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Fsbo, Yes Or No?


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Fsbo, Yes Or No?

  1. 1. Selling your home yourself can save you thousands of dollars in commissions. However, this might not be yourbest option and heres why exactly you should think twice before going FSBO.
  2. 2. A Daunting Task
  3. 3. It is no joke to sell your home, to put it concisely. What if you have a job that demands not only your time and effort, but has you always on the move even when you have left the workplace? What if you are required to do a lot of flying? You an entertainer, perhaps? Got long work hours? Do a great deal of study reading just to stay as good at your work tomorrow as you were today? I might have touched a nerve with any of the above descriptions(or maybe more), and if I have, then things are too exciting and/or demanding as of the present for you to go FSBO.
  4. 4. You would be better off seeking the help of a Realtor if you work in a profession that is either one or more of thefollowing - fast-paced, difficult, stressful, exciting, never-a-dull-moment, time-consuming - you get the idea. Take the time when you first put your home on the market to interview an agent or two. Find out how their listings are marketed. Ask if they keep their clients informed about the status of their propertys marketing. Do not just ask for, but INSIST on references - no references, then tough. And once you have found somebody who leaves you no doubt about his/her skills and experience, then sign thatlisting agreement. A good agent can give you sound advice and save you a ton of time.
  5. 5. Inexperience
  6. 6. You are probably a good candidate for working with anagent if you have never bought or sold a home before. The same thing is true if it has been a number of years since the last time you bought or sold. Dibs on those double quotations if you are new to your county and have not bought or sold a home in there either. Naturally, theexception to such a truism would be those individuals who are under the employ of real estate firms or other similar lenders. You may not be buying or selling your home on a regular basis, but your experience would definitely serve you well when it counts.
  7. 7. I would advise older individuals to enlist the assistance of an agent. In most instances these would be homeowners who have owned their property for several years, evendecades. The home has appreciated - often more than theowner realizes. Now the owner wants to "up the ante", soto say, and is wanting to buy another piece of property, on one community level, with grounds maintenance and other exterior chores outsourced to an association. Butthis cannot be accomplished if they do not sell their home. One simple thing the homeowner could do would be toincrease their savings from the sale, which would result in lower operating expenses for the new home compared to the old one. The idea of making a big change and the multiplicity of accompanying concerns is daunting. This is why I firmly believe hiring somebody with experience can
  8. 8. You probably wont prosper by going FSBO if either the first or second situation applies to you.
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