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Grants Ontario solution based on Adobe Experience Manager


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Learn how Grants Ontario streamlined the grants application process in Ontario, Canada, to increase efficiency and opportunities for electronic service through a user-friendly mobile application.
Developed initially for 3 provincial ministries this AEM based solution is now implemented by 25 ministries of Ontario for serving 327 different programs.

Published in: Technology
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Grants Ontario solution based on Adobe Experience Manager

  1. 1. GRANTS ONTARIO and Adobe Experience Manager
  2. 2. Agenda  What is Grants Ontario System?  What role adobe played in Grants Ontario?  What else have been achieved with Adobe technology?  What more to come?
  3. 3. Grants Ontario System Overview Initialized by 3 Ontario ministries in 2011: Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport (MHPS) Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MTC)
  4. 4. To design an integrated end to end grants related transfer payments management system – Enterprise Grant Management System (EGMS)
  5. 5. Grants Ontario System Overview System launched in 2012 with the new name of “Grants Ontario System”  Established the Grants Management Reference Model  Transformed different sub systems into one central System  Provided single opportunity windows to all the applicants  Reduced cost  Eliminated inconsistency and human errors
  6. 6. Grants Ontario System Overview Ministries and organizations in OPS Accessibility Directorate of Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Ministry of Northern Development and Mines Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Office of Francophone Affairs Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation Ontario Women’s Directorate
  7. 7. 120 programs That’s a huge involvement! 100% Total success! 9000+ users external & internal Managing close to
  8. 8. “A joint project by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration resulted in the development of the Enterprise Grants Management System (EGMS). Further efficiency and value-for-money gains would be achieved by expanding this platform to the OPS. The expansion would create efficiencies in program administration as well as lower per unit ministry maintenance costs.” Drummond Report, 2012 “
  9. 9. Grants Ontario Transfer Payment Administrative Modernization (TPAM) project created under Treasury Board Secretariat of Ontario Grants Ontario System is approved to be the Enterprise Technology Solution for project-based time-limited programs for total of 327 programs in all 25 ministries of Ontario In 2015, Grants Ontario System is approved to be the Enterprise Technology Solution for project-based time- limited programs for total of 327 programs in all 25 ministries of Ontario.
  10. 10. Adobe Technology in Grants Ontario Provides form services and data collection for all programs  Application forms  Interim/mid-term reports  Year-end/final reports Integrated with back end grant management and processing system
  11. 11. Challenge
  12. 12.  70+ complex forms for different programs  Standardization of application forms  Fast on the fly generation  Dynamic addition and deletion of sections  Online and Offline capabilities  Integration with Oracle Siebel Challenge
  13. 13. Why we chose AEM? Robust and matured solution Best possible integration with Oracle Siebel Fast generation and consumption of forms Online and offline capability Highly accessibility compliant (WCAG, AODA) Workflow capabilities Ability to assemble forms dynamically Reduced data entry Data quality
  14. 14. Forms in Grants Ontario System One Smart application form build in Adobe Experience Manager is replacing 70+ forms !!!
  15. 15. Forms in Grants Ontario System  One Interim/Final report form build in Adobe LC  Grants Ontario publishes forms in online mode  Applicant organizations fill and submit Grant applications in online/offline mode  Ministry reviews and processes applications within Siebel  Approved grants applicants fill and submit interim and final reports forms in online/offline
  16. 16. AEM Role : Shared Services Form Barcoded Forms Digital Signature Rights Management Apply Reader Extension Render Form WebServices Form Validation Extract Form Data Data Transformation Form En/De-cryption Grants Ontario More…
  17. 17. Form Online Generation
  18. 18. Form Online Submission
  19. 19. Form Offline Submission
  20. 20. Advantages Standard Industry Interface (XML, Web Service) Service Orientated Easy extendable and flexible AODA compliance
  21. 21. What else benefited? What else have been achieved with Adobe technology?  Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)  Ontario Honours and Awards System (OHAS)  Employment Ontario Self Service (EOSS)  Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG)  Service Provide Connect (SP Connect)
  22. 22. Form On Demand Services - Business users design form at run-time HTML5 and mobile representation Coming soon…
  23. 23. thanks! Any questions? ?