2000 plant is combined withreaction between the yeast and sugar is biogas production. It is possible to build ainstantaneous, resulting in the reactor biofuels complex that is self-sufficient inbeing virtually free from residual sugar. steam and electricity by running the gasCombined with special primary turbine with biogas. There will be adistillation where the reaction mass is surplus of electricity that can be exportedpasteurized and partly recycled, this to the grid. It is also possible to refine thereduces the risk of infections in the biogas to fuel gas. Traditional solutionssystem to zero and guarantees that there like DDGS or incineration of the stillagewill be no shutdown of the Biostil®2000 can also be utilized.plant because of infections.The water consumption is very low since Potential end-users are energythe concentrated stillage is produced companies, private developers etc.without external evaporators. Most of the Preferred scope of supply is license,process water is recycled back to the detailed engineering, key equipmentfermentation stage. The stillage is treated supply, assistance during erection, start-differently depending on the feedstock. up and commissioning. ProcessWith sugar, the concentrated stillage is performance guarantees provided.used as fertilizer after addition of 7
  9. 9. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenChemrec ABFloragatan 10B114 31 StockholmSwedenTel. 46 8 440 40 60Fax. 46 8 440 40 66http://www.chemrec.seContact: Jonas Rudberg, CEO jonas.rudberg@chemrec.seProduct: Black liquor gasification technologyTurnover: USD 1.5 MillionEmployees: 27Ownership: Vantage Point, Volvo Technology Transfer, Nykomb SynergeticsSales Area: WorldwideReferences: Weyerhaeuser New Bern, NC Commercial Booster GasifierLooking for: “Pulp mills or biofuel plant investors wishing to increase profits byproducing automotive biofuels while increasing pulp mill capacity.”Product Description:Chemrec helps pulp and paper mills Chemrec’s biofuels reduce overall carbontransform into Biorefineries with a footprint by more than 90 percent. Withunique, proprietary black liquor the additional benefit of not competing forgasification technology. food or agricultural land, Chemrec biofuels are a true leader in the move toWith the Chemrec technology, the global sustainable mobility.production potential for biofuels is on theorder of 225 million barrels oil equivalent The gasifiers offered by Chemrec todayper year, or nearly twice the current US vary from atmospheric air-blown unitsautomotive Biofuels production. At $20 aimed solely at pulp mill capacitybillion annual fuel revenues, this extension to 500 tons/day pressurizedrepresents greater than 1/3 of total pulp unit oxygen-blown units for commercialindustry revenues. Thus, the potential of demonstration of Biofuels production,the Chemrec Biorefinery offers a step- installed parallel with the mill’s existingchange in results to the pulp and paper recovery boiler. Eventually, a full recoveryindustry. boiler replacement is targeted. 8
  10. 10. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenChromoGenics Sweden ABMärstagatan 4753 23 UppsalaSwedenTel. 46 18 430 04 30Mobile. 46 70 857 57 75http://www.chromogenics.seContact: Lars-Olof Bäckman, Chairman lars-olof.backman@chromogenics.seProduct: Smart windowsTurnover: > USD 0.5 MillionEmployees: 20Ownership: Founders Volvo Technology Transfer DuPont Ventures Innovationsbron Uppsala AB Uppsala University Holding AB Industrifond BankinvestSales Area: Sweden and EuropeReferences: Confidential; contracts pendingLooking for: “Investors for the second round of financing in the fourth quarter of2008 to enable large volume production capability for window applications.”Product Description:Materials with variable transparency are The company was founded in 2002 by sixknown as “chromogenic” or Optically researchers from the Uppsala University.Switchable Materials (OSM). These The technology has been developed formaterials are used for large area glazing twenty years and is now ready for thein buildings and vehicles, for sun visors, market.eyewear and rear view mirrors, and forinformation displays. Several switching ChromoGenics’ foil-based electro-chromictechnologies are included in the technology is ideal for reducing solar heatchromogenic family, based on e.g. gain in large surface applications, i.e.electrochromics, liquid crystals, smart windows. The company hassuspended particles and photochromics. acquired a leading position, based on itsChromoGenics works with the most long research background, and patentpromising switching technology, viz. protection of materials, system designelectrochromics, and has developed a and production processes for large-scaleunique flexible foil with variable production.transparency. 9
  11. 11. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenClimateWell ABInstrumentvägen 20126 53 HägerstenSwedenTel. 46 8 794 03 74Fax. 46 8 733 30 70http://www.climatewell.comContact: Per Olofsson, Group CEO per.olofsson@climatewell.comProduct: Solar cooling systemTurnover: < USD 5 MillionEmployees: 40Ownership: Utilsun (Spanish group of private investors) Industrifonden (Swedish VC) Skirner (Swedish VC) Northzone (Swedish VC)Sales Area: Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and IndiaReferences: ASE, GdS, Erbe, Sunpower systems, Gas natural, Merloni TermosanitariLooking for: “US shareholder or business partner. Very interested in beginning adialogue to identify the right partner.”Product Description:ClimateWell is the global leader in the • Substantially lowered energy costs foremerging Solar Cooling business and was Air Conditioning, space heating, taprecently awarded Technology Pioneer water heating and pool heating.2007 by the World Economic Forum. • Independency of fluctuations inThe product stores solar heat (from energy prices and supply through thestandard solar thermal collectors), and use of the abundant, free andthen deliver it as cooling or heating, day sustainable solar energy.or night. • Unmatched contribution to loweringThe targeted customers are Commercial CO2 emissions (up to 45 000 kg perbuildings such as hotels, hospitals and dwelling and year).super markets as well as Single FamilyHomes. The end user value proposition The products are based upon proprietarystands firmly on the following core and globally patented technology (calledbenefits: triple state absorption). 10
  12. 12. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenComfort Window System ABBeryllgatan 30426 52 Västra FrölundaSwedenTel. 46 31 760 80 85Fax. 46 31 29 40 29http://www.comfortwindow.seContact: Hans Öhman, CEO, hans.ohman@comfortwindow.seProduct: Energy efficient Window fittingsTurnover: Start upEmployees: 2Ownership: Hans Öhman, Georg Ernst, Cisab, Christer Gåhltorp, Per G LundhSales Area: Europe, United States of America, CanadaReferences: Siegenia-Aubi KG in Germany, Pilkington in UKLooking for: “Contact with investors and the window industry in the US.”Product Description:New window fitting patented in the US of buildings - commercial, public andand +18 countries. The window can turn private.180 or 360 degrees and with a solarcontrol glass achieving sun protection in For a 1000 sq ft house with 100 sq ft ofsummer season (blind effect) and turned window area, energy savings are typicallyfor the cold season gaining sun energy 1400 kWh per year.(radiator effect). Other advantages are: superior comfortThe CWS window technique is the only by less heat load; 2 to 5 degrees lowerone to offset the greatest disadvantage of room temperature gives better workingstandard solar control glass – by letting climate and efficiency.the sunshine energy in for the coldseason. -Greater airing flexibility by choosing top or bottom opening.The amount of energy that can be savedby CWS technique is between 50 to 200 -Higher degree of safety. Always clean thekWh per 10 sq ft window area annually, window from inside in closed position - ondepending on comparison parameters. both sides!The technique is applicable to allwindows that can be opened in all kinds -CWS window technique is unique to fully optimize solar control glass. 11
  13. 13. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenCompower ABOle Römers väg 12223 70 LundSwedenTel. 46 44 780 14 10Mobile. 46 70 590 60 21http://www.compower.seContact: Anders Malmquist, CEO amalmquist@compower.seProduct: Energy efficient boilersTurnover: USD 0.4 MillionEmployees: 7Ownership: Founders Teknoseed (Swedish VC) Energy Future Invest, Norway (Norwegian VC) Innovationsbron SydSales Area: Sales launch in Scandinavia and Europe in 2009References: Two field trial customers in the regionLooking for: “Equity. Fund raise planned 2008/Q4, approx amount USD 30Million. Next fund raise planned for Q1 2010.”Product Description:Compower develops economical, easy to automotive industry and the best possibleuse and eco-friendly products based on a boiler to produce an effective, eco-friendlyunique, patent-pending design that product.combines a boiler with a small micro-turbine. This is a modern, innovative system that is easy to install, has a low noise levelCompower Boiler is a micro CHP power and is environmentally friendly. Winnerssupplying unit that can reduce energy are both the end users who can cutcosts for single and multiple-family energy costs, and society, with lowerhomes by as much as 50 percent. The emissions of coal dioxide.boiler can in part supply the individualhome and in part produce a surplus that The product is based on externally heatedis exported to the network. micro turbine technology that enables the use of a wide range of fuels, includingIt combines the simplicity and reliability biogas and pellets.of a regular home boiler with high-performance components from the The Compower Boiler is being field-tested and will be on the market soon. 12
  14. 14. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenCortus ABNorrgårdsvägen 4 A192 69 SollentunaSwedenTel. 46 8 626 98 42Tel. 46 8 751 60 62http://www.cortus.sehttp://www.woodroll.seContact: Rolf Ljunggren, Managing Director rlj@cortus.seProduct: Biomass gasification solutionTurnover: USD 0.2 MillionEmployees: 1Ownership: Rolf LjunggrenSales Area: Nordic CountriesReferences: Nordkalk AB, SSAB Tunnplåt (SSAB Svenskt Stål Aktiebolag)Looking for: “Process industries wanting to become CO2- neutral, where hightemperature processes such as steel reheating, lime kilns, cement kilns and glassfurnaces, demand a high powered fuel.”Product Description:WoodRoll is a new process (patent The business model is to supply energypending) for gasification of biomass giving gases to process industry customers withhigher energy yield than what was high temperature operations, which is notpossible before. The result is pure synth possible with renewable fuel today. In agas (H2/CO) that can be used as an longer term the transportation businessenergy gas or raw gas for further refining will be the main client.to fuel. WoodRoll® transforms biomass in a unitUnique in the process is the integrated process to pure synth gas (H2/CO) with asolution for tar formation and ash high energy concentration and at a lowerhandling that the high temperature heat cost than fossil fuels, which makes itexchanging and gas separation make possible to introduce renewable fuels topossible. The process is built upon a well- process industries.established industrial technology,compiled in a new fashion. 13
  15. 15. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenDiana Solutions ABStenyxegatan 21 M213 76 MalmöSwedenTel. 46 40 631 60 00Fax. 46 40 94 00 43http://www.diana.seContact: Per Wannberg, Managing Director per.wannberg@diana.seProduct: Monitoring systems for heating and ventilationTurnover: USD 6.3 MillionEmployees: 24Ownership: Claes Olsson Private, Lars Jonsson Stellar INC, Management, Expansion Capital Partner, @ VenturesSales Area: Sweden, Norway, DenmarkReferences: Jan Larsson Whilborgs Fastigheter AB, Ove Herre HSB Bostadsrätt Drottningen.Looking for: “Customers in North America”.Product Description:Diana Solutions is a knowledge company DiaBild. Warehouse storage and productthat develops, manufactures, sells and sales of analogue and digital conventionalinstalls communicative control, regulation regulators and regulating components.and monitoring systems for heating andventilation facilities for buildings. The Within our operational area, buildingfirst product was installed in 1985 and automation, high demands are placed ontoday, the third generation of units is both the environment and safety. Webeing manufactured. A total of achieve this by coordinating the systemapproximately 6,000 units have been for better and more efficient operationinstalled. and monitoring. Energy savings up to 36% for commercial buildings hasThe operation has two main focuses: An reached. The key to fast, efficientin-house manufactured, communicative integration is the flexibility of the Dianacontrol unit, ADP 3000, with control system.accompanying presentation software, 14
  16. 16. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenEarthSun Technology ABIncl subsidiary Sunstrip ABSkäggebyvägen 29 Earthsun Technology AB612 44 FinspångSwedenTel. 46 122 866 61Mobile. 46 70 620 78 88Fax. 46 122 866 69http://www.sunstrip.seContact: Klas Ståhl, Key Owner klas.stahl@telia.comProduct: Solar thermal energy systemsTurnover: USD 6 Million 2007, USD 14 Million 2008(forecast)Employees: 20Ownership: Klas Ståhl, Peter Löfgren, Christian Ehrenborg, Stefan GustavssonSales Area: EU, Middle East, China, CanadaReferences: European Solar Thermal Federation, Arcon, Exoheat.Looking for: “Business partner and/or complementary owner to make a marketentry into the high potential US market for renewable energy/solar thermal energybusiness.”Product Description:Solar thermal energy systems for single collectors. Could be applied thru a roofand multi family houses, solar farms, integrated or stand alone solutions inindustrial processes, commercial new. Earthsun Technology is providing abuildings etc set of products that are cost effective, produce an endless supply of energy atProvides hot water, heating, cooling from the point of need, a CO2 neutral cleansmall, all roof or large-scale solar energy based on proven technology. 15
  17. 17. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenEcoil ABBox 58736 21 KungsörSwedenTel. 46 227 319 19Fax. 46 227 319 19http://www.ecoil.seContact: Robert Hasselblad, CEO robert@ecoil.seProduct: 2nd generation biofuel technologyTurnover: USD 0.7 MillionEmployees: 9Ownership: Privately owned companySales Area: SwedenReferences: Statens Fastighetsverk-Drottningholms Slott, Lantmännen Agrovärme AB, Svensk Glasåtervinning ABLooking for: “Interested in international expansion, to exploit the refiningtechnology in global markets. The company is prepared to sell the concept toserious partners, providing education, process know-how and a long-termpartnership.”Product Description:Ecoil has developed a refining process, refined oil. The pilot plant in Kungsör iswhich enables the removal of ”non- designed for 5,000 tons.burning” substances from vegetable oils,such as rape seed (canola), soy, corn or Ecoil refining process is sustainable andother farmed oils. The technical features cost effective. A plant can be locatedof the oil are very similar to ordinary anywhere, with no hazardous waste. Theheating oil, with high energy content, low ”rest product” is a highly potent proteinsulphur, low ashes, and environmentally meal for livestock. The meal process isfavorable features. developed in corporation with U.S companies, specialized in soy proteinThe process is more cost-efficient than meal.RME/SME processes. The Ecoil heatingoil can totally replace fossil heating oil in Ecoil was one of the finalists for thesmall and large-scale heating facilities – Swedish prize for new innovationswith very low conversion costs. An Ecoil (SKAPA) in 2006. Technical studies havePlant can produce oil in an integrated oil been financed by the Swedish Energyprocessing plant from agricultural raw Agency and documented by accreditedmaterials for direct delivery to the end- testing institutes. Ecoil is a member ofusers. A plant can be designed to produce Svebio, the Swedish Bioenergyfrom 20,000 to over 100,000 tons of Association. 16
  18. 18. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenEconova ABBox 9061621 ÅbySwedenTel. 46 11 368 100Fax. 46 11 368 109http://www.econova.seContact: Håkan Larsson, CEO hakan.larsson@econova.seProduct: Waste to energy solutionsTurnover: USD 150 MillionEmployees: 240Ownership: Privately owned company with three shareholdersSales Area: Nordic Countries, Estonia, Portugal and SpainReferences: StoraEnso Ltd (Sweden/Finland), Korsnäs AB (Sweden)Looking for: “Potential American customers in the forest industry. Econova aimsto provide a know-how transfer, based on Royalty payments/consultancy fees fromlocal partners.”Product Description:Econova Energy recycles waste and forest The main advantages are:industry by-products. The forest industryconsumes huge amount of wood and is • Low investment costs, standardizedfocused on their main product. A fraction machineryof the wood material, residues or waste, is • Recycling of waste from the forestlost during the conversion process in the industryindustry. The industry has little interest • Stable process allowing changes inin developing a market for the residue the raw material (waste)though it has a great market potential. • Natural processes with sun & windEconova is continuously developing tailor and micro-organisms as co-workersmade, environmentally friendly processes • Minimization of flue gas emissionsin the conversion and use of residue and and maximization of energy contentwaste, such as sludge, bark and saw due to improved biofuel quality (fordusts. After conversion the material is e.g. CHP boilers)sold as biofuel, soil improvement orcapping material. 17
  19. 19. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenEffpower ABSt. Jörgens väg 14C422 49 Hisings BackaSwedenTel. 46 31 559 094Fax. 46 31 559 098http://www.effpower.comContact: Per Svantesson, CEO per.svantesson@effpower.comProduct: Bipolar batteries for HEVsTurnover: < USD 1.5 Million (start-up phase)Employees: 35Ownership: Volvo Technology Transfer Industrifonden (Swedish multi-sector investor) Gylling Invest AB (Swedish VC) Banner Batterien GmbH (Austrian battery company) Lorito Holding K-svets ABSales Area: Sweden and EUReferences: VolvoLooking for: “Contacts with US venture capital companies for the next financialround, planned for the spring of 2009.”Product Description:The Effpower LIC™ technology is based • The Effpower LIC™ Power Batteries areon lead-acid chemistry in a bipolar characterized by a modular designarrangement with lead-infiltrated-ceramic with a cost-effective stacking method to(LIC™) bipolar plates as partitioning walls manufacture compact high voltagebetween the cells. In the bipolar concept batteries.the battery cells are connected in seriesand the battery voltage is 2 volts/stacked • Short distance between the electrodescell. The battery is designed for hybrid with low internal resistance provides highelectric vehicles (HEV). power during charge and discharge with limited heat generation.Effpower has entered a phase ofindustrialization and partners with an • Even current distribution over the plateAustrian battery manufacturer. High and through the battery gives highvolume serial production is planned for utilization of the active materials and amid 2008 (prototypes since autumn of long life-cycle with high energy turnover.2006). 18
  20. 20. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenElectric Line ABSylveniusgatan 5D754 50 Uppsala High Power Low EnergySweden Power Storage Power StorageTel. 46 18 180 600http://www.electricline.seContact: Hans Bernhoff, Managing Director hans@bernhoff.comProduct: Electrical vehicle propulsion systemTurnover: Start-up phaseEmployees: 2Ownership: Leijon Engineering AB Bernhoff Technology AB Energy Potential ABSales Area: Initially SwedenReferences: Start-up phaseLooking for: “Venture capital and joint venture partners in the U.S. market.”Product Description:Electric Line AB develops, products and for a fast recharge at "gas stations" formarkets a system for electrical vehicle electric vehicles.propulsion. A new 100% electric driveline for vehicles (for second generation The technology has been developed byelectrical vehicles). researchers at the Uppsala University’s Electricity Research Department.The technology will provide a means forefficient recycling of breaking energy, high The developers have filed patents for thepower for acceleration and an opportunity technology and hope to start commercial production by 2010. 19
  21. 21. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenSwedish Exergy ABTheres Svenssons Gata 10417 55 GöterborgSwedenTel. 46 31 51 39 90Fax. 46 31 51 79 60http://www.exergyse.comContact: Claes Münter/Prem Verma, verma@exergy-consult.seProduct: Biofuel and pellet production technologiesTurnover: USD 8 MillionEmployees: 5Ownership: Claes Münter, Prem VermaSales Area: WorldwideReferences: Skellefteå Kraft AB, ENA Energi AB, BioWood Norway ASLooking for: “Opportunities in the U.S. markets for biofuel drying and bio-pelletproduction, energy optimization and recovery systems.”Product Description:Exergy Bed Dryer The Exergy Steam DryerThis simple and robust technology Superheated steam for drying of solid(patented) from Exergy Consulting has been materials like paper pulp, saw dust, woodused for the last 20 years. The bed dryer can waste, sugar beat pulp and other cattle feed,be integrated as part of the fuel feeding peat, sludge and other wet solid waste.equipment to the boiler. The bed dryer High-pressure steam (15-30 bar), flue gases,consists of a specially designed moving bed, thermal oil or even electricity can indirectlya heat-exchanger and a fan. heat the dryer. The residence time is only 10 - 30 seconds, but dryness close to 99,9%The low-grade waste heat available can be in dry solids can be achieved without anyused for the drying process. The desired risk for fire or explosion.temperature is 70 C or higher. Complete sterilisation of the product isFuel consumption can be reduced by 15%, if guaranteed. Since the process is closed,boiler fuel is dried to 30% moisture content. emissions are avoided, and it is possible toDrying also eliminates the need of any treat the generated steam condensatesupplementary fuel. separately. The moisture vaporised from the wet material can be used as a secondaryAs dried fuel needs less excess air for steam, which means that up to 80-90% ofcombustion, less flue gas and water vapor is the drying energy can be recovered.generated, which reduces flue gas treatmentcosts. 20
  22. 22. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenHexaformer ABKanalvägen 5A195 61 Upplands VäsbySwedenTel. 46 8 590 060 80Fax. 46 8 590 080 81http://www.hexaformer.comContact: Lars Bengtsson, CEO lars.bengtsson@hexaformer.comProduct: Transformers and reactors for electric distribution networksTurnover: USD 3 Million in 2007Employees: 21Ownership: Magnus Palmstierna, Innovationskapital, Hexa Invest, Uster (Lennart Höglund) Bliwa Livförsäkring, Norrlandsfonden and Hexaformer staffSales Area: Complete products offered in northern Europe. Licenses offered globallyReferences: Vattenfall, Jämtkraft, Balfour Beatty Rail, BTB Plaza, Chalmers University of Technology and Warner PowerLooking for: “Investors that can help develop the company globally”Product Description:Hexaformer has patented technology for The other product line is built aroundthree phase transformers, typically used patented reactors. The reactors are usedfor distribution of electricity. These to utilize the networks more efficiently.transformers demonstrate properties that They compensate for earth faults, butare superior to traditional transformer also for reactive currents in long cablestechnology in several aspects: and capacitive currents that are • Substantially lower energy losses introduced when energy cables are (no load losses reduced by 25% or deployed close together (for example in more) the ground). • Lower electromagnetic stray field • Less material used (up to 30% The unique characteristics are achieved smaller core volume) by completely new ways to manufacture • Lower weight the transformer core. Hexaformer winds • Less volume the electric steel of equal bandwidth in • Less vibrations rings forming a delta shaped (“triangular • Lower noise level formed”) cage core. • Lower inrush current • No third harmonic 21
  23. 23. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenHOTAB GROUPGamledammvägen30241 HalmstadSwedenTel. 46 44 218 400Fax. 46 44 218 484http://www.hotab.seContact: Magnus Hermansson, Marketing Director magnus.hermansson@hotab.seProduct: Combustion plants for solid wood fuelTurnover: USD 20 MillionEmployees: 45Ownership: Jonas Tarstad, Gert Tarstad, Anette TarstadSales Area: Sweden, Norway, Easter Europe, Ireland, USA, CanadaReferences: Skånefrö, Bioagro EU Life project in Skåne, Mörbylånga Energi, SjöboLooking for: “Market opportunities, market entry, partners and projectfinancing.”Product Description:HOTAB manufactures combustion plants The company can use fuels with a 6-8 %for solid wood fuels such as bark, humidity to installations where the fuelshavings, chips, pellets and briquettes. contains 60 % water. Each type of fuelAlso plants for biofuel from agriculture, requires its own special combustionfor instance screenings, rape cakes, equipment.grain, grass etc. The potential in Swedenis to make use of all agricultural residue Customers include DH heating plants,and save 20 TWh of oil annually in offices and industries. Hotab also deliversSweden. installations to schools, hospitals, farms, saw mills etc.HOTAB works with installations rangingfrom 100 to 17,000 KWh. All plants are The company does not have a partner inunique and tailor-made according to the the USA, but seeks companies that cancustomer’s wishes. manufacture boilers, incinerators and exhaust gas cleaning equipment, adaptedHOTAB’s strength is the regulation to ASME standards but designedphilosophy where the company can according Hotab requirements. They arecontrol the entire combustion process also looking for companies that canelectronically, to obtain an optimal manufacture the electric control systems,efficiency and minimal environmental install plants, take care of electricpollution. Furthermore, there will be no installations and heating, water andO2 emissions. This benefits the sanitation as well as insulation work, asenvironment and reduces the greenhouse the freight costs are much too high wheneffect. delivering from Sweden. 22
  24. 24. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenKarlskoga Biofuel ABBox 430691 27 KarlskogaSwedenTel. 46 586 641 00Fax. 46 586 791 700http://www.chematur.seContact: Per Simonsson, the CEO of Chematur Engineering AB p.simonsson@chematur.seProduct: State of the art Biofuels ProductionTurnover: Start-up phaseEmployees: 3Ownership: Karlskoga Energi & Miljö KEMAB Chematur Engineering AB Scandinavian Biogas & Fuels AB PEABSales Area: SwedenReferences: The first biofuel (bioethanol/biogas) combinate currently under construction in Karlskoga, SwedenLooking for: “Contact with biofuel production companies that are looking for themost efficient and cost-effective biofuel production technologies.”Product Description:If starch based Biostil 2000 from - High fermentation efficiencyChematur Engineering is combined with - No expensive equipment such asthe Scandgas 610 stillage digestion from decanter centrifuge and multi-effectScandinavian Biogas Fuels the overall evaporatorenergy yield from the chemical energy in - The dual fermenter concept ensuresthe grain is increased significantly, from virtually unlimited availability and noabout 55% to more than 82%. The yield losscombined process offers a unique The Scandgas 610 heavy duty stillagepossibility to make a green, sustainable digestion provides:solution where all the energy needed for • Robust and reliable digestionthe process is produced from renewable • High loads of material/m3 reactorsources. volume (Small foot-print of the plant; Lower investment cost)The Biostil® 2000 process is a state of the • High gas yield/m3 reactor volumeart process for producing bioethanol from • Patented ultrasonic equipmentstarch or sugar based raw materials with • Low production cost/nm3 biogashigh efficiency and low environmentalimpact. The main features are:- Low water consumption 23
  25. 25. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenKOCKUMS AB205 55 MalmöSwedenTel. 46 40 348 000Fax. 46 40 123 242http://www.kockums.seContact: Tore Svensson, Senior Sales Executive tore.svensson@kockums.seProduct: Concentrated solar powerTurnover: USD 300 MillionEmployees: 1100Ownership: ThyssenKrupp Technology, One Equity PartnersSales Area: WorldwideReferences: Defense Materiel Organizations in Sweden, Singapore, Australia and JapanLooking for: “Financial support to ensure a timely commercialization of theConcentrated Solar System. In particular additional funding to speed up theprogress for the Californian projects.”Product Description:The Stirling engine is a heat engine. Heat In addition, the Stirling engine is flexible,is produced in a combustion chamber silent and practically vibration-free. Allseparated from the actual engine. The these characteristics open a wide field ofheat is then transferred to the engines applications.working gas, operating in a completelyclosed system. The working gas forces the Kockums has for more than threepistons in the engine to move, thus decades been involved in the researchproducing mechanical energy. and development of high performance Stirling engines and continues to beAll the Stirling engine needs is heat that actively involved in advanced Stirlingcan be produced by basically anything projects for both the civilian and militarythat burns: oil, diesel, petrol or gas. industry.Or the heat can come from the sun. Current projects include concentratedLetting a concave mirror concentrate the solar power projects in California, insunbeams on a Stirling engine, driving a cooperation with Sterling Energygenerator, produces the most efficient Systems, Inc. Key clients in the USconversion of solar energy to electrical include San Diego Gas & Electricity andpower currently available. Southern California Edison. 24
  26. 26. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenLäckeby Water GroupBox 1146221 05 LundSwedenTel. 46 46 191 900Fax. 46 46 191 919http://www.lackebywatergroup.comContact: Martin Hagbyhn, CEO martin.hagbyhn@lackebywater.seProduct: Cleantech technologyTurnover: USD 85 MillionEmployees: 175Ownership: Privately owned LLCSales Area: Wordwide, e.g. Scandinavia, China, Germany, Poland, RussiaReferences: Bekkelagets Wastewater Treatment Plant, Södra Cell (Sweden)Looking for: “Companies and investors who are interested in investing in LäckebyWater and using the company as a base for their growth.”Product Description:Läckeby Water Group is a leading know- upgraded to biomethane with the LPhow company in water treatment, Cooab or PSA technologies.biological sludge handling and theinnovative treatment of biological waste. Läckeby ProductsEnvironmental technology is a tool to - Develops solutions for mechanicalsecure long-term, sustainable growth. treatment of water and sludge.The company has three divisions: - In-house design, development andThe Purac Division production ensure a high level of quality- Treatment of wastewater, process water and innovation, and long experienceand drinking water, biological sludge guarantees products that can be adaptedhandling as well as treatment of biological to the unique requirements of each plant.waste. - The product range includes, e.g. Roto-- Contracting business that unifies broad Sieve drum screens, heat exchangers,know-how and experience with internally screw presses, Roto-Sieve piston presses,developed and licensed technologies for screw conveyors etc.innovative solutions delivering increasedefficiency and more economical operation. Läckeby Service Offers service and maintenance of- Thermophilic or mesophilic digestion is customers plants in local markets.used to produce biogas, which then is 25
  27. 27. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenMidsummer ABElektronikhöjden 617543 JärfällaSwedenTel. 46 8 525 09 610Fax. 46 8 525 09 611Contact: Sven Lindström, President and CEO sven.lindstrom@midsummer.seProduct: Thin-film solar cellsTurnover: USD 312.000 (2006)Employees: 11Ownership: Founders 69.4% (Sven Lindström, Alf Linder, Eric Jaremalm, Göran Lombäck), Infologix BVI 9.5%, Other Minor shareholders 21.1%Sales Area: Targeted markets are Asia, Europe and North AmericaReferences: Available upon requestLooking for: “Midsummer has commenced cooperation with with California basedcompanies to develop materials and equipment specific for their solar cells.Midsummer is looking for funding to expand the development and to furtherstrengthen the ties with their American partners.”Product Description:Midsummer’s business concept is to The tremendous growth rate of solarproduce inexpensive solar cells by using power has created a lack of refinedsputtering, a commercially available thin- silicon, the main component of today’sfilm depositing technique to produce 5 solar cells. Midsummer thin-filminch solar cells with an extremely short technology is non-silicon based and acycle time. perfect answer to the silicon supply problem.The sputtering technology is used in lowcost, short cycle mass production, e.g. The market price of a raw solar cell todaythe manufacture of hard discs and optical is over USD 2.00/W. Midsummer’s initialdiscs (CD/DVD). projections show a manufacturing cost at between USD 0.8-1.2/W for massThe technology is applied together with a production volumes. The low investmentpatent that will increase the solar cell costs and the stable process that theefficiency and decrease the complexity of company can achieve, opens up anthe manufacturing equipment. astounding opportunity for large scaleMidsummer is applying the mass manufacturing of solar cells.production technologies and experienceto the production of solar cells. Midsummer is the coordinator of the EU- project: HIGH SPEED CIGS. 26
  28. 28. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenMorphic Technologies ABGammelbackavägen 6161 51 KarlskogaSwedenTel. 46 586 673 60http://www.morphic.seContact: Mr. Johannes Falk, Executive Vice President johannes.falk@morphic.seProduct: Renewable energy systemsTurnover: USD 14 MillionEmployees: 100Ownership: Founders Swedbank Robur AB Östersjösiftelsen (R&D) Alecta (pension fund)Sales Area: WorldwideReferences: Windfarm Vänern, Vattenfall (Sweden), Rolls RoyceLooking for: “Partners and investors to assist with the global expansion. Alsointerested in meeting with key opinion leaders and companies within clean energytechnologies.”Product Description:Morphics business concept is to develop The company’s future strategy andand market energy systems for renewable objectives include:electricity production as well as low-resource production technology for Wind power: retain the current marketefficient component production. share of 20-25 percent as well as to expand in NorwayThe company has four business areas: Fuel cells: to be a leading supplier with a market share of 50 percent by 2012Fuel Cells: development, production and Hydroelectric power: market leadersale of components for fuel cell within renovation and upgrading byproduction; 2007/08 Wind power and Fuel cells: global salesHydropower: maintenance, renovation of complete energy systems based onand upgrades of hydroelectric power renewable energy sourcesstations; Production technology: continue toWind power: development and production develop the different operations platformsof wind power stations; R&D: establish sales based on theProduction technology: production and companys intellectual propertiessale of complex components 27
  29. 29. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenNEOVA ABBox 1143824 13 HudiksvallSwedenTel. 46 771 98 00 00Fax. 46 650 54 74 57http://www.neovabioenergy.comContact: Håkan Bjur, CEO hakan.bjur@neova.seProduct: Renewable energy and fuels from peat and wood material, manufacturer of wood pellets, heat and electricity from power plants, biofuel plant technology, composting technology combined with production of biogas, synthetic dieselTurnover: USD 300 MillionEmployees: 250Ownership: Vapo (Finnish)Sales Area: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, GermanyReferences: Mälarnergi (Sweden), Gästrike Återvinnare [Sweden], Norsk Hydro (Norway)Looking for: “New production opportunities and partners for pellet production.Export opportunities for know-how concerning bio fuels and environmentallysound production of heat and electricity.”Product Description:Neova’s customers are industries, is to always be close to those who use ourmunicipal remote and combined power products.and heating plants, private districtheating plants, etc. Pellets are primarily Since late 2007 Neova has acquired 19delivered to homeowners, property heating plants, started Sweden’s firstowners, schools and private as well as closed-system composting plant, takenmunicipal district heating plants. ownership of Sweden’s most renowned garden and landscaping company -Customer relationships are characterized Hasselfors Garden, co-launched RENECby long-term co-operation with (Renewable Energy Conference), initiatedexceptional service and sensitivity to a Center of Excellence in the bioenergycustomers’ needs. Through a widespread field. Neova is currently looking for aretail network, comprised of 250 retailers suitable site to start constructing aaround the country, Neova combines the synthetic diesel plant. And there are stillreliability and resources of a large more things to come, all in the name ofcompany with local presence. The motto combating climate change. 28
  30. 30. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenNIBE HeatingBox 142845 21 MarkarydSwedenTel: 46 433 730 00Fax. 46 433 731 90http://www.nibe.euContact: Kjell Ekermo, Business Area Manager kjell.ekermo@nibe.seProduct: Geothermal, air/water and exhaust air heat pumpsTurnover: USD 442 MillionEmployees: 1729Ownership: The parent company NIBE Industrier AB has been quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O list since 1997.Sales Area: Mainly the European countriesReferences: Unipipe (Ireland), Rörmannen AB (Sweden)Looking for: “Partnership opportunities and market access assistance.”Product Description:NIBE Heating is the market leader for Environmental: Heating products thatdomestic heating products in the Nordic use renewable energy are developed andcountries, Poland and the Czech made more efficient in order to pave theRepublic. Customers are the RMI sector way for phasing out fossil fuels and(Renovation, Maintenance, Improvement) reducing CO2 emissions. Environmentaland the new housing market. The aspects are important both whenmission for NIBE heating is to supply developing and manufacturing products,homes and buildings with products that through a life cycle analysis approachprovide domestic hot water and ensure a and by scrutinising products from thecomfortable indoor climate. perspective of sustainability.Products: NIBE Heating has the Savings: geothermal heat pumps canfollowing product areas: Heat pumps lower the energy consumption for heating(ground source heat pumps/geothermal by up to 75%. There is also access to freeheat pumps, exhaust air heat pumps and cooling with the geothermal heat pumps.outdoor air heat pumps), Domestic NIBE air/water heat pump can lower theboilers, Water heaters, and District energy consumption for heating by up toheating modules. 50%, in comparison to the conventional heating systems.Quality: High quality is the hallmark ofNIBE products and services and, as such,constitutes one of the determining factorsfor the customer’s decision to buy. 29
  31. 31. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenNilar International ABStockholmsvägen 116183 20 TäbySwedenTel. 46 8 562 011 00Fax. 46 8 792 06 54http://www.nilar.comContact: Lars Fredriksson, Managing Director, Europe lars.fredriksson@nilar.comProduct: Nickel Metal Hydride Power SystemsTurnover: USD 0.6 MillionEmployees: 30Ownership: Privately owned by a small group of investorsSales Area: Europe and USReferences: Air ContainerLooking for: “Nilar is currently producing and marketing the Nickel Metal HydridePower Systems to the transportation, aviation, marine and military sectors. Nilarwould also be interested in meeting with US based investors within alternativeenergy.”Product Description:Nilar produces Nickel Metal Hydride Nilar’s modular battery design providesbattery power systems that deliver power customer with ease of integration throughand energy safely over long cycle life and the ability to configure standard modulesare ideally suited in applications such as: into pack of varying sizes, voltages and • Transportation capacities. • Aviation • Marine Nilar is focused on delivering complete • Military power system solutions, including thermal solutions, charge control, andNilar’s patented and unique battery controls electronics to optimize theconstruction provides for significant performance of the battery pack over theimprovements in energy and power life of the application.density over traditional NiMH batteries.The Nilar battery is significantly safer Nilar invites you to tell us more aboutthan lithium ion batteries, in addition to your specific application and learn whatbeing competitive in terms of volumetric "Powered by Nilar" can do for you!power and energy density at the packlevel. 30
  32. 32. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenNordIQ Göteborg ABIndustrivägen 4449 44 NolSwedenTel. 46 303 979 40Mobile: 46 73 688 99 73Fax. 46 31 748 07 71http://www.nordiq.seContact: Matts Lindgren, CEO matts.lindgren@nordiq.seProduct: Smart heating control systemTurnover: USD 2 MillionEmployees: 10Ownership: Matts Lindgren, CEO Peter Gummérus, head of development Svensksundh Invest ABSales Area: ScandinaviaReferences: SFV, Statens Fastighetsverk, Energy Solutions, Göteborg Energi, WWF, Global Focus, Sustainable Stockholm AwardLooking for:Product Description:NordIQ’s main technology is a method for Energy saving is normally between 10-keeping temperature stable in buildings. 25%. In addition, another 25% ofThis is a key to energy savings as too little “primary energy” can be saved if wasteheat leads to complaints and too much energy sources are available e.g. in termsheat leads to excessive energy of district heating.consumption. NordIQ’s main product today is districtHence, stable temperature lets you heating substations, but the technology ismaintain a precise acceptable indoor also applicable to any water basedclimate. The natural method to keep heating systems, particularly forstable temperature is to maintain heat residential buildings (as these have lessbalance. Heat supply must balance heat complex heat balance). For US marketlosses. Therefore NordIQ Softcontrol is NordIQ believes that a generalizedbased on heat balancing equations, product (not specialized for districtcompensating for outdoor climate, heating) is sufficient.building heat storage capacity, self-heating etc. 31
  33. 33. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenNORSTEL ABRamshällsvägen 15602 38 NorrköpingSwedenTel. 46 11 211 740Fax. 46 11 211 741http://www.norstel.comContact: Iain Jackson, CEO iain.jackson@norstel.comProduct: Silicon carbide materials for HEVsTurnover: USD 750,000Employees: 42Ownership: Northzone, Creandum, Eqvitec and other institutional and industrial investorsSales Area: Worldwide, especially Japan, North America and EuropeReferences: Rohm (www.rohm.com), Charles and Colvard (www.moissanite.com).Looking for: “Increased awareness of Norstel as a supplier of silicon carbidematerial and increased market understanding of the benefits of silicon carbide asan energy saving solution in power electronics.“Product Description:Norstel is a manufacturer of single crystal operate at a much higher operatingsilicon carbide materials and wafers. temperature. In the Hybrid ElectricNorstel’s products are primarily used in Vehicle this results in power electronicspower electronics where silicon carbide with a smaller form factor, significantlycan realize a 50% decrease in power loss less cooling requirement and improvedcompared conventional silicon energy efficiency. Overall this leads totechnology. Norstel’s customers are better fuel economy and less CO2silicon carbide device manufacturers who emissionsserve end users where the substantialenergy saving benefits of silicon carbide is Other areas where power savingrealized. attributes of silicon carbide has real advantage are in power factor correctionEnd applications where silicon carbide circuits, solar energy electronics, and onbrings in significant advantages can be a longer term in power transmission.found in many areas one of the mostpotential being the Hybrid Electric Norstel also manufactures wafers for highVehicles space. Here the significant power frequency electronics and for thesaving of silicon carbide is further gemstone market.enhanced by its ability to handle highercurrent density than silicon and to Norstel technology is patent protected. 32
  34. 34. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenOPCON ABBox 30662 21 ÅmålSwedenTel. 46 532 611 00Cell. 46 706782 217http://www.opcon.seContact: Per Hedebäck, Head of business area Renewable Energy, ph@rotor.se Niklas Johansson, vice president, nj@rotor.seProduct: Energy efficiency systemsTurnover: USD 52 MillionEmployees: 340Ownership: Publicly traded on OMX Nordic Exchange StockholmSales Area: Sweden, Europe, China, USAReferences: Lysholm Technologies, SRM AB (Sweden)Looking for: “US-based companies currently working in the areas of marketingproducts and systems for energy efficiency within the process and powerindustries. Has a strong focus on Waste Heat Recovery.”Product Description:Opcon is an energy and environmental A new low-temperature dryer Renergi LTDtechnology Group that develops, produces also allows for sawmills or pelletand markets systems and products for manufacture to use waste heat to doubleeco-friendly, efficient and resource- the amount being dried without usingeffective use of energy. Opcon has more energy.facilities in Sweden and China witharound 340 employees. The company has Opcon recently launched the 650 KW3 Business areas. Renewable energy, Opcon Powerbox for producing electricityEngine Efficiency and Mobility Products, from waste heat already at a low 55 °C,and has increased their focus on energy aimed primarily at process and powerefficiency and waste heat recovery. industries. Under good conditionsOpcon’s subsidiary SRE, Svensk production cost are approx. 3 USRökgasenergi is a leading supplier of flue cent/kWh.gas condensers with some 60-70installations to date, increasing energy Typical average effect in processoutput with 25-30% at biomass boilers. industries is 400 kW and at 8500 hours per year, approx. 3 400 MWh. 33
  35. 35. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenParans Solar Lighting ABKämpegatan 4A411 04 GöteborgSwedenTel. 46 31 201 590Fax. 46 31 201 584http://www.parans.comContact: Marcus Fransson, Managing Director marcus.fransson@parans.comProduct: Fiber Optic Solar LightingTurnover: USD 1 MillionEmployees: 5Ownership: Founder team Chalmers University Private investorsSales Area: Europe and AsiaReferences: IKEA, City of Malmö (Sweden), Edinburgh University (UK), Government of AustriaLooking for: “Contact with venture capital companies that are interested ininvesting into Parans Daylight’s expansion to the US market, their top priority.”Product Description:Parans technology is called Fiber Optic Indoors, the sunlight is emitted through aSolar Lighting. Sunlight is collected by Parans Luminaire, specifically designed toParans Solar Panels outdoors. The recreate a sensation of sunlight.sunlight is then brought into the buildingthrough Parans Optical Cables. Indoors, • Productivity increases by 6 – 16% withthe sunlight flows out through Parans natural lightLuminaires. Parans Solar Panels can be • Electrical lighting represents 40–50% ofmounted on roofs or facades and employ the energy consumption in commercialan array of optical lenses to collect and buildings.concentrate incoming sunlight. • Electrical lighting contributes 25–30%Installation is easy and integrable with of the emission of greenhouse gasesbuildings’ surfaces to allow for generated in commercial buildings.architectural integrity. • Exchanging half of a building’s electrical lighting with Parans Fiber Optic SolarThe Parans Optical Cable is thin and Lighting can lower the energy costs byflexible, made of several thin fiber optic 20–25% and the emission of greenhousestrands. The high light transmission gases by 10–15%.allows the sunlight to reach far intobuildings. 34
  36. 36. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenPicoterm ABKista Science Tower164 51 KistaSwedenTel. 46 733 254 790http://www.picoterm.comContact: Ulf Sundman, CEO ulf@picoterm.comProduct: Thermoacoustic engine technologyTurnover: Start-up phaseEmployees: 2Ownership: Bengt Ovelius, Ulf Sundman, Peter Näslund, Rolf DjärfSales Area: WorldwideReferences: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Chalmers University of TechnologyLooking for: “Venture capital and joint venture partners”Product Description:Air conditioning, refrigeration and the There are several advavantages to usinginternal combustion engine account for a thermoacoustics. The engine becomeslarge part of today’s energy consumption fuel independent, the efficiency isand are major contributors to global threefold compared to conventionalwarming. Picoterm is developing a new technology and the weight of the engine iskind of engine technology that combines only one 10th of a standard engine. Thethe science of heat, thermodynamics with majority of the energy generated will bethe science of sound, acoustics, creating used for the performance and thus nothermoacoustics. cooling is necessary. Cooling, heat and electricity can easily be produced by theThermoacoustic engines replace the sun. The solution is simple, reliable andmechanical piston in the conventional robust. Picoterm thermoacoustics canengine with concentrated sound waves radically reduce CO2 emissions and ourthat can either be harnessed for power or dependence on fossil fuels.drive a cooling unit. Picoterm’s innovativeengine technology addresses the In 2008, WWF selected Picoterm as one oflimitations of the currently available the most innovative cleantech companiesthermoacoustics and enables the use of in Sweden.this technology in the production of heatpumps, refrigeration units, electricity, Picoterm is currently in the process ofHEVs and boats. producing a prototype. 35
  37. 37. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenStridsberg Powertrain ABStallarholmsvägen 40124 59 BandhagenSwedenTel. 46 8 992 190http://www.powertrain.seContact: Lennart Stridsberg, CEO lennart@stridsberg.seProduct: Hybrid system for vehiclesTurnover: USD 2.4 MillionEmployees: 8Ownership: Lennart StridsbergSales Area: SwedenReferences: Saab Avionis, ABB Robotics (Sweden)Looking for: “Partners (ideally a car manufacturer interested in developing itsown hybrid technology; a supplier to the automotive industry; VC company orconsultancy firm) who can contribute to the financing of a demonstrator project,and ideally also participate in the project and assist with building the business.”Product Description:The Strigear hybrid system technology Hybrid vehicles designed using theoffers a 66% reduction in CO2 emissions Strigear y principle offer significantlyfor cars like the Volvo V70, and improve lower fuel consumption (37 – 50%) andperformance. This is proved in extensive higher acceleration (50 - 55%) whensimulations made by the company and is compared to a Prius type design with veryconfirmed by simulations made by a well similar components.established vehicle developmentcompany. In a Strigear hybrid, all power from the engine is transferred totally mechanicallyA diesel Strigear will emit less than half of when the clutch is closed. This provides athe CO2 emitted by a coal power plant to high efficiency connection between thecharge an equal size electric battery engine and the tires.vehicle. The next step is to build a demonstration unit where all the simulated data can be proved. 36
  38. 38. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenRanotorTilskogsvagen 15193 40 SigtunaSwedenTel. 46 8 592 524 28Fax. 46 8 592 591 60http://www.ranotor.seContact: Peter Platell platell@ranotor.seProduct: Modern high performance steam enginesTurnover: USD 0,3 MillionEmployees: 7Ownership: Ove Platell, Peter Platell, Sten Dahlman, Reidar LindströmSales Area: WorldwideReferences: Volvo trucks, SCANIA, Volvo Cars in Sweden and GM in the USLooking for: “VC and business experience in the US market.”Product Description:Small Scale Rankine cycles (Steam Power) engine project during the 70’s) is todayhas unique possibilities to use a much working with Swedish truckwider range of energy sources than any manufactures and GM in USA regardingother power cycle as liquid and solid fuel, WHR (Waste Heat Recovery) in automotivesolar energy and waste heat from other applications. Automotive application is apower cycles. The capability to convert long-term project, but there are otherwaste heat into useful work has gained applications as bio-fueled CHP. Contactsinterest within the automotive industry in Minnesota, Montana and Canada areand RANOTOR AB (founded by the former interesting to purchase steam engines forproject leader for SAAB-SCANIA ‘s steam CHP and railways applications. 37
  39. 39. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenREAC Fuel ABSkyttelinjen 134226 49 LundSwedenTel. 46 46 286 34 91Mobile. 46 70 863 07 75http://www.reacfuel.comContact: Anders Carlius, CEO anders.carlius@reacfuel.comProduct: Container sized production units that produce real fuelTurnover: < USD 0.5 MillionEmployees: 5Ownership: Carlius Invest AB Rune Ekman Swedish early stage intitutional investorsSales Area: Nordic countriesReferences: Pacific Ethanol (US)Looking for: “Capital and partners to assist with the expansion to the US market,REAC Fuel’s largest target market.”Product Description:The company makes high efficiency There is no cost for the local economy butsynthetic gasoline, diesel and kerosene an advantage to the local biomassfrom wood. The REAC Fuel process can producers. REAC Fuel gasoline and dieseluse any raw material containing cellulose, are price competitive with regular dieselhemi-cellulose or lignin. Examples are: and gasoline. REAC Fuel is the onlywood, recycled paper, hemp, switchgrass competitive alternative fuel that does notor any other high-yield energy crop. require any modification of the current infrastructure. REAC Fuel produces realAll the carbon that is released with REAC gasoline and real diesel, not a substitute.diesel, REAC Jet A1 fuel or REACgasoline is taken from the atmosphere REAC Fuel can be produced in smallwhen new biomass is grown and container-sized production units, close toconverted into REAC Fuels. No new where the raw material is produced, withinfrastructure needs to be built, no cars very high efficiency. Only the finalneed to be adjusted, no trucks need product, gasoline or diesel, is moved fromconversion kits to run on these the production site, decreasing thealternative fuels. logistics costs. 38
  40. 40. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenREHACT ABLingvägen 54122 40 EnskedeSwedenTel. 46 709 566 756Fax. 46 8 654 2110http://www.rehact.comContact: Svante Bengtsson, CEO svante@rehact.comProduct: Energy efficient ventilation systemTurnover: USD 0.2 MillionEmployees: 4Ownership: 94% owned by management teamSales Area: Sweden, PolandReferences: Corporate Profiles Real Estate, PolandLooking for: “Venture capital and business partners in the real estate sector withexperience from the fast developing countries like Dubai, China and India.”Product Description:The product reduces external energy need The REHACT ventilation unit can bothfor heating and cooling of buildings by provide a building with cold and heat. In85%. combination with heat pumps and under floor heating this system can provide theToday ventilation is used both to provide necessary energy for heating and coolingfresh air and remove excess heat from to a mere 15% of today’s need. Thebuildings. Using air as a carrier for remaining 85% of the energy comes fromenergy is very inefficient. Many people the immediate surroundings and is free ofrealize this as they pay a lot more to cool charge.their houses than to heat them. The company focuses on newThe electricity used for cooling sometimes construction of buildings, mainly largeoverloads the power grid of entire states. office buildings and hotels and wants toIf we can separate the process of operate in markets with high level of newproviding fresh air from the process of construction, such as Eastern Europe,cooling the building, a lot of energy can Dubai, China and India. The customersbe saved thus reducing the cost for the are building constructors, hotel chainsowner of the building and lowering the and large office suppliers.risk of power failures. The company was elected “Top 12REHACT has developed a ventilation Swedish Climate entrepreneurs” by WWFunit/heat exchanger that instead uses in March 2008 and has also receivedwater as a carrier of energy. awards in the USA and Sweden. 39
  41. 41. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenScandinavian Biogas Fuels ABVerkstadsgatan 4753 23 UppsalaSwedenTel. 46 18 125 821Fax. 46 18 301 084http://www.scandinavianbiogas.comContact: Mr. Thomas Davidsson, CEO thomas.davidsson@scandinavianbiogas.comProduct: Cost-effective biogas production methodTurnover: USD 6 MillionEmployees: 35Ownership: Novator Biogas Sweden SARL Erik Danielsson Jörgen Ejlertsson Ola ÖdmarkSales Area: Sweden, Korea, USA, Baltics, Finland, PolandReferences: Himmerfjärden, Sweden, Ulsan, Korea, Jang Lim (Korea); Southern California Gas Company (US)Looking for: “American VC for setting up a subsidiary for North America in orderto capitalize/execute on all the leads we have for the American market;Complementary Partners to enhance quick growth on the stillage, glycerin andsludge market; R&D funding/governmental support to set-up and verify ourtechnology on the north American market”.Product Description:Scandinavian Biogas has developed • Increasing the gas output at existingmethods to produce biogas more cost wastewater plants by 3-5 without addingefficiently, made possible mainly by new infrastructure such as digestionimproved process design (raw material chambers, etc.flexible, robust and reliable), process • Building new biogas plants instimulated additives (higher gas yield), conjunction with ethanol- & biodieselpatented ultrasound technology and plants where organic material issmaller foot-print of plants (decrease in available.investment cost) • Using existing landfills and upgrading the biogas with the latestThe company’s business focus is to technology into vehicle fuel.optimise the production of biogas fromexisting and new biogas plants and toutilize landfills to extract bio methane.Business opportunities include: 40
  42. 42. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenSeabased ABDag Hammarskjölds Väg 52 B751 83 UppsalaSwedenTel. 46 18 472 30 90Fax. 46 18 472 30 91http://www.seabased.comContact: Billy Johansson, Managing Director billy@seabased.comProduct: Wave power solutionsTurnover: USD 3-4 MillionEmployees: 30Ownership: Leijon Engineering AB Bernhoff Technology AB Uppsala University Development AB Sjätte AP fonden 100 small share ownersSales Area: Nordic countries but now expanding outside this regionReferences: Vattenfall, Göteborg Energi AB, Fortum Generation AB (Sweden)Looking for: “Partners for joint ventures in the US and elsewhere and investorsinterested in funding further wave power research at the Uppsala University.”Product Description:Seabased Group develops and delivers The first Wave Energy Converter wasindustrial solutions for sustainable manufactured by Uppsala University andconversion of ocean wave energy to deployed on the West Coast of Sweden inelectricity. March 2006 and this unit is still in operation.The system is based on a unique three-phase, permanent magnet, and linear A commercial system solution designedgenerator especially developed for ocean by Seabased is now available andbed arrays and directly driven by point manufacture has started in June 2008.absorbers (buoys) on the surface. The pattern arrangement and number ofSeabased Group works in close point absorbers as well as deploymentcooperation with the Uppsala University depth may vary. The overall indication is,in Sweden. By deploying the robust, however, that systems where a number ofsimple and small, yet scientifically and small specifically designed generators aretechnically sophisticated wave energy connected in arrays, can extractconverters of Seabased in arrays on the substantial quantities of electric energyocean floor, a scalable power plant with even from milder ocean climate areas, athigh economic potential is achieved. competitive prices with no need for long- term subsidies or tax breaks. 41
  43. 43. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenSEEC ABMoränvägen 17192 67 SollentunaSwedenTel. 46 8 754 83 01http://www.seec.seContact: Thomas Wildig, Sales Manager thomas.wildig@seec.seProduct: Energy Storage SystemTurnover: USD 1.7 MillionEmployees: 4Ownership: Privately owned companySales Area: Europe, USA, AustraliaReferences: Katrineholm Municipal (Sweden), PEAB AB (Sweden)Looking for: “Companies that are interested in using the technology licensewithin their business region.”Product Description:SEEC produces industrial standard BTES Typically the boreholes are within 6 feet(Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) heat from each other. The volume, losses andpump technologies for larger users, such energy storage capacity determines howas shopping malls, industrial facilities, much energy can be stored, typically 0.6apartment buildings and hospitals. The kWh per m3 rock.unique characteristic of the system is theseasonal storage capability, storing The system’s target markets are largewinter’s coldness to be used for cooling industrial and residential buildings,during the summer and summer’s heat to around and above 10.000 sq. m. Thebe used for heating during the winter. normal COP is from 5 to 8 depending on cooling and heating needs.The system consists of e.g. 38 boreholes,connected to cooling panels/batteries and SEEC installation can cut down 50 – 80%compressors. The compressors are of the energy costs. The systemconnected to buildings heating and installation is slightly more expensivecooling system. than that for a conventional plant but the operating costs are much lower. 42
  44. 44. One Big Thing Alternative Energy Opportunities in SwedenSEKABBox 286891 26 ÖrnsköldsvikSwedenTel. 46 660 758 00Fax. 46 660 543 80http://www.sekab.comContact: Per Carstedt, CEO per.carstedt@sekab.comProduct: Bioethanol, Cellulosic EthanolTurnover: USD 350 MillionEmployees: 140Ownership: Skellefteå, Örnsköldsvik and Umeå Energy companies Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten (insurance company) OK Ekonomisk Förening (fuel cooperative) EcoDevelopment AB (management)Sales Area: EuropeReferences: Biofuel region, BioAlcohol Fuel FoundationLooking for: “SEKAB is already active in the US market but is always looking fornew partners/investors for further expansion.”Product Description:SEKAB’s mission is to create the has a capacity of around 300-400 l/day.conditions for actively promoting For this quantity the plant usessustainable transport for the future with approximately 2 tons (dry weight) of woodthe help of long-term, sustainable chippings/other raw material containingbiofuels. lignocellulose.SEKAB’s ethanol is biological and the raw The technology is based on hydrolyzingmaterials for production in Örnsköldsvik the cellulose and hemicellulose,consist, amongst other things, of sugar whereupon the sugar is fermented tosolution obtained from paper pulp ethanol, which is then distilled. In weakproduction and oxygen from the air. acid hydrolysis, sulphuric acid or sulphurSEKAB also buys ethanol produced from dioxide is used as a catalyst atsugar cane. The water remaining in 95 temperatures of around 200ºC. Inper cent ethanol can be removed through enzymatic hydrolysis, the material is firstdehydration using molecular sieves. The treated with a mild weak acid hydrolysisdehydrated ethanol is then used as fuel after which enzymes hydrolyze theor a raw material for other chemical remaining cellulose in a third stage. Bothproducts manufactured by SEKAB. the industrial processes for weak acidSEKAB’s Ethanol R&D Plant is housed in and enzymatic processes are currentlySEKAB’s premises in Örnsköldsvik and being developed at the plant. 43