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Somefabulousfacts 091208055037-phpapp02

  1. 1. Some Pondering Facts…
  2. 2. 1 in every 3,400 people in the US is an Elvis impersonator. Ref: Prospect (UK).
  3. 3. 1 in every 32 people in America is in prison. Ref: Daily Times (Pakistan).
  4. 4. According to the General Social Survey (US) there has been a 300% increase in the number of Americans that have absolutely nobody to talk to about their problems. Ref: American Sociological Review (US).
  5. 5. By the year 2025 people aged over 60 will outnumber those aged under 25 in the UK. Ref: Daily Telegraph (UK).
  6. 6. Between 2001 and 2005, China accounted for 50% of all global economic growth . Ref: The Sunday Times (UK).
  7. 7. 90% of men that have walked on the moon were once Boy Scouts. Ref: Prospect (UK).
  8. 8. Sharks kill around 10 people each year. Falling coconuts kill roughly 150. Ref: George Burgess, University of Florida (US).
  9. 9. According to an Australian survey, 63% of people feel that they are overloaded with information and 40% have difficulty remembering more than 3 phone numbers. Ref: Daily Telegraph (Aus).
  10. 10. There are 500,000 semi-automatic machine guns in private hands in Switzerland. Ref: Prospect (UK).
  11. 11. 31% of teenagers in America think they’ll be famous some day. Ref: Psychology Today (US).
  12. 12. A survey in the UK says that 63% of girls aged 15-19 think that being a glamour model is the ideal profession. Ref: Sydney Morning Herald (Aus).
  13. 13. In the mid 1950s 9% of adults were single in the US. The figure is now 44% Ref: Innovation Watch (US).
  14. 14. In 1998 there were roughly 12 pro-terrorism websites worldwide. Last year there were roughly 4,700. Ref: Harpers (US).
  15. 15. Australians spend more than 3 hours every day watching television but only 12 minutes talking to their partner. Ref: Sydney Morning Herald (AUS).
  16. 16. There are almost as many Chinese learning English in China as there are people who can speak English living in the US, UK and Canada combined. Ref: Financial Times (UK).
  17. 17. 92% of teenage girls in the UK are unhappy with their bodies and teenagers living in urban areas are the least happy according to a study by University College London. In London only 6% of teenage girls are happy with their body compared with 14% in Yorkshire. Ref: Bliss (UK).
  18. 18. In China there are more households that own a DVD player than have running hot water. Ref: The Guardian (UK).
  19. 19. To make a cotton T-Shirt requires 27,000 litres of water. Ref: The Guardian (UK).
  20. 20. 90% of all scientists and engineers with PhDs will live in Asia by 2010. Ref: Purdue University (US).
  21. 21. In 2008 an average PC was 32,000 times more powerful and 12 times less expensive than an average PC in 1981. Ref: A Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali
  22. 22. 10% of people in the US say that they would be happy to have an internet access device planted directly inside their brain. Ref: Harper’s (US).
  23. 23. There are currently 1.5 billion devices (approximately) connected to the Internet. By 2012 there are expected to be 14 billion. Ref: Forrester Research (US).
  24. 24. It’s estimated that in the US 16 million barrels of oil are used every year to produce bottled water containers. Ref: Harper’s (US).
  25. 25. China has 21% of the world’s population but only 1.8% of the world’s oil supply. Ref: Eurasia Group (US).
  26. 26. A typical avatar in Second Life consumes the same amount of electricity each year as an average Brazilian in real life. Ref: Rough Type (US).
  27. 27. 630 million people live within 10km (6 miles) of the sea worldwide. Ref: Economist (UK).
  28. 28. 5% of waste generated worldwide is electrical goods. Ref: Sunday Times (UK).
  29. 29. Of the 120,000 blogs created daily, 50% are about the same subject - the writer. Ref: Esquire (US).
  30. 30. All South Korean police stations now have cyber crime units to deal with online violence and bullying. Ref: BBC (UK).
  31. 31. Five of the top ten best-selling novels sold in Japan during 2007 started life as cell-phone stories (i.e. digital downloads to mobile phones). Ref: South China Morning Post (China).
  32. 32. 52% of Korean infants aged 3-5 regularly use the Internet, spending on average 4 hours every week online. Ref: Korean Herald (Korea).
  33. 33. Almost 80% of 16-18 year olds in the US cannot name the 4 largest TV networks in the US (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox). Ref: CNN (US).
  34. 34. In 2008 the average American spent more on lottery tickets than books. Ref: Iconoculture (US).
  35. 35. The Web uses 5% of global electricity. Ref: Kevin Kelly.
  36. 36. Stay Tuned for More!!!