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The content plan for development of the new 4SiteStudios.com on Drupal.

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4Site Studios New Website Content Plan

  1. 1. 4Site Website Redesign Content PlanProject: 4Site Studios RebrandPrepared For: 4Site Studios StaffPrepared By: Riche Zamor, Director of StrategyLast Update: May 21, 2013Summary4Site Interactive Studios seeks to redesign their existing website to better communicate the capabilities and experience of the agency. In thefirst quarter of 2013, we have undergone an agency rebrand with the goal of positioning ourselves as a top-tier digital creative agency thatspecializes in work with the nonprofit sector. Although the website, is not our primary marketing tool, going forward it will act as the basefrom which we build brand awareness and lead generation through digital communications.In order to increase brand awareness and lead generation, we plan to redesign and redevelop the existing website to better showcase ournew brand; demonstrate the extent of our creative abilities; and provide more information about our project successes and processes toaid organizations in deciding whether 4Site will make a good strategic partner.4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 1
  2. 2. Business GoalsAs outlined in our marketing plan, we have set three high level goals for 2013:1. Position 4Site as a top-tier digital creative agency working with the nonprofit sector2. Increase lead generation3. Deepen client engagement to increase recurring businessPlease reference the 4Site Studios 2013 Marketing & Communications Plan for more details.Project GoalsIn order for the 4Site Studios website to be a tool in helping us reach our 2013 business goals and objectives, we will need to accomplishthe following:Goal Recommendation PriorityCommunicate our new brand purpose and pillars throughthe websiteRedesign the website based on our new brand; seed thenew site with our new brand slogan and key messagesHighProduce new content to better communicate our capabilitiesas an integrated digital creative agencyRewrite content from new brand voice; let our work speakfor the level of service we offer; provide better descriptionsof our services and how they work togetherHighChange the architecture of the website markup for better Improve page markup within theme templates; consistently High4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 2
  3. 3. search indexing use alt text and titles for images; consistently use metadataacross website content; use metadata to optimize contentfor sharing on social platformsImprove the information architecture so users are findingkey content quicker and easierStreamline navigation into a single menu; removeunnecessary pages from the site navigation; use moredescriptive, personable navigation nomenclatureHighChange calls-to-action to improve click throughs to keylanding pagesUse unique and descriptive calls-to-action for everymarquee banner on the websiteHighImprove visual representation of content to increase clickthroughsChange project teaser images on the website to images ofour work, which yield higher clicks than images of icons orlogos; use color images to draw people’s eye to content;strategically use images to direct a user’s eye tocalls-to-action on the website; where possible, replace textwith visuals to minimize the time a user needs to spendconsuming content before taking actionMediumIncrease the number of pages visited per visit and amountof time spent on pagesShow users content topically related to the page a visitor isviewing; increase use of photo galleries, videos, andembedded documents within content pagesMediumBetter showcase our thought leadership content Decrease the number of items in our portfolio to highlightonly case studies of our best work; highlight blog poststhroughout the website that we are proudest of and aremost popularMediumImprove social media integration Change configuration of social share buttons to displaynative like/share icons; showcase our social media presencein a more prominent and visually attractive way; possiblyLow4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 3
  4. 4. aggregate posts from social networks other than TwitterImprove upon interactive features of the website Change commenting system to a 3rd-party service with abetter user experience; provide an easier way for users tosign up for our email list; create other ways for visitors tointeract with us, like downloading thought leadershipdocuments, etc.Low4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 4
  5. 5. Website AudienceOur target market consists of two client bases: medium-to-large size nonprofit organizations and social businesses, and small-to-mediumsize PR and advertising agencies that have a small or no digital practice in-house. Within these organizations, we seek to reach decisionmakers who can allocate budgets to projects and either decide on, or play a key role in choosing, partner agencies.Audience ProfilesBelow are high-level profiles of the type of organizations we intend to target our content to. As a B2B business, our target audiences areother organizations made up of many types of people. To that end, we will focus on creating content that will appeal to the broaderaudience making up these organizations with the goal of specifically reaching decision makers further defined in our user personas below.Social Orgs. and Businesses AgenciesType/Focus Environment, Science and Technology, Health, Education,Community Development, Arts/Cultural, Issue AdvocacyPublic relations, advertising, or direct mail, with afocus on public affairs, cause or social marketingMission Progressive-focus Progressive-focusSize Varies VariesAnnual Revenue $5MM+/yr VariesLocation Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Northeast & Mid-AtlanticExamples American Cancer Society, Conservation International,Care2, SmithonianCommunicationWorks, Levick Communications,HagerSharp4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 5
  6. 6. User PersonasJessica FreeportDirector of Online Communications,Environment Defenders of AmericaAge: 29Location: Alexandria, VABio:Jessica Freeport is the Director of Online Communications for Environment Defenders of America (EDA). Jessica has over ten years ofexperience in the environment movement, driving organizational growth and legislative change through effective communications strategy,media outreach, and social media. Prior to joining Environment Defenders of America, Jessica served on the communications teams of anumber of local and national environmental organizations helping them to integrate their online and offline communications to gaininfluencer support and drive supporters to take action.Jessica, as many digital strategists in the nonprofit sector, is an accidental techie. She stumbled into blogging while managingcommunications and media outreach for Friends of the Rose Kennedy Parkway. Since then, she has leveraged her background in socialmedia and knack for gaining influencer support to bring about legislation change on many key environmental issues.Situation:Jessica has been frustrated with the EDA website, and her job, for quite some time. She inherited a system that was built by the formertechnology director over six years ago, and it has not been updated since. Her boss is reluctant to allocate budget for redeveloping thewebsite, although her and her team feel the current system is costing the organization valuable man-hours.4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 6
  7. 7. User Need Statements:“ I am so ****ing frustrated with this website! I wish we could just rebuild this thing so I don’t have to spend so much time replicating workin multiple places.”“ She doesn’t get it! She doesn’t have to deal with this everyday. How can I show her that we can save time and money by redeveloping thewebsite.”Motivators:● Frustration with the current system● Need for improving efficiency in content administration● Gain (further) trust and respect of colleagues, especiallysenior leadershipDepressors:● Lack of trust/support from senior leadershipUser Behavior:Goals Key ActionsGet approval of a budget for redesigning the EDA website Search for web development project guides; seek advice fromprofessional networkWrite an RFP for redesign/redevelopment of the website Search for RFP’s online; request RFP advice/guides on listserves;seek advice from professional networkFind a vendor for the project Ask colleagues and friends for a reference; Google search foragencies that specialize in working with nonprofits; requestrecommendations from industry listserves; search throughindustry vendor lists4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 7
  8. 8. Solicit proposals Call/email desired agencies about project; send RFP out overindustry listserves; post RFP to organization websiteSelect a vendor Call/read references; review vendors’ past work; askfriends/professional network about agenciesDesired User Interaction:In descending order, we would like this user to do the following:1. Contact us to engage their organization in developing a strategy and development plan for their new website, which will lead todevelopment of the website by us or development of an RFP2. Send us a project RFP developed by the organization’s staff or another consultant, requesting we submit a proposal3. Subscribe to our email list or download a white paper/case study to learn more about what we do and our approach4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 8
  9. 9. Dave ZimmermanVP of Digital Strategy,Merritt CommunicationsAge: 36Location: Washington, DCBio:David Zimmerman is a pioneer in the use of social media for cause marketing. David played a critical role in the development of the PepsiRefresh Project, and has advised Fortune 500 companies and Philanthropy 400 organizations on the strategic use of social media to buildawareness or change perception of their brand.Previous to joining Merritt Communications, David worked as an Account Director at Powell Tate Social Impact, and previous to that as anAccount Supervisor on Edelman Digital’s Public Affairs team.David hales from Michigan, where he received his BA in Communications from University of Michigan Ann Harbor. He then moved toCambridge, MA, where he received an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School.When not working, David can be found training for a crossfit competition, debating policy with his buddies on the Hill, or exploring newrestaurants DC has to offer.Situation:David joined Merritt Communications because he saw the opportunity to take a leadership role within a reputable PR agency founding theirdigital practice. He is the first person to be hired to focus exclusively on digital. He will have the assistance of a few Account Executives who4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 9
  10. 10. have an interest in social media, but no full-time junior staff will be hired until the agency can bring in additional work. He needs to hire afirm that he can turn to when he needs to develop websites, apps, or digital content/assets for client projects.User Need Statements:“I kind of miss being able to walk down the hall and talk to a tech team when I just need to get stuff done quickly.”“ Jane and Will are awesome, but I need someone who knows more about digital to just bounce some ideas off of once and awhile.”Motivators:● Growing an award-winning digital practice● Impressing his colleagues and senior leadershipDepressors:● Being the only person with a background in onlinecommunications within the agency● Lack of larger-scale digital projectsUser Behavior:Goals Key ActionsFind a creative/development shop he can outsource productionwork toPull from relationships he has with past vendors; ask professionalnetwork for recommendations; Google search small digitalagencies in the area4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 10
  11. 11. Desired User Interaction:In descending order, we would like this user to do the following:1. Contact us about to being a long-term strategic partner for his agency2. Send us a RFP for a client project, requesting we submit a proposal4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 11
  12. 12. Messaging Hierarchy & Framework4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 12
  13. 13. Information ArchitectureAnalysisAfter performing a thorough analysis of the current 4Site website analytics, we were able to gain a few valuable insights into the waysvisitors currently use our site:General:● Users follow our navigation left-to-right through the navigation, with about 20% drop-off as users click from page to page● People are not scrolling far down our pages, especially on the homepage, so key content needs to be above the fold● No one visits our website to access our client portal● People are not clicking on the link to sign up for our email list, we may need to expose the form to generate signups● We make very little use of taxonomy on the website, so we have no data on how this may impact pageviews or time on siteHomepage:● Very few people click on the slides in our slideshow to access pages, they defer to the main navigation● Less than 4% of people click on a link below the slideshow● People are not clicking to slide through our portfolio items on the homepage, and only visiting items that display when they hit thehomepage● In the portfolio section, people are mostly clicking on images of websites, not images of logosPortfolio:● Very few people click to expand the groupings of projects on our portfolio pageServices:● Page receives the highest bounce rate of any landing page on the website4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 13
  14. 14. Blog:● Our blog page gets very little traffic○ People typically visit individual posts they discover through search● Visitors typically do not visit other content after reading a blog postRecommendationsGiven these discoveries, we should streamline the site navigation into one main navigation ordered based on page popularity andrelevance to user need - portfolio, services, about us, blog then contact us. By doing this we are putting the content needs of our targetusers first, allowing them to quickly access what they are looking for and make a quick decision about our agency.We also want to make better use of content as a way to direct people to key pages and posts on the website. Visual banners with specificcalls-to-action can be just as powerful a tool in directing traffic as our streamlined navigation, but provide us with the opportunity to havean explicit ask for each person who clicks through to that page.4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 14
  15. 15. Website Navigation4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 15
  16. 16. Annotations:1. The features project page should contain filters for project type and cause2. The service pages should display related content from Our Insights and Portfolio, as well as contain a webform so clients can contactus about our services3. Our insights will be a collection of various content types with filters for content type, topic, etc.4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 16
  17. 17. Taxonomy Schema4Site’s new website will leverage a shared taxonomy structure that will power a lightweight content recommendation engine. We will tiekey content types - blog posts, projects, and resources - together based on the following vocabularies:Vocabulary Description Example Terms Type of FieldTopic Shared vocabulary across allblog posts, resources andprojects; should allow selectionof multiple topics on any ofthese content types, but nofreetaggingNTEN Conference, DrupalCon2013, Content As MediaWebinar SeriesMultiselectClient Should contain an image fieldfor attaching client logos and afield for CauseNetCentric Campaigns, NationalBuilding Museum, Say Yes toEducationSingleCause Description of the type or causewe were working forAdvocacy, Science andTechnology, AdvocacyMultiselectResource Type Descriptive taxonomy White Paper, Case Study, Single4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 17
  18. 18. describing the contents of eachresource nodeTutorial Video4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 18
  19. 19. Page InventoryBelow is a description of the major pages of the website, as outlined in the sitemap above.## New Page Purpose Content/Page Type Source Content New? Note0.0 Homepage Communicate ourprimary message ofbeing an integratedagency and directpeople to keylanding pagesView N/A Y1.0 Our Work Present a gallery ofthe various projectswe have completedfor clientsView http://4sitestudios.com/portfolioM Only 8-12 projects should befeatured1.1 Case Studies Highlight casestudies from thework we have donewith clientsView http://4sitestudios.com/portfolioM1.1.x Projects Describe thesolution weprovided for aProject http://4sitestudios.com/portfolioM4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 19
  20. 20. particular client’sneed1.2 Clients Display a listing ofour clientsView Y This view will pull from theclient taxonomy2.0 What We Do List our variousservice areas withdescriptions of eachView http://4sitestudios.com/servicesY2.1 Strategy Describe ourstrategy servicesand display relatedworkBasic Page http://4sitestudios.com/servicesY The webform on this page willbe a standard webform blockadded to all of Services pages2.2 Design Describe our designservices and displayrelated workBasic Page http://4sitestudios.com/servicesY The webform on this page willbe a standard webform blockadded to all of Services pages2.3 Video Describe our videoservices and displayrelated workBasic Page http://4sitestudios.com/servicesY The webform on this page willbe a standard webform blockadded to all of Services pages2.4 Development Describe ourdevelopmentservices and displayrelated workBasic Page http://4sitestudios.com/servicesY The webform on this page willbe a standard webform blockadded to all of Services pages4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 20
  21. 21. 2.5 Services-on-DemandDescribe how weoffer fast-deliveryservices for smallprojects throughour client supportpackagesBasic Page http://4sitestudios.com/supportY The webform on this page willbe a standard webform blockadded to all of Services pages3.0 Products Landing pagedescribing ourvarious productofferingsWebform N/A Y3.1 Hub CMS Detail ourdistribution ofDrupalWebform Y3.2 Dub Player Detail our customvideo playerproductWebform Y4.0 Who We Are Give an overview ofthe agency andwhat we doBasic page http://4sitestudios.com/about-usY4.1 About 4Site Give the history ofthe companyBasic page N/A Y4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 21
  22. 22. 4.2 Our Team Show a listing of allthe staff at theagencyView http://4sitestudios.com/about-usY4.2.x Staff Bios Give a detaileddescription of ateam member’sexperienceBio http://4sitestudios.com/about-usY4.3 Our Process Describe how wework with clientsBasic page N/A Y4.4 Giving Back Outline ourcontributions to thenonprofit and opensource communityBasic page N/A Y5.0 Our Insights Showcase ourthought leadershipcontentView http://4sitestudios.com/blogN6.0 Hire Us Allow people tocontact us aboutparticular projectsWebform http://4sitestudios.com/contactM7.0 SERP Display searchresultsView N4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 22
  23. 23. Content StructureBelow is a description of the types of content that will be published on the new 4Site website, taxonomies that will be used to organizecontent, and metadata that should be used to optimize content for SEO. The below recommendations are derived from the content needsdefined in and discovered through our website audit, personas, and recommended information architecture.Content TypesThe following content types will be used to represent content that 4Site will publish to the redesigned website:Content Type Description Field Taxonomy NotesBasic Page Page containing staticcontent● Title● Body● AttachmentBlog Post Informal posts to shareour latest thinking orcurrent affairs within thecompany and industry● Title● Banner Image● Body● Video Embed● Attachment● Service Reference● TopicClient Represents data about ● Client Name ● Cause4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 23
  24. 24. clients that will bereferenced on Projectnodes and other contenttypes● LogoProject Describes various clientprojects we havecompleted● Project Name● Project SlideshowImages● Project Video● Short Description● Client Reference● Client Testimonial● Challenge● ChallengeThumbnail● Our Solution● SolutionThumbnail● The Results● Results Thumbnail● Service Reference● Topic● CauseThere should be either aslideshow or a video, notboth.Service Represents the serviceswe offer to clients● Service● Service Icon● ServiceDescription4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 24
  25. 25. ● Capabilities (FieldGroup)○ CapabilityTitle○ CapabilityImage○ CapabilityDescription● FormResource Displays whitepapers,case studies, reports, andany other downloadablethought leadershipcontent we produce● Title● Body● Attachment● Embedded Media(Youtube, Vimeo,Slideshare)● Service Reference● Resource Type● Topic● Client● CauseShould have the optionrequire o require peoplecomplete a form beforecompleting theBio Gives a detaileddescription of the workexperience of the team● Name● Title● Bio● Fun Fact● Cover Photo● Social MediaProfiles○ Twitter4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 25
  26. 26. ○ Linkedin● Service ReferenceWebform Allows us to createcustom online forms forlanding pages● Title● Body4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 26
  27. 27. MicrocopyTo ensure content portability and optimization across various platforms, every content type should have the following fieldset enabled:● Microcopy Title● Microcopy Description● Microcopy ThumbnailThese fields will populate metadata for content shared on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, with properly formattedtitles, descriptions, images. See Metadata section below.4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 27
  28. 28. MetadataThe following metadata should be associated with each piece of content:Metadata Description NotesTitle Title optimized for SEO Variable per nodeDescription Description optimized for SEO Variable per nodeKeywords Targeted keywords relevant to thecontent publishedVariable per nodeCanonical URL Informs search engines that the nodeURL is related to the default CMS URL(i.e. node/1)Varies per nodeog:description Facebook Open Graph description Variable per nodeog:image Image that appears when content isshared on FacebookThis should default to any thumbnailattached to the node, or use the 4Sitelogo as a fallbackfb:app_id ID that ties our website to our FacebookpageThis will be the same across every pageTwitter Card metadata Formats attachments to Tweets forproper display on Twitter using TwitterVariable per node4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 28
  29. 29. cardsRel tag Links our Google+ page to all indexedpages on the websiteWill be persistent on every page. Shouldlink to our Google+ page.Google Site Verification Verifies ownership of your website andindexing by GoogleWill be persistent on every pageMS Validate Verifies ownership of your website andindexing by BingWill be persistent on every page4Site Interactive Studios Website Redesign Content Plan | 29