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Small Business Grants Loans:Government Grants For Starting a Small Business


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Small Business Grants Loans:Government Grants For Starting a Small Business

  1. 1. The first procedure for getting Minority small business loans is to submit an appropriate application form of the financial institutions/banks. It is worth mentioning thatthere are different types of application forms for different categories of grants. The information furnished in theapplication covers, inter alia, the following: the name andaddress of the borrower and his establishment; the detailsof the borrowers business; and the nature and amount of security offered.
  2. 2. Through the Small Business Admistration small business can apply for both long and short term loans to assistthem with their business needs. There are four basic types of loans offered through them. A business loan guaranty program, the micro loan program, 504 certified development company business loan program and the small business investment company program.Another option is to apply to various large corporations or foundations. Many of these corporations offer financial grants to small business owners. When a corporation provides a grant to a small business owner, they are able to use the money given as a large tax write off.
  3. 3. Australia has many private foundation and government grant programs available. When beginning a search forgrants, private or government, be prepared for a large list of prospects. It is important to go through the ones appearing to suit your needs to determine theirlegitimacy. It the available grant appears to be legitimateand one that fits your criteria be prepared to provide a lot of information.There are grants geared towards specific types of small businesses or minority grants such as for women starting a business. The majority of the foundations will want to know why you think you qualify, what type of business you have or want to have, and if there are other loans out for the business.
  4. 4. If the existing business needs for more place and want to go in for additional building, then the grant is offered forpurchase of new building or to construct some extra placein the existing building. In the case of businesses that are well established, then the grants are provided to these organizations for development and research and also for technology improvement. business grants are also given for those organizations who do export business for enhancement of trading internationally.
  5. 5. Once a favorable decision is taken at the SEM forum andthe sharing arrangement worked out, the case is referredto the Board of Directors of the lead financial institution. After the Board of Directors of the leadSmall BusinessGrants Loans financial institution approves the proposal, a financial letter of sanction is issued to the borrower.
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