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The Infinite Ways Of Self Tanning


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The Infinite Ways Of Self Tanning

  1. 1. Some self tanning methods are much safer than using the sun. They darken the skin just as well as the sun and do not cause as many health problems. In fact, some self tanning agents provide a more convenient and safer method of tanning than the sun.
  2. 2. Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion
  3. 3. Of the many self tanning methods, the most popular ones involve the use of: lotions, pills, air brushes and tanningbeds. It is important to remember that although these selftanning products are widely used, they are not necessarilysafer than the sun, nor are they always recommended. Of all the self tanning methods; lotions and air brushing are probably the two safest methods while the pills and tanning beds often come under fire. Use the information below about the different self tanning methods to make an informed decision about the best self tanning agents and procedures for you.
  4. 4. Lotions: these come in the form of bronzers or gradualskin darkeners. The bronzers add a light temporary filmover the skin, while the lotions penetrate the epidermis.They stimulate the increased secretion of melanin in the epidermis of the skin and thus cause darkening.
  5. 5. Pills: these cause increased secretion of melanin in the skin, just like some tanning lotions. The mechanism of darkening is unclear and therefore the use of pills is notsupported by doctors. Also of importance is that the FDA does not endorse the pills available for self tanning.
  6. 6. Air brushing: this is one of the best ways to tan. An airbrush is used to spray a light layer of self tanning lotion orsolution on top of the skin. The result is a smooth, bronzed look.
  7. 7. Tanning Beds: these emit UV rays and darken the skincolor via these rays. Some argue that these UV rays are no safer than those emitted by the sun. They argue that thismethod is only more convenient but just as damaging and therefore do not recommend it.
  8. 8. A myriad of self tanning methods exist. It is however the responsibility of the customer to find out their positive and negative effects of all the self tanning agents andmethods they want to use. Only choose the ones that willnot compromise your health. They will work just as well as those that do.
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