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Copy (6) Of Copy Of Ageing


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Published in: Technology
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Copy (6) Of Copy Of Ageing

  1. 1. 00/00/0000 00/00/0000 Enter Date of Birth 109Age (month,day,year) SaturdayDay you were born 39,959Days lived #NAME?Months lived #NAME?Exact age as at 25/05/09 959007:03:02Time alive (Press & Hold F9 button) 959,007 Hours lived 57540423Minutes lived -842541914Seconds lived 319,669Approx hours slept 13,320Days sleeping 33%% of life asleep 36.5Years asleep 4,142,910,458 Approx number of heart beats CapricornZodiac Sign #N/AChinese Star Sign Sandy Koufax, Bo Diddley, Tiger Woods Share Birthday with 65Desired Retirement Age RETIREDYears to Retirement 12/29/1964Retirement Date Days to Retirement Approx number of workdays Enter Marriage Date Not Married Years Married Years to 50th Golden Anniversary Years to 25th Silver Anniversary